How should I learn the grammar of a language?

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A common mistake in language learning is that people spend too much time studying grammar in the wrong way. This causes them to end up taking too long or fail to make any progress in language learning.

Grammar is very important in the language, but it should never be our priority to study pure grammar without any knowledge. Understand why it can be dangerous to give grammar too much priority or study it the wrong way.

Dangers when studying grammar

If you worry too much about learning only grammar, you will end up learning a robotic language, you will not be able to think about the language, but you will end up getting into the habit of assembling mental puzzles and delaying the mental process of learning and understanding.

Grammar is a description of the language. When you went to learn grammar at school, you already knew how to speak the language and talk to people. Then study grammar as if it were a complement to language learning.

Another major problem with trying too hard to learn grammar is that you will delay your learning. The lost time could be used to learn whole sentences and automatically streamline the language learning process. While you focus on learning to speak the language, you automatically learn its grammar and avoid having to think before you speak.

How to learn grammar?

Grammar is very important, but it is not necessary to study it separately. There are many exceptions and variations that can end up confusing your learning, not to mention that people do not usually obey the entire grammar when conversing in a given language day by day.

But if you really want to study grammar and answer your questions, I recommend that you avoid outdated methods of memorization. Exercises like filling in gaps, connecting dots and even rewriting sentences will only slow you down. Focus on absorbing grammar subjects, try to memorize whole sentences about the subject or grammatical point.

I want to make it clear that we are not saying not to study grammar. Only that when studying texts and phrases you will automatically need to understand an unknown grammatical point, in addition to helping to memorize points that you already know.

It is important to dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to absorb content involving verbs, particles, articles and any other grammatical component of a language. Read, write, listen and absorb content that will be beneficial.

I hope these tips will help you as a language student.