List of banks in Brazil with bank codes

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In this post you will see a complete list of all banks in Brazil along with their bank codes for online registration or bank transfers. I hope this list solves all your problems. We will also include instinctive banks.

List of banks and bank codes

Banco Bankpar
Banco do Brasil
Brazilian central
Bank of the
Banco da Amazônia
Bank of Northeast
Banco Standard de Investimentos
Natixis Brasil SA Multiple Bank14-
Banco Azteca do Brasil SA19-
BANESTES SA Bank of the State of Espírito
Minas Gerais Development
Banco de Pernambuco SA -
Banco Alfa
Banco Banerj
Banco Beg
Banco Santander (Brasil)
Banco Bradesco BBI SA36-
State Bank of Pará
Banco do Estado do Piauí SA -
Banco Cargill
State Bank of Rio Grande do
Banco BVA
Banco Opportunity
Far South Regional Development
Sergipe State
Hipercard Banco Múltiplo
Banco Ibi SA Multiple
Goldman Sachs do Brasil Banco Múltiplo
Banco Bracce
Banco Morgan Stanley
BPN Brasil Banco Múltiplo
BRB - Banco de Brasília
Banco Rural Mais
BB Banco Popular do Brasil
Banco J. Safra
Banco ABN Amro
Banco KDB
BES Investimento do Brasil SA-Banco de
JBS Banco
Unicred North of Paraná84-
Banco BM & amp; F de Serviços de Liquidação e Custódia
Federal Savings
Banco BBM
HSBC Finance (Brasil) SA - Banco Múltiplo168-
Banco Itaú BBA
Banco Bradesco Cartão
Banco BTG Pactual
Original Bank212
Banco Matone
Banco Arbi
Banco Dibens
Banco Comercial e de Investimento Sudameris
Banco John Deere
Banco Bonsucesso
Banco Credit Agricole Brasil
Banco Fibra
Banco Brascan
Banco Cruzeiro do Sul
Unicard Banco Múltiplo
Banco GE Capital
Banco Bradesco
Banco Classic SA241-
Banco Máxima
Banco ABC Brasil
Banco Boavista Interatlântico SA248-
Banco Investcred Unibanco SA249-
Banco Schahin
Paraná Banco
Nu Payments SA260
Banco Cacique
Banco Fator
Banco Cédula
Bank of La Nacion
Banco BMG
Banco Industrial e Comercial
Itaú Unibanco
Banco Real
Banco Société Générale Brasil
Banco WestLB do Brasil
Banco JP Morgan
Banco Mercantil do Brasil
Banco Bradesco Financiamentos
HSBC Bank Brasil SA - Banco Mú
UNIBANCO - União de Bancos Brasileiros
Banco Capital
Banco Safra
Banco Rural
Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Brasil SA
Banco Sumitomo Mitsui Brasileiro SA464-
Banco Caixa Geral -
Banco Caixa Geral - Brasil SA473-
Banco ItaúBank
Deutsche Bank SA - German
JPMorgan Chase
ING Bank
Bank of La Republica Oriental del Uruguay494-
Banco de La Provincia de Buenos
Banco Credit Suisse (Brasil)
Banco Luso Brasileiro
Industrial Bank of
Banco Industrial do Brasil
Banco VR
Banco Paulista
Banco Guanabara
Banco Pecúnia
Banco Panamericano
Banco Ficsa
Banco Intercap
Banco Rendimento
Banco Triângulo
Banco Sofisa
Banco Prosper
Banco Alvorada SA641-
Banco Pine
Itaú Unibanco Holding
Banco Indusval
Banco AJRenner SA654-
Banco Votorantim
Banco Daycoval
Banif-Banco Internacional do Funchal (Brasil)
Banco Credibel
Banco Porto Seguro SA724-
Banco Gerdau
Banco Pottencial
Banco Morada
Banco BGN
Banco Barclays
Banco Ribeirão Preto
Banco Semear
Banco Citibank
Banco Modal
Banco Rabobank International Brasil
Banco Cooperativo Sicredi
Banco Simples
Dresdner Bank Brasil SA - Banco Mú
Banco BNP Paribas Brasil
NBC Bank Brasil SA - Banco Mú
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Banco Múltiplo
Banco Cooperativo do Brasil SA -
Banco KEB do Brasil
Banco Intermedium
Concórdia Banco
Banco Topázio
Banco da China Brasil SA083-3-
Central Cooperative of Urban Credit-CECRED085-x-
OBOE Crédito Financiamento e Investimento SA086-8-
Unicred Central Cooperative Santa Catarina087-6-
Banco Randon SA088-4-
Mogiana Region Rural Credit Cooperative089-2-
Unicreds Central Economy and Credit Cooperative090-2-
Unicred Central of Rio Grande do
Brickell SA Credit, financing and investment092-2-
Banco Petra
Cooperativa Central de Crédito Noroeste Brasileiro Ltda.097-3-
Credicorol Cooperativa de Crédito Rural098-1-
Unicreds Central Economy and Credit Cooperative099-x-
Banco Fiat
Banco de Lage Landen Brasil
Banco GMAC
Banco Citicard
Banco Itaucred
Banco Itaucred Financiamentos
Banco Moneo
Banco IBM
Banco Maxinvest
Banco Tricury
Banco Volkswagen
Banco BRJ
Banco Rodobens
Banco Ourinvest
Banco Ford
Banco CNH Capital
Banco Toyota do Brasil
Banco Daimlerchrysler
Banco Honda
Banco Volvo (Brasil) SAM23-
Banco PSA Finance Brasil SAM24-
Espírito Santo Development Bank
Paraná Development Bank (Liquidated)

Extinguished or merged banks in Brazil

The list below shows some banks that went bankrupt, were liquidated, merged or purchased by other banks.

Extrajudicial Settlement it is when a legal instrument takes steps to ensure that a bankruptcy of the Bank does not cause disasters or consequences for the bank's economy and customers.

Bank nameCodeSituation
ABN AMRO Bank356acquired by Santander and Royal Bank of Scotland
Bank of the State of Alagoas20in ordinary liquidation
Real Credit Bank of Minas Gerais22acquired by Bradesco
Bank of the State of Pernambuco24acquired by Banco Real
State Bank of Acre26in ordinary liquidation
Bank of the State of Santa Catarina27acquired by Banco do Brasil
Bank of the State of Bahia28acquired by Bradesco
Bank of the State of Rio de Janeiro29acquired by Itaú
State Bank of Paraíba30privatized
Bank of the State of Goiás31acquired by Itaú
Bank of the State of Mato Grosso32paid off
Bank of the State of São Paulo33acquired by Banco Santander
State Bank of Amazonas34acquired by Bradesco
State Bank of Ceará35acquired by Bradesco
Bank of the State of Maranhão36acquired by Banco Bradesco
Paraná State Bank38acquired by Itaú
Bank of the State of Piauí39acquired by Banco do Brasil
State Bank of Rio Grande do Norte43paid by the Central Bank
Banco Opportunity45
Bank of the State of Minas Gerais48acquired by Itaú
Bank of the State of Rondônia59in ordinary liquidation
Banco Popular do Brasil73merged into Banco do Brasil on 04.2008
Crefisul Bank106extrajudicially paid by the Central Bank on March 23, 1999
Minas Gerais State Savings Bank150paid by the Central Bank
Our Box151acquired by Banco do Brasil
Goiás State Savings Bank152paid by the Central Bank
State Savings Bank of Rio Grande do Sul153incorporated into Banrisul in 1998.
Savings Bank of the State of Santa Catarina154paid by the Central Bank
BBA Bank184acquired by Itaú Unibanco
Martinelli Bank206settled extrajudicially by the Central Bank on 10/30/1998
Banco Matone212
South America Bank215acquired by Banco Sudameris
Banco Zogbi219acquired by Bradesco on 11.2003
Banco Queiroz220acquired by Banco Crefisul in 1996
Banco Interunion223extrajudicially settled by the Central Bank on 12/30/1996
Auxiliary Bank226extrajudicially liquidated in 1985
Banco Icatu228acquired Banco BBA
Banco Cruzeiro do Sul229in ordinary liquidation
Banco Bandeirantes230acquired by Caixa Geral de Depósitos, then merged with Unibanco
Banco Boavista231acquired by Banco Interatlântico, then merged with Bradesco
Banco Interpart232extrajudicially settled by the Central Bank on March 28, 2001
Capital Bank233acquired by the GE group - General Eletronic
Banco Lavra234settled out of court by the Central Bank on April 13, 2000
Liberal Bank235
City Bank244acquired by Banco Bradesco
Business Bank245extrajudicially settled by the Central Bank on 05.15.1997
Banco São Jorge251extrajudicially settled by the Central Bank on March 1, 1995
Milbanco255extrajudicially paid by the Central Bank on February 16, 1995
real bank275acquired by ABN AMRO Bank
Brazilian Commercial Bank282extrajudicially settled by the Central Bank on May 15, 1998
Banco Comercial Bancesa282suffered intervention by the Central Bank on 02.1995 and declared bankruptcy in 2004
National Credit Bank291acquired by Bradesco
Punctual Bank304settled extrajudicially by the Central Bank on 10/30/1998
Bank of Commerce and Industry of São Paulo314extrajudicially liquidated in 1985
Royal Investment Bank326extrajudicially settled by the Central Bank on May 22, 2003
Economic Bank334acquired by Banco Excel
Banco F. Barreto338acquired by Bamerindus
Banco Mercantil de Pernambuco344acquired by Banco Rural
Banco Sudameris347acquired by ABN AMRO Bank
Banco Bozano Restaurant Reviews, Simonsen351acquired by Banco Santander
BMD Bank388extrajudicially settled by the Central Bank on May 15, 1998
Federal Credit Bank392acquired by Banco Itaú
Banco Mercantil de São Paulo392acquired by Bradesco
Banco Mercantil Finasa392acquired by Bradesco
Southern Bank392acquired by Banco Santander
BMC Bank394acquired by Bradesco
Bamerindus399settled extrajudicially by the Central Bank on March 26, 1997 and acquired by HSBC
HSBC Bank Brasil399acquired by Bradesco
Unibanco409Merged with Itaú
National Bank415acquired by Unibanco
National Bank of the North420extrajudicially settled on May 24, 1996 and acquired by Banco Bandeirantes
Northwest Bank424acquired by Banco Santander
Fortaleza Bank434extrajudicially settled by the Central Bank on 05.15.1997
Rural Bank453in Extrajudicial Settlement
Maisonnave Bank491
Multiplic Bank504
Guarantee Bank505acquired by Banco Credit Suisse Brasil
Banco Santos Neves607paid by the Central Bank on 8/1/2001
Banco Araucária625declared bankruptcy on March 5, 2003
Bank of the State of Amapá635in ordinary liquidation
Prosper Bank638
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria641acquired by Bradesco
Excel Bank641acquired by BBVA
State Bank of Roraima645extinct. Cancellation of the operating authorization on April 6, 1999
Banco Marka647extrajudicially settled by the Central Bank on 01.1999
Banco Santos702liquidated by the Central Bank in 2004 and declared bankrupt on September 20, 2005
Hexabanco Bank710settled extrajudicially by the Central Bank on July 13, 2000
Banco Vega715extrajudicially settled by the Central Bank on 05.15.1997
Interior Bank of São Paulo722extrajudicially settled by the Central Bank on February 7, 2001
Neon Bench735extrajudicially settled by the Central Bank on 05.05.2018
BGN Bank739acquired by Cetelem
Mercantil Agricultural Bank

Banco Andrade Arnaud

Central Bank of Credit

Bank of America

Banco da Bahia

Banco da Lavoura

Minas Gerais Crop Bank

Bank of the Republic

Rubber Credit Bank

Mortgage and Agricultural Credit Bank of the State of São Paulo

Bela Aliança Popular and Agricultural Credit Bank

Bank of São Paulo
acquired by Banespa in 1973
State Bank of Guanabara
became the Bank of the State of Rio de Janeiro, with the merger of the former states of Guanabara and Rio de Janeiro on 03.1975
Paraíba Valley Bank

General Bank of Commerce
acquired by Banco Santander
Industry and Commerce Bank of Santa Catarina (INCO)
Headquartered in Itajaí, it was acquired by Bradesco
Industrial Bank of Campina Grande

Interstate Bank

Banco Invest

Banco Julião Arroyo
acquired by Fenícia in 1982
Banco Mauá

Banco Mineiro do Oeste
acquired by Bradesco
National Bank of Commerce

National Real Estate Bank

New World Bank

Banco Pelotense

Pfeiffer Bank

Banco Pinto de Magalhães

Popular Bank of Rio Grande do Sul

Porto-Alegrense Bank

Banco Sulbrasileiro
transformed into Banco Meridional in 1985