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Hello Readers of “Aprender Palavras”, in this article we will learn some words related to the city in French, if you are traveling to France and are not confident of how to say some establishments in French this article will be useful, but if you are just learning this beautiful language, this article is for you too!

So come on ?!

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Portuguese Francês 
Butcher La Boucherie
Hair stylist Le Coiffeur
Confectionery La Confiseur
Parking Le Parking
Metro station La Station de Metrô
Art Gallery La Galerie d´art
Church L´église
Book store La Librairie
Cheese Shop La Fromagerie
Hospital L´hôpital
Museum Le Musée
Square La Place
Bank La banque
post office La Poste
Confectionery La pâtisserie
Train station La Gare
Market Le Marché
Florist Le Fleuriste
Cold store Le  Charcuterie
Laundry Le Pressing
Hotel L´hôtel
Marketplace Le Marché, Le Hypermarché
town hall La Mairie
Bus stop L´arrêt de Bus

After studying this list, will we see the pronunciation and new places in French? Watch the video below:

Dans ma ville il yathe place, the banque, the post ...

I hope this article has helped you to memorize places in French !!!

That's it for today, but next time we'll continue seeing new words in French !!!

au revoir !!!!