How to think in Portuguese and English or other languages

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Today we’re going to talk about how you can think of English or another language you’re learning. If you learn to think in Portuguese and English, think in Japanese, think in French or another language your learning will be much more profitable. Let's look at how to think in Portuguese and English, why think in Portuguese and English, etc. 

Although we speak specifically about English in this article, and even though all languages ​​have their differences, these tips in the article will apply to everything, and are not limited to just languages.

What is thinking in Portuguese and English?

Thinking in Portuguese and English means being able to speak and understand English words in your own head without doing a mental translation. It is when you simply think and know the meaning of a word in Portuguese and English, but do not know or come to mind the translation and meaning in Portuguese.

I separated here a video of our friend Mairo Vergar which explains well what it is to think in Portuguese and English and how to do it.

What do you need to do to think in Portuguese and English?

What hinders anyone to think in Portuguese and English is an environment in Portuguese. As the video quoted, the person must be fully exposed to the English language through absorption and environment. Over time the person will automatically be able to think in Portuguese and English. You should not force yourself to think in Portuguese and English, nor use exaggerated methods of memorizing grammar and vocabulary.

What can you do to expose yourself to the English language? Every day you must expose to the language in different ways:

  • Watch English series and movies.
  • Read news and books in Portuguese and English.
  • Living in a place where people speak English.
  • Chat in Portuguese and English
  • Use mobile apps to study.
  • Watch videos and lectures online.

Another thing that can help you think in Japanese is to mentalize the goals around you in Portuguese and English. Start thinking the English word for all the goals you meet. In time, the reverse will happen, and when you come across an object you will think of it in Portuguese and English.

There are several other things you can do to think in Portuguese and English, we have already written several articles on this subject, we will leave the list below: