List of adjectives in Portuguese and English

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In today's article we will share with you a complete list of adjectives in Portuguese and English. English adjectives can vary in degree, but do not vary in genres and numbers. In other words, there is no feminine or masculine in Portuguese and English adjectives, which makes learning much easier.

If you still don't know the definition of an adjective, these are words that offer quality to beings, animals, objects or another noun. Things like beautiful, strong, boring, cheerful and other words that express quality and define things.

You can use your browser's finder (CTRL + F) to search for words more easily. We recommend adding these words in memorization as anki, however, learning adjectives can be better using full sentences instead of isolated words from a list.

List of Adjectives in Portuguese and English

See below for a complete list of most used adjectives in English:

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Portuguese Inglês
Abused Cheeky
Lovely Adorable, Lovely
Grateful Grateful
joyful Joyful
High Tall
Ambitious Ambitious
Friendly Friendly
Cheered up Cheerful
Anxious Anxious
Apathetic Listless
Arrogant Arrogant
Spooky Creepy
Cunning Cunning
Self-confident Self-confident
Authoritarian Bossy
Low Short
Cheap Cheap, Inexpensive
Well-informed Well-informed
Stew Goofy, Silly
Kindness Kind
Beautiful Beautiful, Pretty
pretty Handsome
Quarrelsome Feisty, Tough
Dumb Dumb
Tacky Corny
Calm Calm, Easygoing
Tired out Tired
Needy Needy
Affectionate Caring
expensive Expensive
Boring Boring
Jealous Jealous
Complicated Complicated
Behaved Well-behaved
Comprehensive Understanding
Trustworthy Reliable, Trustworthy, Dependable
Conservative Conservative
Happy Glad
Courageous Brave, Gutsy, Plucky
Creative Creative
Cult Well-read
Curious Curious
Skeptic Skeptical
Cynical Cynical
Decided Decided
Dedicated Dedicated
Snitch Snitch
Dependent Dependent
Clumsy Clumsy
Dishonest Dishonest
Fearless Fearless
Determined Strong-willed
Discreet Discreet
Distracted Dreamy
Sick Sick
Educated Polite, Well-mannered
Efficient Efficient
Selfish Selfish
Funny Funny
Huge Huge
Balanced Well-balanced
Slim Slim
Clever Smart, Brainy
Witty Witty
Stressed Stressed out
Studious Scholarly
Experient Experienced
Outgoing Extroverted
Famous Famous, Well-known
Ugly Ugly
Happy Happy
Faithful Faithful
Cute Cuddly
Formal Dressy
Franco Frank
Furious Angry
Generous Generous
little fat Chubby
Fat Fat
Yummy Hunk
Big Big
Sticky Clingy
Skillful Handy, Skillful
Honest Honest
Horrible Horrible
Independent Independent
Indifferent Lukewarm
Children Childish
Influential Well-connected
Naive Naive
Insecure Insecure
Smart Intelligent, Brainy, Clever
Interesting Interesting
Interesting Self-serving
Envious Envious
Irritante Irritating
Ironic Ironic
Fair Fair
loyal Loyal
Liberal Open-minded
Gorgeous Gorgeous
Male chauvinist Sexist
Mature Mature
Skinny Skinny
Thin Thin
Rude Impolite
Grumpy Crabby, Cranky
Maldoo Mean, Devilish
Bossy Bossy
Sly Fussy
Spoiled Spoiled
Modest Modest
Very strange Freaky
Very large Large
Tiny Tiny
Muscular Well-built
Neurotic Neurotic
Obese Obese
Organized Organized
Proud Big-headed
Optimistic Optimistic
Daring Daring
Patient Patient
Pathetic Pathetic
Impatient Short fuse
Furry Furry
Thinker Thoughtful
Small Small
Wicked Devilish
Heavy Heavy
Pessimistic Pessimistic
Poor Poor
Punctual Punctual, Accurate
Popular Well-known
Prejudiced Prejudiced
Preguiçoso Lazy
Predictable Predictable
Bag-pulling Ass-kisser, Brownnoser, Apple-polisher
chilled out Sloppy
Religious Religious
Reserved Reserved, Quiet
Respected Well thought of
Responsible Responsible
Retracted Withdrawn
Rich Wealthy, Well-heeled, Well-off, Well-paid, Rich
Romantic Romantic
Dirty Shameless
Healed Fit, Well-toned
Sarcastic Sarcastic
Healthy Healthy
Sensible Sensible
Sensitive Sensitive
Sympathetic Nice
Sincere Sincere
Sociable Outgoin, Sociable
Solidarity Sympathetic
Smiling Smiling
Lucky you Lucky
Wise Wise
Talented Talented
Stubborn Stubborn
Temperamental Moody
Tolerant Tolerant
Dizzy Goofy
Worker Hard-worker
Sad Sad
Shy Shy
Useful Handy, Helpful, Useful
Violent Gory, Agressive

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