Learn to draw with Ivan Querino

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Meet the artist Ivan Querino that has helped thousands of people learn to draw over the internet.

Currently several mentors are migrating to teach on the internet, this increases countless possibilities and the quality of teaching. Ivan Querino was largely responsible for bringing art education to the internet. If you like drawings, comics, sleeves, animation, caricatures, games, computer graphics and others, Ivan Querino is pleased to help you achieve the desire to enter this area.

Who is Ivan Querino?

Ivan Querino is an illustrator, cartoonist, teacher, speaker and digital entrepreneur. Ivan has more than 14 years of experience in the field of illustration, and has worked for several famous companies such as: Pixas, Disney, Dreamworks and others.

For over 10 years Ivan Querino has been giving lectures and teaching classes, until one day he decided to bring all this to the internet and set up his school called ADS (Animart Digital School) and created a website called I draw, a youtube channel and some online courses that we will talk about throughout this article.

Ivan was not born with a gift for drawing, he always says in his videos that it is not necessary to have the gift to draw, just have dedication. With dedication it is possible to learn anything from anywhere, mainly because Ivan has an excellent teaching methodology.

Ivan says that during his first drawing course, he studied much more than the professor said. If 10 copies of a drawing were requested, he would make 20. With time and dedication he was able to acquire the skill and techniques that enabled him to grow his career.

The video below shows Ivan Querino answering some doubts and talking about his trajectory and difficulties he had to realize his dreams:

If someone tells you: You have no way of drawing! You won't be able to be a manga artist or cartoonist! You will not be able to work and profit from drawings! Don't listen to these people! If you like drawing, and want to learn how to draw! Do like Ivan Querino! Do not give up! dedicate yourself! 

Ivan Querino's Projects and Courses

Ivan currently shares tips and methods through his website, youtube channel and Facebook page. We can see the real value and credibility of his work by looking at the countless testimonials and his number of followers. Currently Ivan Querino has:

  • More than 138,000 likes on Facebook.
  • Over 45,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel.
  • Helped more than 10,000 people learn to draw.

Currently Ivan Querino has more than 5 online courses, each specialized in a specific area.

Learn to Draw from Zero - The Artistic Design online course is the ideal course for those who want to learn to draw but have no idea, in the course techniques are shown to draw people, animals, objects and scenarios. It is the recommended course for those who want to learn to draw from scratch.

First Traces - There are 21 Video Lessons with practical exercises to help you understand that you can learn to draw and make drawing a habit, practicing at least 5 minutes a day. You will change your view of drawing with simple and objective exercises and you will realize that you can draw whatever you want.

Illustration Pro - Digital Illustration Online Course - The online course of Digital Illustration is the ideal course for those who already have a basic knowledge of drawing and want to become an Illustration professional, in the course will be shown digital painting techniques in photoshop, Vectorization in Illustrator, in addition to advertising illustration techniques, editorial and children's, exclusive classes on how to charge for work, negotiate with the client and build a devastating portfolio.

Caricature Secrets - The Caricatures online course is the ideal course for anyone who wants to learn how to draw cartoons and earn extra income working at parties and events.

How to know details and enroll in an Ivan course?

The Learn to Draw from Zero and First Strokes courses you can sign up for whenever you want. Ivan's other courses and projects are closed classes, and for you to know details you will have to sign up on our waiting list. When the course is open we will inform you by e-mail.

Let's leave some links below for you to know more details about Ivan's courses and projects! 

  • Waiting list - On our waiting list you get tips for drawing from scratch with Ivan and other teachers. In addition to downloading digital books and free mini courses that teach how to draw. We will notify you when openings for the Illustrator and Caricatures course are open. Just sign up on our website with email in the box on the left side of our website.