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Spanish is a language similar to Portuguese which makes many people have doubts about the alphabet. Is the alphabet in Spanish different from Portuguese? What are the pronunciations of the lyrics in Spanish? What are the differences? In this article we will see everything about the alphabet in Spanish.

The Spanish alphabet has 27 letters and 2 digraphs which are "LL" and "CH". In Portuguese there is no letter ñ and in Spanish there is no ç (cedilla)

As in Portuguese, W is used only in foreign words. The letter "Q" is always followed by a "U" that is not pronounced. In the Spanish language the only letters of the same consonant that can be used in a row are “C”, “N” and R.

Spanish alphabet letters

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Spanish lyrics Pronunciation 
B be
Ç ce
D in
AND and
F effect
G ge
H hache
I i
J jot
K ka
L it
M eme
N ene
Ñ ee
FOR pe
Q ass
R miss
s what if
T you
U u
V uve
W doble uve
X equis
Y ye
Z zeta

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