Swearing, Insults, Swearing and Slang in Spanish

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In this article we will see a complete list of insults, curses and profanity in Spanish, accompanied by some slang of sexual connotation in Spanish and profanity in Spanish. Today you will learn profanity in Spanish and see the difference between Spanish and Portuguese curses.

Unfortunately, one of the first things people look for when they want to learn a language is cursing, slang and insults. Don't ask me why people like to learn this, but if this is what you want, this is what you are going to have! Below is the complete list of curses in Spanish…

There's only one small problem! Spanish is a language spoken in several countries, so each country has its own slang and bad words, even though they speak the same languages, let's try to simplify categorizing these bad words a little. Because it is similar to the Portuguese language, many bad words are recognizable.

Spanish Insults and Curses Index

For better navigation in the word list, we recommend using the [CTRL + F] locator on your internet browser to search for the words you want to find if you have something specific. If a word is missing you can add or ask in the comments.

Recalling that the slangs of this article are mostly sexual, slang or offensive.

Swearing, swearing and slang in Spanish

The bad words below are not popular in a specific country, they are just bad words in Spanish, but they may be better known or not depending on the region or country.

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Palavrão em Espanhol Swearing in Portuguese
Bajar la caña Fuck
Cabrón Cuckold
Cagón Fearful
Carajo Shit
Chupamedias Bag bag
Conchudo Little lady
Cornudo Cuckold
Coño/concha Pussy, damn
Deja de joder Stop filling the bag
Despelote Zone, disorder
Gilipollas Idiot
Huevón, boludo, pelotudo Beast
La p. madre Holy shit
Las pelotas The bludgeon
Lata Filth
Majadero Trickster, shameless
Molesto, pelma, pesado Boring
Montonera Disorder
Mételo por el culo Go take it in the ass
Pajero Wanker
Putear Upset
Tortilla, maricón, trolo Gay
Vago Bum
Vete al carajo Go to shit

Palavrões, Insultos, Xingamentos e Gírias em Espanhol

Swearing and swearing in Spanish from Argentina

The list of expletives in Spanish below is very popular in countries like Argentina or others in South and Central America.

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Palavrão em Espanhol Swearing in Portuguese
Bobo, Papa fritas Stew
Boludo, pajero, pelotudo Clown, Imbecile
Boludo Asshole, ass
Cagón Loose
Carajo Fuck
Chamuyero Trickster, liar
Cheto, chico bien, goma Mauricinho
Chupamedias Bag-pulling
Concha de la lora Holy shit
Cornudo Cuckold
Cortamambo Spoils party
Guampero Cuckold
Hijo de puta, pelotudo, conchudo Damn you son of a bitch
Hijo de re mil putas Very motherfucker
Loca gay
Mamarracho Be any one
Marica Bixinha
Mentiroso de mierda Trickster
Mete pata Do what you shouldn't
Pajero Wanker, for nothing
Plomo, pesado, insoportable Boring
Puta que parió Holy shit
Puta, trola Bitch, Piranha
Puto Viado
Queso Useless
Rapidita, rápida Naughty, Bitch
Salame Douchebag

Slang and Swearing in Spanish from Mexico

The slang curses and slang below are popular in Mexico and neighboring countries:

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Xingamentos em Espanhol Swearing in Portuguese
Zorra Whore, easy woman
tarugo idiot
morrillo kid
cahqueta wank
chirula penis
joto gay, fag
lurias crazy, demented
panocha vagina, pussy
mamerto annoying person
ratero thief
chichi boobs

Other slang and insults in Spanish

Finally, we will share another list with slang, insults and curses in Spanish specifying this time where this slang is used or is popular.

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Palavrões em Espanhol Swearing in Portuguese Parents
viejuno old Spain
pájaro fag, bullock Cuba
escracho feii Uruguay
adobado drunk Uruguay
jamaliche cumillon Cuba
weón idiot, silly Chile
mamón boring, tedious Colombia
falopa damn it Argentina
gafo idiot, silly Venezuela
huamán idiot, silly Peru
dar cuero mock, mock Cuba
totona vagina, pussy Venezuela
fufurufa bitch, naughty Colombia
chingar fuck, fuck Puerto Rico
papo pussy, vagina Venezuela
trompa mouth fuck Spain and Ecuador
pato ox, fag Cuba
toto vagina, pussy R. Dominicana
gonorrea bad person Colombia
capullo idiot, silly Spain
camino de tierra ass, anus Chile
soplapollas idiot, silly Spain
paja wank Spain
tortillera lesbian Spain
chucho mutt Spain

Books to learn slang and profanity in Spanish

To end the article we will share some books in Spanish and other languages ​​for you to learn informal language:

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