List of the biggest words in the world

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Do you who bragging about speaking ophthalmotorhinolaryngologist know the real biggest words in the world? In this article we will see the most fulfilled words, the biggest words in Portuguese and also in other languages.

What is the biggest word in the Portuguese language?

The largest word in the Portuguese language, recorded in a dictionary, is pneumoultramicroscopicossilicovulcanoconiotic with 46 letters. It is important to remember that there are technical words in Portuguese bigger than that, but without dictionary entries.

The word was officially registered for the first time in 2001, in the Houaiss Dictionary of the Portuguese Language and appears described as an individual who has lung disease caused by the inspiration of volcanic ash.

The 29 letter word not constitutional it is considered the largest non-technical Portuguese word, and describes something that is done in a very unconstitutional way, that is, that is opposite to the constitution.

Lista das maiores palavras do mundo

The biggest words in the Portuguese language

In addition to the giant word we mentioned earlier, see a list of other Portuguese words that are also gigantic:

  • pneumoultramicroscopicossilicovulcanoconiótico, with 46 letters;
  • pneumoultramicroscopicossilicovulcanoconiosis, with 44 letters;
  • parachlorobenzylpyrrolidinonethylbenzimidazole, with 43 letters;
  • piperidinoethoxycarbomethoxybenzophenone, with 37 letters;
  • dimethylaminophenyldimethylpyrazolone, with 34 letters;
  • tetrabrometacresolsulfonophthalein, with 33 letters;
  • hypopotomonstrosesquipedaliofobia, with 33 letters;
  • monosialotetraesosilgangliosideo, with 32 letters.
  • colpocysturetrocistostomic (27 letters);
  • acetylparaphenylenediamine (27 letters).
  • electrophotothermotherapeutic (27 letters);
  • dimetatarsoquartifalângico (26 letters);
  • alkylene benzene sulfonate (25 letters);
  • dacryocystosyrotomy (25 letters);
  • cineangiocoronariography (24 letters);
  • amidoazobenzosulfonic (23 letters);
  • chloriodonitrobenzene (23 letters);
  • deconstitutionalization (23 letters).
  • anticonstitutionally (23 letters);
  • aminoacetopyrocatechin (23 letters);
  • duodenopancreatectomic (23 letters);
  • deinstitutionalizing (22 letters);
  • otorhinolaryngologist (22 letters);
  • carbobenzoxyamino acid (22 letters);
  • deinstitutionalizing (22 letters);
  • anticonstitutionalism (22 letters);
  • sternocleidomastoid (22 letters);
  • bromobenzenesulfonic (22 letters);
  • abdominoisterectomic (21 letters);
  • deprofessionalization;
  • interfaith;
  • interdisciplinary;
  • pluridisciplinarity;
  • deconstitutionalize;
  • multidisciplinarity;
  • interdisciplinarity;
  • counterrevolutionary;
  • deinstitutionalized;
  • extraterritoriality;
  • discompatibility;
  • disproportionately;
  • multidimensionality;
  • unconstitutionality;
  • unconstitutionally;
  • pluridimensionality;
  • transdisciplinarity.

What's the biggest word in the world?

Do you know what the biggest word in the world brings together all languages? Some must imagine that it comes from the German language, due to the reputation of putting words together to form a single word. Really? German is not the only language that does this.

The biggest word in the world comes from the Greenlandic language of Denmark and has an incredible 156 letters:

  • nalunaarasuartaateeraaranngualioqatigiiffissualioriataallaqqissupilorujussuanngortartuinnakasinngortinniamisaalinnguatsiaraluallaqqooqigaminngamiaasiinngooq

This giant word means something like: “there have been reports that apparently - God knows how many times - once again considered whatever I, despite my poor condition, could still be considered quite competent and ingenious as an initiator to put a consortium in for the establishment of a range of small radio stations ”. 

Unfortunately, this unpronounceable word is not the largest in the world. But how so? Well, there are words for bigger technical terms that are. There are actually words over 100,000 letters long and it takes hours to be pronounced.

This is the chemical name of titin, the largest known protein, with its incredible 189,819 letters that I will certainly not put in this article because it would occupy a very heavy weight on this page. It starts and ends like this:

  • Methionylthreonylthreonylglutaminylalanyl ………… ..isoleucine

There is a video of more than 3 hours of a human reading this word that must be bigger than a book, see below:

Amazingly, that word is in the Portuguese and English language.

The longest and most used word in everyday life comes from the Dutch language and has 38 letters. This word is so common that it is often abbreviated as MPS. Look:

  • Meervoudigepersoonlijkheidsstoornissen

Its meaning is something like "Various personality disorders".

The World's Greatest Words in Multiple Languages

Below we will share some long word lists in several languages, their number of letters and meanings:

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Language Letters Word Meaning
Sanskrit 428 nirantarāndhakārita-digantara-kandaladamanda-sudhārasa-bindu-sāndratara-ghanāghana-vṛnda-sandehakara-syandamāna-makaranda-bindu-bandhuratara-mākanda-taru-kula-talpa-kalpa-ja-māka-mād-miladalaghu-laghu-laya-kalita-ramaṇīya-pānīya-śālikā-bālikā-karāra-coming-galantikā-galadelā-lavaṅga-pāṭala-ghanasāra-kastūrikātisaurabha-medura-laghutara-madhura-vat-madhura-mayūkha-rekhāpasārita-pipāsāyāsa-pathika-lokān
Korean 292 sunjoseongag-yeondeoghyeondogyeong-insunhuicheseong-eungmyeongheumgwangseoggyeong-gyecheonbaegeug-yung-wondonhyuuihaengsoyunhuihwajunlyeoldaejungjijeonghonghuncheolmogeonsitaehyeongongongongongongongongongongongongongongong Name
English  182 Lopadotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsano… pterygon A fictional plate of food
Greek 182 λοπαδοτεμαχοσελαχογαλεοκρανιολειψανοδριμυποτριμματοσιλφιοκαραβομελιτοκατακεχυμενοκιχλεπικοσσυφοφαττοπεριστεραλεκτρυονοπτοκεφαλλιοκιγκλοπελειολαγῳοσιραιοβαφητραγανοπτερύγων Dish on the book
Swedish 130 nordöstersjökustartilleriflygspaningssimulatoraeistoa do anläggningsmaterielunderhållsuppföljningssystemdiskussionsinläggsförberedelsearbeten
Hungarian 119 legösszetettebbszóhosszúságvilágrekorddöntéskényszerneurózistünetegyüttesmegnyilvánulásfejleszthetőségvizsgálataitokról
Finnish 102 kumarreksituteskenteleentuvaisehkollaismaisekkuudellisenneskenteluttelemattomammuuksissansakaankopahan
German 79 Donaudampfschiffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft,
Korean 59 cheongjayang-in-gakyeondangchosang-gammoranmuneun-gudaejeop,
Russian 55 тетрагидропиранилциклопентилтетрагидропиридопиридиновая (tetragidropiranilciklopentiltetragidropiridopiridinovaya
English  45 Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Silicosis disease
Arabic  37 awafalaliyasta'minunannakomuhalahonna
French 36 hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobie hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia
English  34 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Spanish 31 Sternocleidooccipitomastoids sternocleidomastoid
English  30 Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism A medical disorder
English  29 Floccinaucinihilipilification The act of considering something as unimportant
English  28 Antidisestablishmentarianism The political position of the opposite destabilization
English  27 Honorificabilitudinitatibus Eng
Polish 27 najcharakterystyczniejszego the most characteristic
Italian 26 precipitevolissimevolamente As fast as possible 
Croatian 26 prijestolonaslijednikovica Heir to the throne