Mandarin Chinese insults and profanity

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Not everyone likes to swear, I myself don't like this society full of swear words and slang with a sexual connotation. But in any language it is interesting to learn insults and profanity, both to curse and to know if no one is cursing you. With this in mind we created this article talking about some bad words and insults in Chinese - Mandarin.

It is interesting to note that the Chinese do not have many insults, and most of them have the ograma egg character. Let's look at some below, use them wisely!

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Portuguese Pinyin Hanzi Observações
Shit, screw it tā mā de 他妈的
Fuck your mom cào nǐ mā 肏你妈
Bastard, cuckold wáng bā 王八
Son of a bitch wáng bā dàn 王八蛋
Scoundrel huài dàn 坏蛋 literalmente ovo podre
Idiot, fool, stupid bèn dàn 笨蛋 literalmente ovo estupido
Stupid shǎbī 傻屄
Female dog sāobī 骚屄
Vagina yīndào 阴道
Penis yīnjīng 阴茎
Drugged, clueless hútú dàn 糊涂蛋
Useless fei rén 废人
Cow vagina niú bī 牛屄 Fucking Awesome
Dog Son gǒuzǎizi 狗崽子
Troublemaker wēnshén 瘟神 Lit. Praga de deus
Nosense pìhuà 屁话
Stupid érbáiwǔ 二百五  250 = Pessoas tolas
Sucking cow shee niou 吸牛
Penîs, asshole jī bā 鸡巴
Crazy shénjīngbìng 神经病 anormal
Idiot Báichī 白痴 problemas mentais

I would really like to speak several other insults here. But they are regional insults, from another dialect or country, and are sometimes derived from the expletives that we have already examined in the table above. Each word has a more complex meaning, a meaning that must be examined further, rather than just translating literally.

Translating swear words from Mandarin Chinese literally, is not always correct, or does not literally mean that in the language. I hope you enjoyed the article, do you know other bad words? Comment!