How to have self-discipline?

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How to increase your self-discipline for you to do the things you want? To develop the skills you want? These things require a daily load of work and dedication, but how do you have that?

To do this you have to develop the power of your intentionality! What is the power of intentionality? First, let's define what power is. Power is the ability to make things happen fast.

Self-Discipline is having power and making things happen

For example, why does the king have power? Because whatever he wants to happen, he just gives an order and it happens. A person with a firearm has power, because whoever has a firearm in his hand, can use that gun in front of another person and make that person do what he wants, that is, power is making things happen.

Power is the ability to make things happen fast, the more power you have the faster it happens. The power of intentionality, on the other hand, is your ability to, from the moment you set an intention, that is, you decide something inside your brain, that thing becomes reality.

Sometimes you want to have self-discipline to acquire some new skill. For that you need to study every day. You need to have the power to define what you want to learn, thus ending the lack of discipline.

The lack of discipline arises when you simply do not study every day, so you will be procrastinating, losing priority and thus losing your power.

How to obtain Self-Discipline?

There is a very simple thing that you can do and practice, a technique to increase your power. You give orders to your brain before you take actions that you already know you are going to take.

As well? Upon waking you automatically get up and brush your teeth. How about ordering yourself to do these things instead of doing them on autopilot?

By practicing these smaller tasks you will be able to get used to more complex tasks where laziness dominates and thus acquire self-discipline.

Of course, this article was a little tip from the video of our friend Luiz Rafael. To acquire self-discipline there is a long way to go and we will leave some suggestions below: