Fruits and vegetables in Spanish

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Hello Friends of Aprender Palavras, today we are going to learn vegetables in Spanish, if you live in a “Spanish-speaking” country and do not speak Spanish well or are learning, this vocabulary will help you, or if you are learning but do not live in any country who speaks Spanish, likewise take advantage of this list.

List of vegetables

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Garlic Act
Chard Chard
Eggplant Berenjena
chili Pimienta
Cauliflower Coliflor
Zucchini Calabacín
Tomato Tomato
Parsley, Parsley Perejil
Cabbage Repollo
Carrot Zanahoria
Artichoke Artichokes
Broccoli Broccoli
Cucumber Cucumber
Lettuce Lechuga
Onion Cebolla
Bean Frijoles
Chickpeas Garbanzo
Potato Patata or Popes
Beet Remolacha
Manioc Yuca
Bell pepper Pepper
Rucula  Scream
Pumpkin Calabaza
Celery Apio
Pea Arvejas
Corn Choclo or Maíz
Spinach Espinaca


Las cebollas always hacen llorar

In Brazil and the Dominican Republic, the pastel de Zanahoria is very appreciable, the Brazilian flavored with chocolate.

I like the salad of screams and tomatoes.

Where can I buy vegetables? en la feria!

In a calabash pie you need the salt

Do you like fried Yuca?

In the kitchen the vegetables and vegetables are used a lot!

List of Fruits

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Apple Manzana
Banana Banana
Grape Grape
Wait Wait
Plum Ciruela
Pineapple Pineapple or Piña
Lemon Limón
Orange Naranja
Mango Mango
Melon Melon
Watermelon Sandia
Strawberry Fresa or Frutilla
Peach Melocontón or Durazno
Abacate Avocado
Guava Guayaba
Coconut Coconut
Cherry Cherry


In the fruit salad the fruit falls but savory

Los melocotones son dulces en el verano

With all the fruits, all of them, if there are tasty snacks

The sand yoke is refreshing in warm days

Children eat Naranjas.

You have to pay the manzana seeds before eating them.

The postre de hoy is packed with fresh fruit.

We will leave a video that shows the pronunciation: