French Greetings - Part 1

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Hello Readers "Learning Words" today we will start the compliments that language Très Joli.

Well, let's go?


Good Morning: Bonjour

Attention: interesting that this greeting is versatile, as it fits at any time of the day, and is usually used when we meet the person for the first time.

Good afternoon: Bonjour, but you can also use Bonne après-midi.

Attention: Bonne après-midi is used more for the midday period and in a farewell

Good night: Bonsoir (used when meeting someone after sunset) and Bonne nuit (used to say goodbye is the Good night of English or Japanese Oyassuminasai)

Please: S 'il vous plaît

Attention: If you wish to be more polished or formal MORE can say "S'il te plaît" in place of "S 'il vous plaît"

Forgive-me: Pardonne moi.

Hello: Salut!

Attention: To be more formal, “Bonjour” is used

Have a nice day!: Bonne journée!

Have a good night!: Bonne Soirée!

To say goodbye:

See you later: Á tout à L 'heure

Goodbye: Au revoir

Until Tomorrow: A demain

See you soon: A bientôt

To introduce yourself:

My name is… Je m´appelle…

What is your name ?: Comment vous appelez-vous?

Nice to meet you (la): Enchanté (M) Enchantée (F)

Attention: You can also use “Enchanté (e) de faire votre connaissance ” and “C'est un plaisir de vous rencontrer”  both have the same sense of expressing gratitude for knowing the person.

This is ... Voici ...

This is… C´est…

Attention: In both expressions a demonstrative Pronoun for male or female is used.


Where are you from? -  D’où viens-tu/D’où venez-vous?

I come ... or I am ... - You came from ...

I live… - J'habite à…

Enough for today ... but at our next meeting we will learn more this beautiful language, but as usual, I leave you with these videos to learn the pronunciation and new words.

Bisous !!!

and the most complete one: