List of irregular English verbs

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Irregular verbs (irregular verbs) do not follow the standard rules of conjugation, that is, each has its own way of conjugating the past. Therefore, it is necessary to study them one by one. Thinking about it, we created an article and we will share with you students, a large table of irregular verbs in Portuguese and English.

The table contains the list of irregular verbs in the English language, showing the verb in the present or infinitive, in the simple past and in the past participle. in Portuguese and English for a verb to be in the infinitive it is mandatory to use the To + verb, for example: to eat, to buy, etc.

Irregular verbs in Portuguese and English

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Portuguese Presente Passado simples Particípio passado
find, find find found found
wake up, wake up awake awoke awoken
feed, nourish feed fed fed
to bet bet bet bet
learn, learn learn learnt / learned learnt / learned
crash, crash hit hit hit
beat, overcome, win, defeat, beat beat beat beaten
drink drink drank drunk
fall, pour, fall, decrease, decrease fall fell fallen
dig, dig dig dug dug
eat eat ate eaten
start, start begin began begun
purchase buy bought bought
lead, lead, direct, command lead led led
freeze, freeze freeze froze frozen
ramp up build built built
cut cut cut cut
grow, flourish, germinate grow grew grown
to cost cost cost cost
to give give gave given
lie down, lie down lie lay lain
draw, draw, draw, drag draw drew drawn
drive, guide drive drove driven
lend lend lent lent
lift, lift arise arose arisen
choose choose chose chosen
hide (hide), hide hide hid hidden
forget) forget forgot forgotten
do do did done
hurt, hurt hurt hurt hurt
go go went gone
lançar cast cast cast
fight, fight fight fought fought
maintain, conserve, preserve keep kept kept
morder bite bit bitten
get, get get got got / gotten
hear, listen, hear hear heard heard
leave, leave, leave leave left left
catch, grab catch caught caught
hang, suspend hang hung hung
perder lose lost lost
perdoar forgive forgave forgiven
allow, let let let let
proibir forbid forbade forbidden
put, put, knock down, lie down lay laid laid
quebrar break broke broken
queimar burn burnt/burned burnt/burned
dress up become became become
know, know know knew known
sangrar bleed bled bled
hold, grab hold held held
feel, notice feel felt felt
be, be, stay be was / were been
serve, adjust, adapt, fit, settle. fit fitted fitted
sonhar dream dreamt / dreamed dreamt / dreamed
endure, endure bear bore borne
have, possess have had had
treat, deal deal dealt dealt
bring bring brought brought
come over come came come
voar fly flew flown
obey the law, stay, survive abide abode abode
abandon, desert, let go, give up forsake forsook forsaken
abstain, stop, hold back, avoid forbear forbore forborne
find, find, discover, judge, provide, supply, supply, perceive, notice, resolve find found found
wake up wake up wake up wake woke waked
wake up, wake up awake awoke awoke, awaked
sink, drown, water, plunge, descend, fall, descend, die, pass away, penetrate sink sank sunk
kneel kneel knelt knelt
feed, nourish, supply, satisfy, maintain feed fed fed
tie, hang, thread, stretch string strung strung
to bet bet bet bet
hurry, move with speed, drive very fast, be happy, be successful, advance, expedite, dispatch speed sped sped
to pull, to force, to force, to take the force, to bend, to press, to hold firmly, to squeeze wring wrung wrung
smash, explode, sprout, exclaim burst burst burst
throw, throw, overthrow, overcome, spread, compute, calculate, shape, imagine cast cast cast
aspire, try, strive strive strove striven
tie, tie, compel bind bound bound
shoot in the sling, raise, lift, tie, shoot, throw, hang, fasten sling slung slung
shoot, hunt, launch, send, photograph, fly, shoot, send, impose, throw shoot shot shot
balançar swing swung swung
shave shave shaved shaven / shaved
beat, beat, overcome, vibrate, throb beat beat beaten
hit, hurt, hit, reach hit hit hit
hit, strike strike struck struck
drink drink drank drunk, drunken
shine, shine, sparkle, shine, shine (shoe), distinguish shine shone shone
cackle, roar, emit a characteristic sound of pleasure crow crew crowed
fall, descend, stoop, diminish, give in, die, abandon fall fell fallen
put on, cover for protection or reinforcement shoe shod shod
walk, ride stride strode stridden
sing, murmur, roar, hum, howl, snag, warn, woo (slang, how to sing) sing sang sung
car (bell, bell), call, engage ring rang rung
horseback riding, riding a bicycle, car, strolling and etc. ride rode ridden
dig, dig, like, understand, start, perceive dig dug dug
smell, smell, smell, smell, sniff, perceive, suspect smell smelt smelt
cry, tear, tear, crack tear re rn
cry, shed tears, drip, let go, exudate, leak weep wept wept
lighten, light, burn, get down (from the car, etc.), fall (choose), land, happen light lit lit
place, put, thread, signal, situate, propose, offer put put put
eat, destroy, devour, chew eat ate eaten
begin begin began begun
purchase buy bought bougth
lead, guide, command, pilot, lead, direct, govern, dominate, captain lead led led
freeze, refrigerate, freeze freeze froze frozen
build, build, manufacture build built built
tell, know, perceive, discover, order tell ld ld
contract, shrink, contract, shrink, retreat shrink shrank shrunk, shrunken
run, run away, run, run a program (computers), activate, do, calculate, length, continue, undress; run ran run
cut into pieces, chop, shred, tear shred shred shred
cut, break, reduce, cut, castrate cut cut cut
sew, join, nail, sew sew sewed sewn
spike, stick, stick, bury, preach, adhere, hold, fix, waver, stop, cheat, trick stick stuck stuck
grow, vegetate, cultivate, sprout, develop, progress, become grow grew grown
bend, bend, frown, drive, give up bend bent bent
spitting, spitting, vomiting, making the spitting sound, expelling, dripping (rain) spit spat spit
cost, import into cost cost cost
giving birth, sustaining, tolerating, suffering, producing, using bear bore borne, born
give, distribute, divide, divide, spread, negotiate deal dealt dealt
give, deliver, grant, surrender, reward, pay, weaken, prepare (parties, etc) give gave given
lie down, rest, lie down, lean back, rest, be situated lay laid laid
let, let go, leave, separate, abandon, cease, give up, renounce leave left left
let, allow, give, rent, charter, grant, discover let let let
spill, leak, drop, take, undress, make bleed, project shed shed shed
melt, melt, spend, evaporate, dissolve, soften, consume melt melted molten
give up, abandon quit quit / quitted quit / quitted
slide, slide, suck slide slid slid
dilate, extend, spread, scatter, disseminate, diffuse, propagate, arrange (table), flatten spread spread spread
drive, travel, take, drive, guide, compel, excite drive drove driven
say, tell, recite, think, claim, affirm, declare say said said
say, tell tell ld ld
sleep, rest, lie down (with someone) sleep slept slept
lend, grant, give, provide, bestow, donate, combine with, add lend lent lent
empurrar thrust thrust thrust
find, meet, meet, receive, meet, supply meet met met
hang, be hanged, (computer) hang, stop working hang hung hung
crawling, crawling on the ground, crawling creep crept crept
teach, educate teach taught taught
misunderstand, misinterpret misunderstand misunderstood misunderstood
understand, understand understand understood understood
spill, spill, slip, drop, spill, count spill spilt spilt
send, send send sent sent
get up, get up rise rose risen
choose, select, prefer choose chose chosen
hide, hide, hide hide hid hidden, hid
slip, slide slide slid slid
write, annotate, compose, inscribe write wrote written
listen Listen hear heard heard
spread, extend spread spread spread
spread, sprinkle, sprinkle strew strewed strewn
squeeze, twist wring wrung wrung
esquecer forget forgot forgotten
spoiling, corrupting, spoiling (too much), spoiling, stealing, looting, stealing spoil spoilt spoiled
spoil, destroy, pamper (children) spoil spoiled / spoilt spoiled / spoilt
study, learn, discover, find out, memorize learn learnt learnt
speak, say, tell, express, speak, remember to-, affirm speak spoke spoken
do, create, cause, render, elaborate make made made
do, work, take care of, stop, show, play, cheat do did done
close, close, cover, lock, cover, close, lock shut shut shut
stink, disgust stink stank stunk
hurt, hurt, hurt, spoil, damage hurt hurt hurt
stand or stand stand stood stood
run away, escape, avoid, run flee fled fled
win, win win won won
spend, take, perceive, have fun, spend (time), spend (money), spend (time) spend spent spent
rotate, rotate, curl, curl, cover, cover, cover, cover, coat wind wound wound
strike, hurt, hit, surprise, discover strike struck stricken
strike, wound, kill, hit, punish, move, excite, destroy, hit, crash smite smote smitten
keep, stay, fulfill, sustain, let, continue, direct, create, own keep kept kept
swell (up), grow, inflate (the tires) swell swelled swollen
lean, lean, lean, stoop, support, steady, lean, stoop, lean, bend, deflect lean leant leant
go, travel, arrive, leave, walk, march, move go went gone
play, give birth, impress throw threw thrown
swear, swear, swear swear swore sworn
throw, throw, shoot, invade, jump, engage in the- fling flung flung
throw, shoot throw threw thrown
read, learn, advise, advise, study, interpret read read read
lift, pull, lift, take, push, throw heave hove hove
rise, rise, rise, rise rise rose risen
free, rescue, free (be) rid rid rid
fight, dispute, battle, fight, war fight fought fought
send, send, dispatch, send, produce, issue, spill, spread, give pleasure (slang) send sent sent
sea, catch, take take ok taken
kill, murder, destroy, ruin slay slew slain
lie, cheat lie lay lain
wet, moisten wet wet / wetted wet / wetted
bite, swallow the bait bite bit bit, bitten
show, discover, witness, prove, present, show, appear, teach, exhibit show showed shown
swim, float, float swim swam swum
offer, invite, order, wish, auction bid bade bidden
pay, pay off, satisfy pay paid paid
participar partake partook partaken
catch, capture, understand, acquire (a disease), surprise, complicate catch caught caught
take, take, take, hold, grab, receive, capture, imprison, accept, photograph, employ, adopt take ok taken
cling, unite, adhere cling clung clung
think, find, believe think thought thought
to think, to mean, to have in view, to intend, to intend, to mean mean meant meant
lose, waste, ruin, spend, suffer losses, escape from-, not understand lose lost lost
forgive, excuse, absolve, give up forgive forgave forgiven
sting, sting, sting, sting, hurt, torment, cheat sting stung stung
step, walk, set foot tread trod trodden
procreate, generate, create, educate, teach breed bred bred
seek, ask, release, demand, chase, try seek sought sought
prohibit, prevent, avoid, veto forbid forbade forbidden
delay, dilate, prolong, postpone, spin, spin, turn spin span spun
prove, prove prove proved proved, proven
pull, draw, extract, draw, describe, trace, move forward, attract draw drew drawn
stand up, sustain, sustain, place, endure, honor, maintain, remain stand stood stood
put, place, prepare, use, tidy, cause, mark, serve, adjust set set set
put, put put put put
break, break, violate, interrupt, cancel, fail break broke broken
burn, ignite, char burn burnt burnt
rip, tear off rend rent rent
to receive, to obtain, to obtain, to acquire, to catch (disease), to understand, to arrive, to cause, to induce, to decorate, to procreate, to seek get got got
reduce, cut (with ax), carve hew hewed hewn
reside, stay for a while, emphasize, insist on dwell dwelt dwelt
steal, steal, infiltrate steal stole stolen
to know, to know, to understand, to perceive, to have knowledge know knew known
shake, shake, shake hands (in greeting) shake shook shaken
jump, launch, break free, appear, show itself, sprout, be born, drop, “fall” over- spring sprang sprung
jump, jump, carry, cover (animals) leap leapt leapt
bleed, lose blood, distill, take money from someone bleed bled bled
become, transform, be worthy of, settle become became become
hold, feed, guard, think, believe, organize, prepare, preside hold held held
sow, spread, disseminate sow sowed sown
semear sow sowed sown / sowed
sit down) sit sat sat
feel, perceive, experience, feel feel felt felt
be, be, exist be was been
serrar saw sawed sawn
mean, want to say mean meant meant
ring, ring (bell, telephone) ring rang rung
spell it, write it right, be something that means spell spelt spelt
sonhar dream dreamt dreamt
blow, fill, blow, whistle, pop, make a sound blow blew blown
suar sweat sweat sweat
weave, weave, weave, writhe (between obstacles), embroider, create (weft), weave weave wove woven
succeed thrive throve thriven
have, possess, receive, take, need, cause have had had
bring, serve, cause, execute, induce bring brought brought
knit, knit, tie, tie, tie, make lace or stockings, work with stitches knit knit knit
grinding, pulverizing, sharpening, sharpening, grating, rubbing, teeth grinding, persisting (in studies) grind ground ground
moistening, dirtying, wetting, bed-wetting, getting wet (at night), urinating wet wet wet
sweep, wash, comb, drag sweep swept swept
win, win, get, get, get, rent, convince, win the heart of- win won won
sell, trade, negotiate, liquidate, cheat (slang), attract customers, betray (slang) sell sold sold
see, understand, worry, check, try, follow, meet, observe see saw seen
dress, cover clothe clad clad
dressing, locking, trying on (clothes, jewelry, etc.), putting on (glasses), showing, showing, spending, getting tired wear wore worn
come, arrive, consent, succeed, reach orgasm come came come
fly, travel (air), fly, flee, run, pilot, float, jump, launch fly flew flown
light up, light up light lit lit

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