Learn a new language in 180 days

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Our friend Otávio Bretas created a book with the aim of helping people to learn a new language, any language in 180 days. This great book with more than 80 pages will help you learn unknown and crucial principles for successful language learning. He can even help you become a polyglot by learning languages ​​easily.

In this Digital Book you will learn the common mistakes that prevent people from learning a language. You will learn to study with the right mindset and efficiently, and in a pleasant and fast way. In addition, you will learn to speak to other people, have good conversations and not be ashamed to express yourself in another language. You will discover how to maximize your vocabulary as efficiently as possible.

Click here to see the Book - Learn a new language in 180 days 

Aprenda um novo Idioma em 180 dias

The ebook - learn a new language in 180 days will teach you how to learn a language easily without having to study, just by absorbing content. In addition, Otávio offers exclusive support, bonus classes and an exclusive conversation module. It is worth remembering that he is also the creator of a course made in video lessons teaching you step by step to learn any language, the language formula.

The Book is divided into 8 main stages: 

  • Introduction.
  • 1st step - Total immersion.
  • 2nd step - Practice.
  • 3rd step - Vocabulary.
  • 4th step - Learn by context.
  • 5th step - Follow a resource.

To know more details about this wonderful Ebook you can access that link. Remember that with your dedication and effort you can learn any language. The purpose of our website is to teach you the right ways so that you can study in the right way.

Click here to see the Book - Learn a new language in 180 days