Essential checks you should carry out in your written essays

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A good essay is much more than an average article or blog on a specific topic. Rather, it is a well-organized, structured, and informative piece of writing that showcases the essayist's writing skills, knowledge, and understanding of the subject.

In addition, essays always have some additional qualities, including correctness, simplicity, engagement, uniqueness, flow, and logical and factual arguments. 

Bringing all these qualities is a complicated task, especially for new writers. New writers and many experts just write essays and submit them without checking them.

Furthermore, some essayists do not know what to check in their essays after they are written. When they don't know what to check, they fail to improve their writing in the review process. 

If you are among them, don't worry. This article will help you know the essential checks you must carry out in your written essays! 


The structure of essays is always more important than anything else. No matter how good your ideas and valid arguments are, if they are not communicated properly using a perfect structure, they will not impact readers. 

That's why almost every experienced essayist suggests that writers take care of essay structure. 

Therefore, it is always better to create a structure before starting the writing process. That's how you can easily put information where it can be most valuable.

In addition to the pre-writing phase, checking the structure of essays is also essential in post-writing. When reviewing your essays, you should always check the structure and see if each argument is placed where it should be. 

Also, you should check that you have elaborated the thesis statement in the introduction section and given a verdict in the conclusion.


Do you know what the main difference between an essay and other types of writing is? 

Fact-based arguments. Yes, factual arguments distinguish essays from other writing styles. Therefore, as an essayist, you must be extra careful with them and always check that they are real. 

Unfortunately, the internet is full of made up facts. It might help if you check your facts before stating them in your essays. Also, you must remove arguments based on facts that are fabricated before your readers know about them.

It is best for essayists to always consult books, research articles, and official reports for knowledge. 

They are more accurate than other types of materials. Also, referring them to your essays can boost your credibility.


Uniqueness is among the main qualities that every essay should have. Whether writing an essay for a competition or any other purpose, you should always keep it unique. 

While you can cite other authors or philosophers to support your point of view or arguments, copying them without mentioning their names is ethically and legally unacceptable. 

It is best to always write all essays in your style and avoid plagiarism. Otherwise, these essays will not help you achieve anything. Therefore, you must ensure the uniqueness of your essays before sharing or uploading them. It might help if you always use a plagiarism detector to find the parts copied (intentionally or not) in your essays. 

If it finds any plagiarism in your writing, it will highlight that specific sentence so you can modify it to bring uniqueness. So always check for plagiarism instead of losing your reputation.


You must also take care of grammar. Proper use of punctuation marks, spelling, articles, adjectives and adverbs can bring some maturity to your essays. 

In general, essayists tend to emphasize structure and argumentation more than grammar. While you can ignore grammar while writing to maintain flow, it's essential to check it during proofreading. 

The less grammatical problems your text has, the more readable it will be. 

Also, grammatically correct essay can impress more readers and make them believe that an experienced and mature writer wrote it.

Word selection The

Use of proper terminologies is always crucial in essays, as essayists must show their mastery of the subject, show their knowledge and their writing skills. 

Therefore, copywriters should use exact words or terminologies sparingly. 

Unnecessary repetition of words can ruin the overall beauty of essays and leave a destructive impact on readers. 

That's why copywriters must eliminate repetition during proofreading and use impressive, more elaborate terminology.

The selection of irrelevant words is enough to destroy an essay with great arguments and a fantastic structure. 

So, as an essay writer, you should also check whether the words, terminologies, phrases and idioms used in the essay are correct or not. If you need help, you should use different online platforms to find better terms to define various phenomena. It could build your authority and show your expertise as well.