Writing: Know why it is important to rewrite your texts

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THE essay It is a great challenge for many young people and adults who make an annual or monthly effort to take public and college entrance examinations.

The act of writing a text requires more than just knowledge of the Portuguese language, that is, it requires you to have knowledge of several areas to incorporate it into a cohesive, coherent and meaningful text for society.

In this sense, it is essential to correct errors in past texts and improve writing to avoid them in the future, which makes the topic of rewriting something very important to discuss.

Therefore, in today's article, you will find out what are the elements that make up a good essay, factors that can reduce a student's grade, how to apply rewriting techniques and what are the benefits of this. Follow up!

Components of good argumentative essay writing

The essays, in most contests and tests, tend to be of the essay-argumentative type, that is, texts in which the writer puts his opinion in a cultured way and backs it up with cohesive arguments.

In other words, imagine that you need to defend your point of view by saying that a junction box should not be chosen for the lowest cost, for example.

In this sense, you can put arguments such as cost-benefit analysis, the importance of quality materials in the manufacture of the product, among others. In addition to presenting ideas and arguments, a good text should contain:

  • Excellent grammar;
  • Cohesion;
  • Coherence;
  • Fluid text;
  • Great score;
  • Flawless spelling;
  • Introduction, development and conclusion.

It may seem like a complicated task to put all of this together in one text, but with practice and creating a habit of rewriting it is something that becomes natural and fluid.

Factors that can lower your essay grade on exams

Now that you know what your text must have to be considered great, it becomes easier to understand the factors that can cause a reduction in the grade. So, let's go to them.

bad grammar

The most main aspect analyzed in the texts is grammar. That is, if you present many errors, it is already an important factor for the loss of a good part of the grade.

After all, the text is intended to allow you to demonstrate your ability to write and to write ideas and organize them. So if you can't write correctly, you're already doing it wrong.

Lack of cohesion and coherence

A good text must have coherence and cohesion from beginning to end. That is, the clarity in exposing ideas leaving them interconnected in the course of writing.

For example: to talk about the importance of network certification you use arguments like the high intrusion of hackers in the operating systems and the high dollar. In this case, the first hypothesis may even make sense, but the second one totally misses the ideal.

bad score

Another important factor analyzed in the corrections is the use of punctuation such as commas, uncles, accents and use of period, as these are aspects that determine the meanings of sentences.

Imagine the following sentence: there will be no cup! Now, see the effect of the comma: no, there will be a cup. In the first case, the affirmation is negative of the existence of the canopy, in the second it becomes affirmative.

Absence of structural organization

Many places that promote competitions and entrance exams ask the candidate to organize his text in introduction, development and conclusion. That is, if you don't establish a beginning, middle and end, the text gets bad and you lose grade.

What is rewriting and how does it help raise the grade?

The review and rewriting process involves the analysis of texts already produced following the scopes provided by previous tests or exercises and the search for other ways to write them without committing the same identified mistakes.

That is, if you use a phrase defending the deeds of a automation company and realizes that the arguments in your favor are messed up, you can try rewriting to organize them and learn to improve your texts naturally.

In addition, rewriting allows you to always update yourself on how to write an essay. In other words, it allows you to reinvent yourself all the time and be more creative for the next texts.

Check out now how rewriting can help boost your grade in essays.

Perception of errors

With frequent practice of reviewing and rewriting your own texts, you can identify where you are having difficulties. That way, you don't make the same mistakes and improve the writing of the next ones.

General analysis of the organization

Another important aspect of proofreading and rewriting is the perception of your sequential construction of text. That is, the organization in beginning, middle and end and the arguments used to defend its point of view.

For example, are you advocating the existence of braille signage in schools to increase accessibility. However, if you present a text with disconnected and lost arguments, your dissertation is harmed.

By revising the text and realizing the places of lack of organization, you can rewrite and re-educate yourself how to better put your arguments and give more strength to your point of view.

score correction

When re-reading your text, if you pay attention to the points and accents used, you can go further and verify the correct use, allowing you to improve even more this important issue for correction.

By reading slowly, following the punctuation guidelines, you can get a sense of how right your text is and thus improve yourself in this regard, as if it were a modeling paper.

How to do a good rewrite?

If you've read this far, you probably want to know how to do good writing since it's so important. So, check out these 6 steps to practice rewriting.

1) Read your text you just wrote

First, you must carefully read the text you have just written and try to identify errors, that is, make a very critical reading of yourself.

For example, if your text addresses the mixed poll, but you cite only one argument to defend it, you are incorrect because you have a weak argument. 

2) Identify errors and mark them

Then, as you read, write down the mistakes that you yourself have identified yourself and based on your knowledge. That way, you practice recognizing errors in essays.

A good option to make your mistakes very evident and never forget is the use of sheet labels demarcating the places that must be tidied up.

3) Find out more on the internet

Study a little about the topic you wrote about and see if the arguments you used make sense within the context. Also, review other similarly-themed newsrooms to see if your template is up to par.

4) Rewrite the text

With the list of possible errors in hand, try to rewrite the parts you made mistakes, or, if you want to go further, rewrite the entire essay.

5) Read and repeat the process if necessary

Finally, critically read your own text and seek, again, to identify possible mistakes made. An important tip is to do these steps on different days, as it improves your perception of yourself.

6) Give your text to a lettering professional to read

If you still have doubts about your writing quality, it can be very interesting to put the writing in the hands of a professional who understands the subject, that is, Portuguese teachers.

That way, you can broaden your own perspectives even further and get feedback that will improve your writing process.

Benefits of rewriting

But after all, what can I gain by practicing rewriting exhaustively and with the help of professionals? Many benefits.

Firstly, its quality of cohesion and coherence, and the ability to maintain a constant and easy-to-read flow for whoever picks up the text, improves significantly, as does the vision of uppercase letter.

Second, you leave out silly mistakes that can discount grades, such as incorrect use of punctuation and accentuation, as well as bad spelling.

Finally, you learn to detect your own mistakes and be a reviewer of yourself during exams. That is, you become capable of self-improvement whenever necessary.

Anyway, the writing process is not a gift, it is the result of a lot of practice and habit creation to see things that the comfort zone does not allow. So start practicing rewriting today and improve your results quickly.

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