List of adjectives in Spanish

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In today's article we will share with you a list of adjectives in Spanish. There are more than 50 adjectives in Spanish for you to improve your vocabulary and test your knowledge. I hope you like the article and share it with friends.

If you still don’t know the definition of an adjective, these are words that offer quality to beings, animals, objects or other noun. Things like beautiful, strong, boring, cheerful and other words that express quality and define things. There are some rules related to adjectives in Spanish that we need to quote:

  •  Male adjectives ending in The or and, become feminine when your ending changes to The.
  • In male adjectives ending in an, in, on and or, adds the The to become feminine.
  • The Spanish plural works like nouns, similar to Portuguese.

You can use your browser's locator (CTRL + F) to search for Spanish adjectives more easily. We recommend adding Spanish adjectives to the memorization as anki, however, learning Spanish adjectives can be better if you use whole sentences instead of isolated words.

Lista de adjetivos em espanhol

List of adjectives in Spanish

I hope you like this short list of adjectives and that you make good use of it:

affectionate affectionate
ambitious ambitious
kind amable
antisocial huraño
boring boring
jealous jealous
convencido/arrogante funny
courageous valiant
cynical cynical
clumsy clumsy
discreet discreet
divertido/engraçado funny
candy sweetness
educated educated
selfish selfish
elegant elegant
entrepreneur entrepreneur
charming charming
weird chilly
Experient experienced
formal formal
weak weak
generous generous
rude rude
skillful skillful
immature unfaithful
impatient impatient
impulsive impulsive
naive naive
interesting interesting
intolerant intolerant
nosy jammed
grumpy grumpy
rascal picnic
bad malo
meticulous meticulous
mezquinho mezquino
nervous nervous
hateful hateful
patient patient
persevering persevering
punctual punctual
lazy worthy
pretentious pretentious
provocative provocative
prudent prudent
grumpy cascarrabias
responsible responsable
ridiculous ridiculous
safe safe
sensible sensible
sensitive sensible
sensitive sensible
sympathetic sympathetic
sincere sincere
dirty succio
superficial superficial
mischievous mischievous
sad sad
shy shy