Using convincing arguments

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Your listeners will never believe what you do unless they are convinced that the things you say are right. So there is a great deal of importance in giving convincing evidence to support what you are saying.

In various branches, sales, lectures and especially on the internet, people are getting smarter. They have every right to question whether something is true or whether she really believes it. Others are completely convinced that it is difficult to convince these people.

Your obligation is to show concrete evidence, answer and answer the questions of all your listeners. Show your arguments, present solid reasons for accepting what you are saying, make your presentation persuasive.

Usar convincing arguments it's a great mental trigger to convince people to accept your product or idea. But know that it is not easy to convince people who have different thoughts than you.

Solid arguments

Don't try to convince people with just your own ideas. People believe what they see and hear a lot. Fake news spreads like water on the internet, so many people stop believing in something because others don't.


You must show solid arguments that prove that other people are wrong. Do this carefully by encouraging people to examine the facts, if they are open-minded they will be convinced that you are right.

Now if you are lying in order to attract the public, you will only deceive the less intelligent. I don't recommend using lies to get what you want, just use solid arguments to promote your product or idea, if you want a consistent future.

Para apresentar um argumento solido não basta citar uma fonte ou um fato, você deve apresenta-lo as pessoas. Para isso você pode apresentar uma imagem ou vídeo, ou falar detalhadamente a fonte dessa afirmação. Talvez seja necessário apresentar mais provas.

How to use arguments

As already mentioned, you must not present false evidence and arguments. Do not try to extract arguments that do not exist in a given source and do not limit yourself to making statements.

Avoid using false assumptions, relying on biased sources, or using superficial arguments. Some people use persuasion the wrong way, and they often use emotion instead of reason to convince their client. This is a good tactic but it may have negative results in the future.

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Ao invés disso você deve apresentar provas concretas, basear-se em argumentos firmes e usar provas adicionais como experiência de pessoas, vídeos, textos e imagens.

Another very important thing to convince people is reasoning. You should try to reason with people on this subject, present both the positive and negative sides of your idea and show guarantees that you are right.

Due to different thoughts and ideas, the evidence that convinces one person may not convince others. Therefore, consider the listeners' concepts when deciding what arguments to make.