Can you learn a language just by listening?

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Many people are in doubt: Can you learn a language just by listening? This is very unlikely, since a large number of people spend their lives listening to songs in Portuguese and English and have no ability to understand small phrases.

Several teachers and people believe in the possibility of learning English or another language just by listening, and use children as an example. There is a belief that if a person is exposed to more than 15,000 hours of English or another language, they will be fluent.

Is this really possible? In my opinion it will depend on the person. If she just exposes herself to the audio without any support or effort, without any meditation and without paying attention to what she heard, she won't get anywhere.

Now if the person repeats audios, studying sentences and texts during the process, your effort will pay off. Another tip is not to be stuck only to audios, since when the child learns his native language he is exposed to images, and witnesses the meaning of what he is hearing.

To help you better understand this subject, our teacher Mairo Vergara made a video explaining details. You can watch calmly and reflect below:

Many people are in doubt, can you learn English just by listening? This is very unlikely, since

Now if the person focuses on Input in the right way, which is listening and studying at the same time, singing and not just listening to the music, your results will be extraordinary, and with only 10,000 hours of input you can already speak fluency! Everything will depend only on you and your effort.

Now if you expect to learn a language just by placing audios to listen to while browsing Facebook or playing a game your results will be much lower, it will take up to centuries. Remember that the biggest enemy of learning is our laziness and procrastination.