Complete list of homophones, paronyms and similar words

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Você sabe o que são palavras Homófonas ou Homógrafas no Português? Você sabe o que são palavra parónimas? Não sabe a diferença entre parônimos, homônimos e outras palavras que indicam palavras parecidas? Neste artigo vamos explicar e ver uma lista completa de palavras parecidas, tanto palavras homófonas como palavras parónimas.

Many are tired or curious to write wrong words because they are similar. For this reason I decided to make this complete list of homophonic words, paronymous words and other similar words in the Portuguese language. We recommend using (CTRL + F) to search for the words you might be looking for.

Homonyms - Homophones and Homographs

Homonyms are similar words in spelling or sound that have different meanings. They are divided into 3 different categories which are:

  • Palavras Homófonas ou Homófonos – Sons iguais e grafia e significado diferente;
  • Palavras Homógrafas ou Homógrafos – Grafia igual sons e significado diferentes;
  • Palavras homônimas perfeitas – Som igual, escrita igual, significado diferente;

Perfect homonyms are words that have a double meaning like hill hill and the verb to die or river of water or the verb to laugh. Most of the perfect Homonyms happen because of verb conjugations.

If the difference between each of the words mentioned in the article is not yet clear, let's leave a table below that clarifies better:

Tipo de Palavra Escrita Pronúncia Significação
Homógrafos igual diferente diferente
Homófonos diferente igual diferente
Homônimos igual igual diferente
Parônimos semelhante semelhante diferente
Sinônimos diferente diferente igual ou semelhante
Antônimos diferente diferente oposto

Lista completa de palavras homófonas, parónimas e parecidas

Paronym Word List - What are Paronyms?

Paronyms are similar words in both writing and pronunciation but are not exactly the same, there is always a small difference. Some paronymous words are Emigrate (leave the country) and Immigrate (enter a country) and in several other examples that we will see throughout the complete list of paronymous words.

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Paronymous words Paronymous words
absorb (aspirate, sip) absolve (forgive, innocent)
accelerated (rushed) speedy (one who has committed or is capable of committing crimes)
accident (casual but serious event) incident (unpredictable event, episode)
high (large vertical, high) auto (public act, one-act play, procedural play)
apprehend (capture, assimilate) learn (take note)
ascertained (refined, unveiled, ascertained) accurate (made with great care)
apostrophe (graphic sign) apostrophe (figure of speech)
drop (down, down) harness (harness)
assuar (boo at, apupar) blow (clear nasal discharge)
assumption (elevation to a position) rise (rise)
atherosclerosis (arteriosclerosis) arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)
earn (reap, obtain or receive benefits) measure (evaluate, judge by comparison)
augur (predict, predict) foreboding (predicting something about yourself or someone, sensing)
assess (draw up an infraction notice, process) act (play a role as an actor)
drinking fountain (place where you drink) drinker (one who drinks)
tail (tail, rear of plane) syrup (thick, viscous liquid, syrup, kind of sauce)
deposit (surety, pledge, payment guarantee) shorts (short pants)
gentleman (kind man) rider (who rides)
conjuncture (situation, circumstance) conjecture (assumption, hypothesis)
accustom (to have the habit, the custom of) get used (get used, adapt)
greeting (greeting) length (extension)
pay (pay costs) coast (navigate the coast)
camera (device that captures and reproduces images) chamber (place where deputies meet)
degraded (damaged, demoted, debased) exiled (exiled, exiled)
demystify (dispel a myth) demystify (undo a mistake, an illusion)
unnoticed (unnoticed, unnoticed) unnoticed (unprepared, unguarded)
differ (distinguish, differ) defer (answer)
dilate (widen) report (report)
student (relative to students) teacher (concerning teachers)
discriminate (distinguish) discriminate (take the blame)
discretion (reservation, prudence) description (act of describing)
dispensation (act of dispensing) pantry (place where supplies are kept)
distinct (different, distinguished) destinto (faded)
cancel (undo, cancel, terminate) disentangle (insult)
teacher (teaching) student (learning)
endow (grant dowry, benefit, favor) adopt (accept: someone, doctrine, idea, opinion)
emerge (surface) immerse (sink)
terrified (terrified) out of breath (breathless, hurried)
stay (temporary stay in one place) stay (stay in one place)
stew (put in oven) upholster (upholstery cover)
fragrant (fragrant) blatant (evident)
enjoy (enjoy) flow (flow, flow)
fuse (electrical installation part) rifle (firearm)
rifle (firearm) fuse (what blows)
deceive (deceive) evade (deftly avoid)
immerse (dive) emerge (surface)
immigrate (enter a country) emigrate (leave a country)
imminent (about to occur) eminent (high)
imitate (bring in) issue (throw away)
immoral (contrary to morality, decency, libertine, wanton) amoral (person devoid of moral sense)
infringement (violation) inflation (high prices)
infringe (violate, disrespect) inflict (apply penalty)
insert (inserted, included) uncertain (doubtful)
instance (jurisdiction, urgency) office (address)
mandate (power of attorney) warrant (court order)
Pekingese (Pekingese, china dog breed) smallness (small quality)
spinning top (wooden toy) pawn (chess piece, who deals with ox)
preeminent (noble, distinguished) prominent (prominent (in physical aspect))
preito (veneration, homage) election (choice of person, dispute)
well-founded (originating; grounded) precedent (which comes before)
ban (elimination, expulsion) prescription (express order)
providence (the supreme wisdom attributed to god) social security (faculty to see the future)
recreate (create again) recreate
recreate (create again) recreate
rectify (correct) ratify (confirm)
sweat (sweat) sound (make sound)
subscribe, subscribe (subscribe) overwrite, overwrite (write over, address)
surtir (take effect) sort (supply, mix)
sustain stop (suspend)
triple (multiply by three) treplicate (reply to a reply)
trafficking (illegal trade) traffic (transit)
trafficking (illegal trade) traffic (transit)
loiter (walk idly) wade (cross the ford)
bulky (bulky wholesale, bloated) bulky (bulky, large, huge)
hum (high-pitched wind) tinnitus (whisper of winged insects)

Lista completa de palavras homófonas, parónimas e parecidas

Complete list of homophonic words

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Homophones Homophones
price (set the price) hurry (make it faster)
purge (turn purple) stow (tighten)
ascend (referring to ascend) ignite (referring to setting fire
seat (chair, place) accent (graphic sign)
asso (verb to bake) steel (iron alloy)
auto (automobile, self) tall (long, high)
broxa (large brush) brush (nail, tack)
syrup (sweet liquid) tail
cancel (cancel, invalidate) hunt (chase, capture)
hundred (referring to a numerical unit without (referring to not having, not having)
scene (scenery) sena (lottery)
census (statistical survey) sense (sense)
basket (referring to container) sixth (referring to cardinal number)
cocha (bowl, strings) thigh (part of the leg)
advice (suggestion) county (municipality)
repair concert (musical show)
sewed (for sewing) cooked (for cooking)
bake (refer to cooking) sew (refer to sew)
was (verb to be) ivy (climbing plant)
stratum (layer) extract (bank register, pulp)
expiate (means to suffer punishment) spy (referring to spy)
ecstatic (means admired) static (referring to being immobile)
was (referring to the verb to have) hear (refer to listening, listening)
insert (means included) uncertain (referring to not certain)
lasso (referring to expense) loop (referring to node)
evil (antonym for good) bad (antonym for good)
walnut (referring to the fruit) us (pronoun
hears (verb to hear) there was (verb to have)
palace step (step, step, verb to pass)
Russian (referring to a person from Russia) ruço (referring to faded
pay off (complete a payment) greet (greet)
saddle (padded seat) cell (small compartment)
sento (verb to sit) one hundred
sawing (sawing) close (close, finish)
sawmill (sawing) fog (dense fog)
session (means meeting) section (means division)
sixth (referring to ordinal number) basket (means basket)
feel (verb to feel) belt (accessory for pants)
tax (means tax tack (means small nail)
taxed (taxed, tabulated) strikethrough (ranked, considered)
brings (verb to bring) back (posterior location)
vazo (verb to leak) vase (container)
you (personal pronoun) voice (human sound)
Sheikh (Muslim chief) check (payment document)
in stock
in stock
in stock

List of Homologous Words

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Homologous Words Homologous Words
hit (correction) hit (verb to hit)
agreement (verb to wake up) agreement (combination)
analyze (verb to analyze) analysis (exam)
support (verb support) support
grandfather (parent) grandmother (parent)
boto (verb botar) dolphin (dolphin)
cry (verb to cry) cry (weeping)
spoon (catch) spoon (cutlery)
start (verb to start) beginning (principle)
color (memory) color (coloring)
choir (verb to blush) choir (choir)
cut (stroke) court (palace)
doubt (verb to doubt) doubt (uncertainty)
force (verb to force) strength (strength)
ice (verb to freeze) ice (solidified water)
like (verb to like) taste
government (verb to govern) government (ministry)
habit (verb to inhabit) habit (custom)
game (verb to play) game (entertainment)
sauce (verb to water) sauce (broth)
eye (verb to look) eye (organ of vision)
dry (verb to dry) dry (dry)
headquarters (headquarters) thirst (desire to drink)
about (verb sobrar) about (about)
knew (verb to know) wise (knowing)
tower (verb to roast) tower (high construction)