Top 5 PDF Merge Tools to Help You Work Better

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In this digital age, everyone goes through a series of daily tasks that require merging files. A number of situations force us to merge PDF files, for example:

  • you might be combining spreadsheets of data from a digital marketing client to make a complete report and need to merge them together.
  • You might be a student and you are preparing an assignment where you need to join multiple infographics, results reports, diagrams and other worksheets as well, here you need to merge them before submitting and hence you need to merge them

Likewise, various situations lead us to use the PDF merger tool on a daily basis. 

If it is something of daily use, we should use it wisely so that we are completely safe, free from tension and satisfied.

Here, we discuss top 5 PDF merge tools to help you ease your daily tasks.


DocuPub is an excellent PDF merger tool that allows users to easily merge documents in various formats.

The program allows users to upload documents in any format and can even compress, scale and resize PDF files.

It is an easy-to-use PDF merger program that merges your files in a snap, there are some other PDF tools in this online program. You can zip your files, edit or split them as well.

As 5 principais ferramentas de mesclagem de PDF para ajudá-lo a trabalhar melhor


If you need to merge multiple PDF files at once, you can easily use ILovePDF to merge documents at the click of a button.

This program also allows you to delete the merged files immediately after merging. It is a complete PDF tool with support for all major platforms.

The desktop app resembles Acrobat DC but offers a more comprehensive set of features.

In addition to merging PDF files, you can also extract images, convert JPG files to PDF. The tool also lets you rotate pages before merging documents.

As 5 principais ferramentas de mesclagem de PDF para ajudá-lo a trabalhar melhor

Smart PDF

Clever PDF is a portable and powerful application for combining PDF files. It requires no installation and can be run from a file on an external device. 

The program does not modify the Windows registry and the interface is intuitive. It supports batch and manual processing and imports PDF files from a file browser.

The application is freeware for Windows and features the ability to merge PDF files as well as extract pages. 

It also has customizable defaults for merging and splitting PDF files and supports encrypted files. The portable version is available in English and does not require internet.

As 5 principais ferramentas de mesclagem de PDF para ajudá-lo a trabalhar melhor

soda PDF

SodaPDF is a free tool that allows you to combine multiple PDFs into a single file. 

It includes features such as combining multiple bookmarks and interactive forms into one PDF. It also allows you to add a table of contents.

SodaPDF has a simple and user-friendly interface. It supports merging multiple PDF files and supports a drag and drop feature.

As 5 principais ferramentas de mesclagem de PDF para ajudá-lo a trabalhar melhor

It also has batch processing tools and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. 

It also offers free trials and no limits on the number of documents you can merge.