How long does it take to learn a language?

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Many people ask how long it takes to learn a new language. This is a very complicated question to answer, because it all depends on your dedication, the language you will learn and many other factors.

In this article we will look at some factors to try to answer the time it takes someone to learn a new language. We will show that it does not take years to reach fluency, and that the time will depend on you.

Dedication time

Some people say that it is necessary to study 5 or 10 years, or spend the rest of your life studying. It is really necessary to always study and keep in touch with language so that we don't forget. But it doesn't take 10 years to learn a new language.

If the person is dedicated, it is possible to learn a new language in a few months. Now, if she keeps doing a face-to-face course of a few hours a week, years will pass and she will not reach fluency. But know that there is no point in studying 5 hours a day, our brain gets tired, it is impossible to absorb a lot of content, unless you like it.

Unfortunately for many people it is difficult to dedicate 1 hour to study per day. It is not easy to concentrate, if the person has no taste or patience for the thing. Children find it easy to learn, because they have a natural disposition to learn, and are exposed to the native language every day. If you don't have the courage to dedicate yourself to your studies, try studying in a group.


How many hours of study are needed?

Research says that it takes 400 to 500 hours of study to reach an intermediate level of the language. That is, with 1 hour and a half of daily dedication, in one year we reach a very advanced level. If you want to achieve fluency, you need at least 4000 hours of dedication.

But don't be thinking about the time spent. Everything will depend on the language you will learn, if you already know English, several other languages ​​will be easier, as it has many words derived from English. And each person has his speed to learn, some may have it easier.

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Focus on the process, not the result

Don't think too much about the time you will spend to learn, get your hands dirty. The solution to learn a language faster is to focus on the process. Learning should be fun and satisfying, you also need to know how to prioritize your studies.

You should also ask yourself: Why am I going to learn this language? For tourism? To work? For fun and love the culture? Knowing the reason, you can speed up your learning process, and learn in a few months what is necessary for your goals.

I hope I was able to answer your question and help you prepare for your studies. Do you have any suggestions for learning? How long did it take you to learn a language? Leave your comments and share with friends.