List of Clothes in Portuguese and English

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You are learning English or go shopping abroad and do not know the names of all the clothes in Portuguese and English? In this article we show a list in alphabetical order by name of the clothes in Portuguese and English. Remember that clothing is in Portuguese and English clothes.

Before we begin to see the huge list of clothing in Portuguese and English, let some verbs and words that can help you create sentences or have a dialogue. We recommend using anki method of memorization.

English clothing verbs

  • use #NULL!
  • per #NULL!
  • take out #NULL!
  • dress-up #NULL!
  • get-undressed #NULL!
  • buttoning, closing #NULL!
  • unbutton, open #NULL!
  • size #NULL!
  • wide #NULL!
  • tight #NULL!

Clothes in Portuguese and English

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Portuguese Inglês
alliance wedding ring
Engagement Ring engagement ring
ring ring
anorak (hooded fur jacket) anorak
apron apron
lipstick lipstick
walking stick walking stick
boxer shorts boxer shorts
bikini bikini
blazer blazer
shirt blouse
pocket pocket
cap baseball cap
Rubber boots wellingtons
boots boots
button button
cufflinks cufflinks
earrings earrings
scarf scarf
shoelace shoelace
panties panty
calças trousers
swimming shorts swimming trunks
shorts shorts
night shirt nightie (abreviatura denightdress)
shirt shirt
T-shirt t-shirt
knitted sweater jumper
nightdress sweater
capa de chuva / gabardine raincoat
Wallet wallet
knitted coat cardigan
fur leather jacket
coat coat
coat jacket
hat hat
keys keys
slippers slippers
belt belt
necklace necklace
vest vest
collants / calças justas tights
briefs knickers
briefs underpants
elastic for hair hair tie ou hair band
hairbrush hairbrush
mirror mirror
bathing suit swimming costume
tracksuit tracksuit
fact suit
close zip
bow-tie bow tie
necktie tie
umbrella umbrella
lighter lighter
jeans / calças de ganga jeans
scarf handkerchief
gloves gloves
jumpsuit overalls
suitcase handbag
suitcase purse
make up makeup
meias / peúgas socks
socks stockings
mini-skirt miniskirt
pair of pants pair of trousers
pair of shoes pair of shoes
comb comb
piercing piercing
pajamas pyjamas
Keychain keyring
bracelet bracelet
pullover pullover
watch watch
robe dressing gown
skirt skirt
high heels stilettos
high heels high heels (abreviatura dehigh-heeled shoes)
sandals sandals
ballet shoes trainers
shoes shoes
tuxedo dinner jacket
about everything overcoat
bra bra
thong thong
top top
dress dress
sunglasses sunglasses
glasses glasses