Numbers and days of the week in German

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Hello site readers, today we are going to learn some German, just like every language student, we need to learn numbers and day of the week. In this article we will learn the days of the week in German and some numbers.

I'll explain in a simple way how to say each of these items in German, let's start with the Days of the week in German.

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Days of the Week in German


Dias da Semana =  Die Wochentage

  • Monday: Montag [Approximate pronunciation “Môntag”]
  • Tuesday: Dienstag [Approximate pronunciation “Dinstag]
  • Wednesday: Mittwoch [Approximate pronunciation "Mitvórr" - "rr" as a gargle that comes out from behind the tongue]
  • Thursday: Donnerstag [Approximate pronunciation “Dónéastg”]
  • Friday: Freitag [Approximate pronunciation “Fraitag” “r” French]
  • Saturday: Samstag [Approximate pronunciation “Zamstag”]
  • Sunday: Sonntag [Approximate pronunciation “Zontag”]

Difficult? Ok ok I will facilitate:

German Numbers

Now let's talk about the numbers 0-10 in German, At first it seems very difficult and a “seven-headed bug” but when you learn it you never forget it, as it ends up being well recorded in memory.

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
0 null
1 eins
2 zwei
3 drei
4 come
5 fünf
6 sechs
7 sieben
8 acht
9 neun
10 zehn

OMG! Calm down I'll make it easy, if you are reading this Post on your cellphone see this video:

But if you are on the PC (computer, Laptop) see this website called Polly Lingual, onde você pode escutar a pronúncia.

Well Now counting from 11-20 is not difficult, but from 21-100 it becomes a new history, because in German the units are in front of the tens, so it becomes a challenge to remember this, but don't worry, it's not impossible to learn, let's start with the numbers 11-19.

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
11 elf
12 zwölf
13 dreizehn
14 camezehn
15 fünfzehn
16 sechzehn
17 siebzehn
18 achtzehn
19 neunzehn

Oh my God!!! Keep calm!

Here's how to pronounce it:

For those on the PC:


and for those on Mobile:

just a detail: as I couldn't find loose numbers in German on Youtube, watch this video from 3:19 to record the numbers 11-20.

Now let's go to the numbers 20-100

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
20 zwanzig
21 einundzwanzig
22 zweiundzwanzig
23 dreiundzwanzig
24 vierundzwanzig
25 fünfundzwanzig
26 sechsundzwanzig
27 siebenundzwanzig
28 achtundzwanzig
29 neunundzwanzig
30 dreiβig
31 einunddreiβig
32 zweiundreißig
33 dreiunddreißig
34 vierunddreißig
35 fünfunddreißig
36 sechsunddreißig
37 siebenunddreißig
38 achtunddreißig
39 neununddreißig
40 vierzig
41 einundvierzig
42 zweiundvierzig
43 dreiundvierzig
44 vierundvierzig
45 fünfundvierzig
46 sechsundvierzig
47 siebenundvierzig
48 achtundvierzig
49 neunundvierzig
50 fünfzig
51 einundfünfzig
52 zweiundfünfzig
53 dreiundfünfzig
54 vierundfünfzig
55 fünfundfünfzig
56 sechsundfünfzig
57 siebenundfünfzig
58 achtundfünfzig
59 neunundfünfzig
60 sechzig
61 einundsechzig
62 zweiundsechzig
63 dreiundsechzig
64 vierundsechzig
65 fünfundsechzig
66 sechsundsechzig
67 siebenundsechzig
68 achtundsechzig
69 neunundsechzig
70 siebzig
71 einundsiebzig
72 zweiundsiebzig
73 dreiundsiebzig
74 vierundsiebzig
75 fünfundsiebzig
76 sechsundsiebzig
77 siebenundsiebzig
78 achtundsiebzig
79 neunundsiebzig
80 achtzig
81 einundachtzig
82 zweiundachtzig
83 dreiundachtzig
84 vierundachtzig
85 fünfundachtzig
86 sechsundachtzig
87 siebenundachtzig
88 achtundachtzig
89 neunundachtzig
90 neunzig
91 einundneunzig
92 zweiundneunzig
93 dreiundneunzig
94 vierundneunzig
95 fünfundneunzig
96 sechsundneunzig
97 siebenundneunzig
98 achtundneunzig
99 neunundneunzig
100 hundert

Okay! if you made it this far you are a WINNER!

jokes aside, see in this video the numbers 0-100

Note that the units are accompanied by “und” followed by tens, For example:

21: Einundzwanzig

Ein (1) + und (e) + Zwanzig (20)

31: Zweiunddreiβig

Zwei (2) + und (e) + Dreiβig

As dedicated students you will definitely come back here more often until you understand. I hope this post may have helped, comment there if you were helped.

Bis Bald !!!

See you later!!!