Meaning of Veritas - Origin and Synonyms

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Do you know the meaning of the word Veritas? In this article you will learn the meaning of this word, its synonyms and antonyms, as well as opposing words and their origin.

The word Veritas comes from Latin and means truth, the word is inspired by a biblical expression that says “and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”. Being true in the sense of acquired knowledge.

Although you don't see the word veritas being used in everyday conversation, it is still used in many different mottos or as the name of brands and companies.

Origin of the Word Veritas

Despite its popular biblical usage, the word also has Roman mythological origins and roots. Veritas was the goddess of truth in Roman mythology. She was the daughter of Saturn and the mother of virtue, and the old story says that she hid at the bottom of a well. She was known as Aletheia in Greek mythology.

In general, the word veritas is a Latin noun meaning truth. This word is still used in many Latin mottos and phrases, and comes from the goddess of honest merchants.

Definition of In Vino Veritas

In vino veritas it's a latin phrase that means “in wine is the truth”, used as a proverb to express the feeling of “freedom” caused by alcohol.

The full expression of this Latin expression would be in vino veritas, in aqua toilets, that means “in wine is the truth, in water is health”.

Some believe that the origin of this proverb is Greek, created by the lyric poet Alceus of Mytilene, and that it was only translated by Pliny the Elder into Latin.

Veritas in Other Languages

Below is a list of the equivalent of Veritas in other languages:

  • Albanian: vërtetë
  • Aragonese: verdat
  • Asturian: true
  • Catalan: veritat
  • spanish: true
  • Old French: verite, verté
  • French: vérité
  • Friluno: veretât
  • Galician: true
  • English: verity, veritas
  • Italian: verità, vertà
  • Neapolitan: verità, veritade, verdate
  • Norman: old
  • Occitan: vertat, veritat
  • Portuguese: truth
  • Romansch: vardad, vardet, vardà
  • Sicilian: virità
  • Venetian: verità

Veritas Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for Veritas

Below is a complete list of synonyms for veritas:

  • hit
  • authenticity
  • axiom
  • case
  • assurance
  • shell
  • simple talk
  • inside the track
  • damn it
  • gospel
  • accuracy
  • factuality
  • factualism
  • fact
  • facts
  • whole story
  • Image
  • infallibility
  • legitimacy
  • maximum
  • nitty-gritty
  • perfection
  • punctuation
  • precision
  • principle
  • reality
  • righteousness
  • truism
  • validity
  • truthfulness
  • truth
  • gospel truth
  • honest truth
  • naked truth
  • truth without varnish
  • truth
  • likelihood

Veritas Antonyms

Below is a complete list of veritas antonyms:

  • sprinkle
  • backbiting
  • calumniation
  • slander
  • colossus
  • tale
  • wrong statement
  • disinformation
  • dishonesty
  • misrepresentation
  • defamation
  • distortion
  • mistake
  • evasion
  • manufacturing
  • fable
  • falsehood
  • falsification
  • fiction
  • frauds
  • guile
  • hyperbole
  • high story
  • inaccuracy
  • invention
  • untruth
  • libel
  • fib
  • to lie
  • white lie
  • myth
  • obloquy
  • perjury
  • prevarication
  • scolding
  • revilement
  • subterfuge