Québécois - Unlike French from France and Canada

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Hello readers of Aprender Palavras, in this article we will learn a little about the interesting Québécois - French from Canada. You may have already seen something on the subject, but if you are scheduled to travel to Canada (Montreal, Quebec) you may feel confused with which language to communicate, so this article will bring some words  common in “Québecois” (Canadian French) to facilitate their understanding.


French x Quebecois

It is not a dialect, pidgin or Creole derived from French, Québecois is a language! is French, but with words different from the ones we are used to, the difference of this can be clear in the following comparison:

Brazilian Portuguese vs. European Portuguese (Portugal)

Spanish Americas x European Spanish (Spain)

Standard Arabic x Dialects (which closely resemble the MSA)

as we have seen, they are similar languages ​​but with different vocabulary, pronunciation and often grammar, and Québecois is no exception, let's learn some very characteristic expressions of Québecois.

Québecois- Data

Canadian French (Québecois) is spoken in Canada especially in Quebec and Montreal, the number of French speakers is 9.5 million.

Québecois words

Le bleuet: La Myrtilles

Au revoir: Babaye, or Bye

D´Accord: Oakie Dou

La serviette: La napkin

La pause: La break

La petite amie: La blonde

La dispute: La chacote

Le siffleux: une mannotte

Le flocon de neige: Le brin de neige

La pomme de terre : La patate

Les meubles: Le butin

Le Bisou: le beau bis, le bec

Salut!: Allô!

N'avoir ni queue ni tête: n'avoir aucun sens.

Faux: Fake

Bonjour: Bon matin

L´avant - midi: Le matin

La coupe: Le catin

C´est bon: C´est correct

Le tartin: La toast

La Pastèque: Le melon d´eau

La Coca: Le coke

Le canape: Le Sofa/Le Divan

There are many other words in Québecois that this article did not cover, but you will undoubtedly be happy to discover the great differences between these two beautiful languages, this video explains more about this difference and teaches other words:

France VS Québec

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