Full analysis of the Lyra Trader Academy course

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With this article, we will do a full review of the Lyra Trader Academy course. Let's see what the purpose of the course is, the course modules, author information and see if the course really works.

Tudo sobre o curso de Lyra Trader Academy

Purpose of the Lyra Trader Academy

O Lyra trader é um curso day Trade para opções binárias, tendo como seu criador o Rodrigo Lyra, que é  trader top 1 da IQ Option Brasil. Com apenas 21 anos de idade, Rodrigo conseguiu alcançar a sua liberdade financeira usando uma estratégia simples.

Basically you will learn step by step to operate, daily, with binary options acquiring consistency in this market, also improving your decision making during your operations.

Você vai ter acesso a conhecimentos acumulados nos últimos 5 anos de operações do Rodrigo Lyra em Opções Binárias, que já me geraram mais de 15 milhões de reais em faturamento!

Tudo sobre o curso de Lyra Trader Academy

Lyra Trader Academy content

The Lyra Trader Academy course has several modules and integrated content that will solve your problems and fully teach you about the subject. Now see a list of modules examined in the course:

Module 01 - From zero to trader

In this module you will learn how to basis of the main standard analyzes, indicators and standard decision making of the binary options market. Everything you need to become a trader and have the necessary background to be able to carry out your first trade operations on IQ Option.

Module 02 - The Lyra strategy

In this module you will learn the entire step by step that involves the correct use of the Lyra Strategy, you will learn to choose the correct asset to operate, you will learn to map the asset to check if it is in a good time to be operated, you will learn how to boost your profits using the Strategy.

Module 3 - Lyra Strategy

In this module you will learn every step by step that involves the correct use of the Lyra strategy, you will learn to choose the correct asset to operate, you will learn to map the asset to check if it is in a good time to be operated, you will learn how to maximize your profits using the strategy, and also learn how to masterfully reduce losses. In addition, you will receive several tools to help in this process.

Bonus 01 - The Cat Jump

With this bonus, you will be able to identify the bad, bad, good and excellent times to operate, reducing your losses considerably and boosting your daily gains. Few people who start in the market, can make a good analysis.

Bonus 02 - Sign Room

With this bonus, you will have access (indefinitely) to a Daily Signal Room, exclusively for Lyra Trader Academy students. Signals sent at a previously scheduled time and with the exact command of the type of operation to be initiated. There will be 10 daily signals that can boost your earnings even more.

Bonus 03 - Operations class

With this bonus, you will have access to operations classes that will take place on pre-programmed days with students from the Lyra Trader Academy course, so that you can operate simultaneously with Trader Rodrigo Lyra and answer all your questions about operations in real time (Live).

Bonus 04 - Risk management

With this bonus, you will have access to the Risk Management spreadsheet, used by Trader Rodrigo Lyra, who will explain in a recorded lesson, how to use your management in the best possible way, in order to reduce your risks in operations to maximize the your earnings.

Tudo sobre o curso Lyra Trader Academy

About the author of the Lyra Trader Academy

Who is it Rodrigo LyraRodrigo Lyrait is a great day trading, of the financial market. Who achieved his financial freedom, at the age of 21, with the strategy Lyra. That he teaches in the course Lyra trader academy that is really worth you to learn this strategy.

There's not much to say about it other than what was already described about the course, but you can follow your life by accessing your social networks like instagram. So you will know what he really is like in person.

Tudo sobre o curso Lyra Trader Academy

Lyra Trader Academy benefits

The perks of doing the Lyra Trader Academy are thousands. You can watch the training at your study speed, you have all the time to finish classes and you can study anytime and as often as you like, anywhere.

Is the Lyra Trader Academy really worth it? Your Lyra Trader Academy course results are entirely up to you. You don't have to buy a course if you don't dedicate it entirely. Dedication is required!

Thankfully, the Lyra Trader Academy course is completely online. Thus carrying numerous benefits such as:

Simplicity - You study whenever you want.
You will not need to move around to make use of the course Lyra Trader Academy.
The Lyra Trader Academy course can be used from any smartphone.
Endless options to pay, with no recurring payments.
The Professor has full time to engage in the students of the course. 
A good online team to help you during the course.
Simpler to understand the content.
 Text, audio and video classes.
 Classes with quizzes, tests and additional exercises for you to polish your knowledge.
Tudo sobre o curso Lyra Trader Academy

Is Lyra Trader Academy safe?

Many are unsure about online courses. Absolutely right! You cannot trust any online course.

Luckily the Lyra Trader Academy course is administered by the online course platform entitled Hotmart. This platform is responsible for distributing 90% of the online courses in Brazil together with other trusted companies called Udemy, Eduzz and Monetizze.

In the event of misfortune, you are insured by Hotmart's own consumer warranty. Just ask for a refund and you get your money back in your account. Hotmart courses are usually guaranteed to last 7, 15 or 30 days.

Author's Note Rodrigo Lyra:

And if you don't like the course or feel it isn't making sense, you can ask for a refund. Just get in touch and you will get the amount invested back.

Basta mandar UM EMAIL ou WHATSAPP para [email protected] ou +55 21 96913-7076 dizendo “Quero Meu Dinheiro de Volta” e seu investimento no curso Lyra Trader Academy será 100% devolvido através do nosso sistema de pagamentos Hotmart.

Tudo sobre o curso Lyra Trader Academy

Lyra Trader Academy course questions

Since you learned that the Lyra Trader Academy course is reliable and worthwhile, you can still count with some questions about the EAD course. Possibly because online courses are an absolutely new thing for you. Contemplate some questions answered below:

1 - Is the Online Course more difficult than classroom courses?

Usually face-to-face courses tend to be inferior to Online courses, because the teacher needs to teach several students at the same time, every day. At Lyra Trader Academy, he makes a single piece of content for many people.

This makes it solve more problems, create more content. On-campus courses are charged for tuition, so you won't be learning fast. It ends up getting 10x more expensive than any online course.

2 - How will I know that I will learn from the Lyra Trader Academy?

Just like in a school course, if you don't pay attention in class and don't engage in exercises, there is no guarantee that you will learn. We have a perfect structure and content, learning will depend on you!

3 - What are the payment options for Lyra Trader Academy?

Payments through Cards, Boletos, Paypal and others. Single or installment payment on the card up to 12x!

4 - If I have questions?

Usually the courses offered by the platform offer support by e-mail, whatsapp, facebook, telegram, in addition to a VIP group of students directly with a teacher and a comment field to leave questions during the course.

5 - What is the added value in the course?

Is the course worth its price? See how much you would pay for each course content if purchased separately:

  • Module 1 - From Zero to Trader (Worth R $ 1,297.00)
  • Module 2 - The Lyra Strategy (Worth R $ 2,497.00)
  • Bonus 1 - O Pulo do Gato (Worth R $ 297.00)
  • Bonus 2 - Sign Room (Worth R $ 697.00)
  • Bonus 3 - Operations Class (Worth R $ 297.00)
  • Bonus 4 - Risk Management (Worth R $ 197.00)

I guarantee that you will take all this for less than one of these modules!