History Capstone and Theses Project Ideas

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Now in this text we are going to share a list with hundreds of Project Ideas for Thesiss and Capstones of History. The list also discloses Project Ideas and suggestions for other academic works such as summary, file, scientific article, review and many others. I wish you to make good use of this list of Project Ideas and suggestions for academic studies in History.

The preference of the History theme is the most significant choice that the student needs to make for a good development of Academic Work, which ends up culminating in a lot of anguish and insecurities.

In the middle of the endless options of Capstone, an assertive choice will allow the trainee to create their Capstone and Theses Project Ideas more easily and with less problems.

First, before we start the list of theme Project Ideas for the History Research Paper, we want to share tips and suggestions to help your project.

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Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, Monografia e TCC de História

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Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, TCC e Monografia de História

Tips for Academic History Papers

See now tips for making your academic history work, great tips for your Capstone or Thesis:

  • If you already work or know where you want to work, search through topics related to your area of ​​activity. You need to have sympathy with the theme;
  • Also think about the research source, check if there is enough reference source for this theme of (Coursework | Research Paper};
  • Ask your tutor - It is very important that the guiding educator also agrees with the topic;

The Tips below can help you create a good Academic Work:

  • Avoid writing in the first person;
  • direct and write only the important, avoiding adverbs;
  • Be careful not to reuse the same words multiple times, use synonyms;
  • Avoid elaborate shapes: the text must be light;
  • Do not hide important information: present it whenever possible;

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Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, Monografia e TCC de História

224 Project Ideas for Thesis and History Course

Below are some Project Ideas for doing academic work like Capstone and History Thesis:

  • The architecture of ancient Rome;
  • European Witchcraft in Brazil, Before and After;
  • The Arrival of the Royal Family in Brazil;
  • The arrival of the royal family to Brazil;
  • The arrival of the Negroes in the orange groves of the Baixada Fluminense in 1650;
  • The Mayan civilization and its culture;
  • The Female Condition in Brazil Imperio.um Estido sobre Slave de Gain, Emphasis on Prostitution;
  • Afro-Brazilian Culture and Its Contribution to Brazilian Culture;
  • The culture of the Aztec civilization;
  • The culture of the Mayan civilization;
  • Popular culture in teaching history;
  • The privatization of the Federal Railway Network through the press;
  • The Brazilian military dictatorship on the radio;
  • The Imperial Expansion and the Colonial Existence;
  • The Gulf War;
  • The Cold War;
  • The History of Eja in Brazil;
  • The complete history of the First World War;
  • The history of the Catholic Church;
  • The history of public policies in Brazil;
  • The story of Zumbi dos Palmares;
  • The history of the development of the press in Brazil;
  • The history of agricultural education;
  • The history of Islam;
  • The history of blacks in Brazil;
  • The history of the terreiros;
  • The story behind the beginning of the favelas in Rio de Janeiro;
  • The importance of independence for Brazilian culture;
  • The importance of historical memory for the preservation of a nation's culture;
  • The importance of music in history classes;
  • The struggle of MTST and homeless workers;
  • The origin of solidarity entrepreneurship in Brazil;
  • Brazil's participation in the Second World War;
  • Popular participation in the French Revolution;
  • The transition from Feudalism to Capitalism;
  • D. Pedro II's popularity;
  • The first Brazilian mayor Alzira Soriano;
  • The fall of the Berlin wall;
  • The reconstruction of Rio de Janeiro in the 1960s;
  • The Representation of Biblical Stories Cited in 6th Grade Elementary School Textbooks 2;
  • The Representation of Islam in the History Textbook;
  • The French revolution and its consequences;
  • Tattooing throughout history;
  • The Trajectory of the Brazilian Woman of Liberation of Vow to the Present Day;
  • The urban violence of Ancient Rome;
  • Affectivity At School The Role Of The Teacher Before Students With Emotional Disorders;
  • Rock Art in the municipality of São Desidério;
  • Political and Cultural Characteristics of the Period Known as Late Antiquity;
  • Historical conceptions of the female figure;
  • The wars in South America;
  • The Roman Inheritances That Survived In The Society Of The High Age Mean In;
  • The Femino Representations and Perspectives in the works Cangaceiros and Pedra Bonita by José Lins do Rego;
  • Political Representations And Perspectives In Guimarães;
  • Harassment of women in factories during the Industrial Revolution;
  • Advances in art in Brazil;
  • Barao De Maua;
  • Female Beauty And Health;
  • Brazil dictatorship, its real reasons and its outcome;
  • Brazil Dictatorship;
  • Empire Brazil: Brazil's independence process;
  • Cabanagem;
  • Campos Salles and the old republic;
  • Carlota Pereira de Queirós: first deputy elected in Brazil;
  • City and urban culture in the first Republic;
  • Ancient civilizations that were extinct;
  • How to modernize agriculture in Brazil;
  • How communism came about and what are the main ideas;
  • How the State of Israel came about;
  • How the musical style in Brazil came about;
  • Comparing 2 Texts | Angelica's Friend;
  • Quilombola communities;
  • Contemporary communism;
  • Political conflicts in the transition from Empire to Republic;
  • Inca achievements;
  • Consequences of the French revolution;
  • Contributions of the 3rd Battalion of the Sampaio Regiment to the Success of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force in the Italian Theater of Operations;
  • Crimes that occurred during the dictatorial period;
  • Indigenous Culture;
  • Piauense Culture 'Vaqueiro ”;
  • Hearing Impaired and Sexuality Breaking Barriers and Paradigms in the History of Education in the City of Itaberai 2001-2010;
  • Discovery Brazil;
  • Discovery of Brazil;
  • Unworthiness of historical memory in current times;
  • Greek and Roman gods;
  • Difference between communism and anarchism;
  • Women's right to vote in Brazil;
  • Dispute And Political Rivalry In Serrolandia Ba From 1960 to 1980;
  • Cultural Diversity in Teaching History for Elementary School I;
  • Diseases that marked humanity;
  • Ancient Egypt and the Egyptian gods;
  • Ancient Egypt;
  • Political emancipation of Serrolandia Ba;
  • Ensino De Historia 1964/2012;
  • Phase;
  • Eva Peron the Emancipation of Women in Argentine Politics;
  • Evolution of Rock in Brazil;
  • Feudalism;
  • Formation of immigrant colonies in Brazil;
  • Formulation of the bill for the free womb;
  • General Strike of 1917;
  • Ancient Greece;
  • Greece and ancient Rome: a parallel between cultures;
  • Canudos War;
  • Gulf war: Its beginning and end;
  • Cold War;
  • Historical wars and their proportions in the world;
  • History of Psychology - Job Summary;
  • Historia Do Brasil - History of Education Comparing the Getulist Period with Today's;
  • History and Supremacy of the Catholic Church;
  • History in Afro Brazilian and African Culture - Theme: Teaching African History and Ethnic-Racial Education;
  • History Graduation - Repression And Attempted Civilization In Carnival In The 2nd Half Of The 19th Century;
  • Historia Licenciatura - Era de Vargas (1930-1945): What Made Getúlio Vargas the Most Popular Political Figure in the Country in the Twentieth Century?
  • Historia Licenciatura Ead Ufes - Botocudos Indians From Espírito Santo In The 19th Century;
  • Historiography Of Dictatorship;
  • History of Bosa Nova in Brazil;
  • History of MPB;
  • History of Brazilian music;
  • UN history: its benefits and contributions;
  • African history in textbooks;
  • History of world wars;
  • History of cinema in Brazil;
  • History of Egypt: how was your daily life in the past;
  • History of Rock in Rio;
  • History and preservation of social culture;
  • History about the emergence of the UN;
  • Catholic Church in the Military Dictatorship;
  • Italian immigration in the interior of São Paulo;
  • Arab immigration to Brazil;
  • Industrialization Of Brazil;
  • Industrialization In The Vargas Era;
  • Industrialization In Brazil;
  • Influence Of Religions;
  • Chakaca's Influence on the Life of Dom Pedro 2;
  • Pedagogical Intervention in Basic Education + Article;
  • Pedagogical Intervention In Basic Education Article;
  • Religious intolerance during the Middle Ages;
  • Introduction to Historia Da Baixada Fluminense, Nova Iguaçu Historica ,;
  • Degree From The Arrival Of The Brothers Castro In Havana;
  • Degree in Historiography of the Military Dictatorship;
  • Degree in Nazism;
  • Degree in Anne Frank's Diary;
  • Degree in Populist Governments in Brazil from 1930 to 1964;
  • Full Degree in History and Polemics of Historiography in Different Versions of Historical Knowledge;
  • Female leadership in Brazilian quilombos;
  • Teaching in O Negoro Hontem E Hoge;
  • Cordel Literature Popular Culture;
  • Mayans, Incas and Aztecs: Their Influences in today's world;
  • Manipulation of the population during World War II;
  • Methodology for Teaching History and Geography - Teaching History in Brazil;
  • History and Geography Teaching Methodology - General Education Topics Applied to History and Geography Teaching;
  • Brazilian Economic Model and Class Struggle 1930 - Conflicts or Agreements;
  • Reason for the extinction of powerful civilizations in the past;
  • Change in Labor Laws;
  • High School History Teaching Methods and Techniques;
  • Nazism and the German Society;
  • Nazism and the damage to the Jewish people;
  • Nelson Afonso;
  • New approaches from the employer to the employee.
  • I do not have;
  • Juscelino Kubistchek's Brazil;
  • Brazil in the Haitian Diaspora;
  • Cinema in the teaching of history;
  • Communism is associated;
  • Colonelism and Local Power: urban Cem Contos and the Regional Docoronelismo Representation (1950-1975;
  • Anne Frank's Diary (1942-1944) Comparative study between Cinema and Literature;
  • Teaching History and Multi-alphabets;
  • Teaching African History and Ethnic-Racial Education;
  • Teaching history during the military dictatorship;
  • The end of the Soviet Union and the beginning of a new country;
  • The end of the Soviet Union;
  • Football during the military dictatorship;
  • Juscelino Kubistchek's government;
  • The impact of the 1929 Crisis on the supply of jobs;
  • The impact of the Black Death on medieval society;
  • The impact of the 1932 Constitutionalist Revolution in the interior of São Paulo;
  • The dark side of Communism in the Soviet Union;
  • The Cleopatra Myth Created by the View of the Romans;
  • The Black Yesterday And Today;
  • The role of women in the post-war period;
  • The Industry Paradigm: the Permanent Revolution;
  • What the Portuguese royal family's lifestyle influenced in Brazil;
  • The emergence of universities during Brazil Empire;
  • The Wage Worker Agreement 2;
  • The Wage Worker in the Process of the Industrial Revolution;
  • Women's work during World War II;
  • Child labor in the Industrial Revolution;
  • The use of comics in the teaching of history;
  • Organization of cities in antiquity;
  • Origin of Blacks in Brazil;
  • The 5 Ways of the Military Regime;
  • The Five Wings of the Dictatorship;
  • The unions during the Vargas government;
  • Lgbt Pride Parade - Sp;
  • Coffee with Milk Policy;
  • Why Getúlio was Deposed;
  • Post Graduation in History and Geography - History and Geography: education;
  • Post Graduation in Methodology in Geography and I don't know;
  • Post History and Geography - Don't Know;
  • Mayan people were important in which cultural aspects for humanity;
  • Indigenous peoples in the military dictatorship;
  • Prayer Practices: The Relationship Of Catholicism And Candomble;
  • Linguistic prejudice during colonial Brazil;
  • Preservation of memory in the culture of the First Republic;
  • Documentary production at school;
  • Free Womb Bill;
  • Post Sciences of Religion and Degree in the Role of the Family in the Teaching and Learning of Children;
  • How important is the memory of the military dictatorship for the coming years;
  • Reflection on the Importance of Scientific Research for Social, Community and Regional Development;
  • Internship Report Planning and Teaching of the Middle Essino;
  • Relationship between Catholic Church and Slavery;
  • Catholic Charismatic Renovation;
  • Review of a Dissertation;
  • Revolta Da Chibata;
  • Protestant Revolt: Motivations, Influences And Facts;
  • Ancient Rome;
  • Over Rio Grande Do Sul;
  • Socialism and Capitalism as a model for a country;
  • Emergence of the State of Israel;
  • Tancredo Neves: a myth, a longing;
  • Translation In World War II;
  • An Approach To Ptb Growth In The 1950s;
  • Using Filmic Language in Teaching History;
  • Use of Images in History;
  • Vaquejada;
Os melhores temas para Monografia e TCC de História

Videos with Suggestions and History Project Ideas for your Capstone and Thesis

Structure Rules for History Capstone

The structure of the History Capstone must follow the following parameters:

  1. External part
    1. History Research Paper Cover (Required)
    2. History Course Spine (Optional)
  2. Pre-textual design elements
    1. Project Cover Sheet (Required)
    1. Subject Errata (Optional)
    2. Approval Sheet (Required)
    3. Dedication of the project (Optional)
    4. Agradecimentos do assunto (Facultativo)
    5. Epígrafe do tema (Opcional)
    6. Summary in the vernacular language of the subject (Required)
    7. Foreign Language Summary (Required)
    8. Lista de Ilustrações da monografia (Facultativo)
    9. List of work tables (optional)
    10. List of Abbreviations and Acronyms (Optional)
    11. List of Research Paper Symbols (Optional)
    12. Research Paper summary (Required)
  3. Textual Elements
    1. Introduction (Required)
    2. Theme development (required)
    3. Completion (Required)
  4. Post-Textual Elements
    1. References and sources (Required)
    2. Glossary (Optional)
    3. Appendix (s) (Optional)