English Male Names and Their Meanings

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In this article we will share a complete list of English male names and their meanings. I hope you like this list of male names derived from English and from several countries that use English as their native language. Take advantage of this complete list of English names and their meanings.

Are there any differences between American male names and English male names? English culture is very traditional and has timeless and European roots. Both countries use English as their native language and similar names, but perhaps to see the list of English names below, you can see a difference between American male names and English names and their meanings.

Nomes Ingleses Masculinos e seus significados

List of English Male Names

We recommend using your browser's search or CTRL + F to search for the letter or name you are looking for. The translations are literal and without details, you may want to dig deeper into the meaning of the name you choose. Remember that there are many variations of male English names with the same meaning.

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Nomes Ingleses Masculinos Meaning of the name in Portuguese and English
Aaric Variant of Aric, the rule of forgiveness
Ab-Owen Owen's son
Abbot Priest
Abbott Abbey
Abergavenny King Henry VIII Sir Abergavenny
Abhorson measure for measuring a flange
Acennan brings
Acey The best
Achak Spirit (Algonquin)
Acker Oak
Ackerley Dweller in the Acre Meadow
Ackerman Oak man
Ackley Steady state in the oak meadow
Acoose Standing above ground
Acotas Group of horses
Acton The Carvalho Agreement
Acwel Woods
Acwellen Woods
Adahy Lives in the forest (Cherokee)
Adalson Wise
Adam man
Adamson Son of Adam: Man of the red earth
Addis man
Addison Son of Adão
Adelaido friendly
Aditsan Listener (Navajo)
Adken Oak
Adkins Espada, Originário da Adria (em Veneza) ou preto fosco / escuro
Adler A eagle
Adney Lives on the island of the noble
Adny Lives on the island of the noble
Adoeete Kiowa word for tree
Adooeette Kiowa word for tree
Adrean From Hadria, Italy
Adrin From Hadria, Italy
Adrion From the Adriatic Sea
Adron From the Adriatic Sea
Adyn Fiery
Aeccestane Stone Swordsman
Aedd A king of Ireland
Aeker Oak
Aekerman Oak man.
Aelfraed Eleven Counselor
Aelle name of several kings
Aenedleah the meadow that incredible
Aenescumb lives in the valley of the majestic one
Aeric ruler of the people
Aesclin Lives in the ash pool
Aesoburne Lives near the creek of ash
Aethelberht Noble or shiny
Aethelbert Noble or shiny
Aethelred the name of a king
Aethelweard Noble protector
Aethelwulf the name of a king
Aetheston From the noble hill
Agoyoanye Shooting star
Ahanu He laughs (Algonquin)
Ahebban make war
Ahmoua Whale
Ahreddan saves
Ahtunowhiho Someone who lives below (Cheyenne)
Aiattaua Handsome man
Aiken Espada, Originário da Adria (em Veneza) ou preto fosco / escuro
Aikin Oak
Ailèn pretty
Ain Precious, precious
Ainslie Scottish spelling by Ainsley (Dunk Ling)
Ainsworth Owned by Ann
Airon Ireland, Peace
Aisley Lives in Ash Grove
Aj The combination of letters and J
Akando Ambush
Akecheta Fighter (Sioux)
Akikta Works with Determination
Akker The oak
Akon Name made
Akule Search for
Alahmoot Punch nose word for a blackleaf stick
Alain The rock
Aland Market
Albern Noble warrior.
Albert for splendid noble behavior
Albet Nobel, of course
Albie Old english to bright
Albin White, friend of Alven
Albinus White, friend of Alven, white
Alburt Noble or shiny
Alcamy Elling Alchemy Resp
Alcott The old cottage
Aldan Old and wise
Alden Ealdwine's friend old English phrase
Alder Alder
Aldin Old friend
Aldis Velho / experiente ou inoxidável
Aldous 2nd century British writer Aldous Huxley
Aldric Wise ruler
Aldrich Age and wise ruler
Aldrid Wise redhead
Aldrik Experienced and powerful
Aldrin Old and wise ruler
Aldus Originally an old German name meaning old
Aldwin Adulto / amigo experiente, sábio amigo
Aldwyn Adulto / amigo experiente, sábio amigo
Aleix protector of the people
Aleksasha protector of the people
Alen for splendid noble behavior
Aler Alder tree
Aleson friendly
Alex the protector, the afweerder of men
Alexande protector of the people
Alexandro Defend
Alfie Eleven councils
Alfonsus Ready for battle
Alford The old Ford
Alfred He said that elf council get
Alfrid Wise
Algar Eleven spear
Alger noble (warrior with) spear
Alick Guardian Warrior
Alikkees Piercing Nose Haircut Meaning Name
Alin Market
Allayne for splendid noble behavior
Alleyne for splendid noble behavior
Allie Harmony
Allin for splendid noble behavior
Allix protector of the people
Allon strong tree, oak, oak
Ally Harmony
Almer Infamous.
Almo Noble or famous
Alo Spiritual guide (Hopi)
Alon Oak
Alton Old
Alvin Elf wine, noble friend
Alvis Thor's daughter
Alwin noble friend
Alwyn Friend
Alycesone Wise
Amaethon god of agriculture
Ambrose Immortal.
Amedeus Love God
Amerawdwr Emperor.
Amhar Legendary son Arthur
Amlawdd legendary father of goieuddydd
Amren Legendary son of Bedwyr
Amynedd Patient
Amyneddgar Patient
Anakausuen Worker (Algonquin)
Analu O / e forte, bravo, heróico, Homem, Forte &
Anders manlike, manly, brave
Andi Diminutive of Andrew: Brave; Manly. Famous Bearer: Prince Andrew.
Andonis Prince Andrew
Andor O macho / strong
Andrean courageous
Andrei manlike, manly, brave
Andreis Sunrise
Andrel Courageous, Heroic, M
Andrell Courageous, Heroic, M
Andrey Brave, Manly
Andri Courageous, Heroic, M
Andrian Manly, brave. André modern variant
Andric Manly, brave. André modern variant
Andriel Manly, brave. André modern variant
André manlike, manly, brave
Andswarian reply
Andwearde to present
Aneirin Noble
Anfrenee Commendable
Angelik Heavenly
Angelynn beautiful angel
Angvariationu-Toke Sioux name meaning another day
Anhaga lonely
Ann Grace;
Annawan Algonquin Chief meaning name
Annelisa Graceful, sweet and bitter, sad
Anseim Follower
Ansel Follower
Ansell Follower
Ansley Hermitage
Anson shapely, clean
Ansson Actor Anson Williams
Anston Son of Agnes
Anterreon Commendable
Antigonus winters tale lord of sicily
Antiochus Pericles, Prince of Tire, king of Antioch
Antiono flower
Antoine invaluable
Antuan flower
Antuane flower
Antwan Alternative spelling of the name Antoine
Antwone flower
Anwil Lover
Anwill beloved
Anwir Liar.
Ap-Howell Son of Howell
Ap-Roderick Roderick's son
Apiatan Kiowa launches name meaning
Aponivi When the wind blows the gap (Hopi)
Appanoose Sauk word for child
Aquinnah High Country
Aragorn Lord of the Rings
Aranck Stars (Algonquin)
Arapoosh Crow stomach meaning name
Arathorn Royal Eagle
Archer Shooter
Archidamusa winters tale Lord of Bohemia
Arda Ele, que reina como uma águia ou tutor / curador da herança
Ardaleah Meadow home lover
Ardel From the dell hare
Ardell From the dell hare
Ardwolf Wolf loving home
Areal Lion of God
Ariance Original from Adria (Venice) matte black, dark
Arick Eternal
Arik Noble leader.
Arkell Eagle Helmet
Arkwright Makes boxes.
Arley Variant of Harley prado do hares
Arlie Promise
Arlyn Gaelic word for promise
Arnaud He, who reigns like an eagle
Arnet Little eagle
Arnett Little eagle
Arnie The eagle rules
Arre-Catte-Waho big moose
Art The powerful
Arth like an eagle
Arthurr Latin Artorius legendary king
Artie Abbreviation for Arthur - noble, brave
Arty From the Roman clan name Artorius
Arval Cried
Arvid forest eagle
Arvie Friend of the people
Arvil Cried over
Arville Golden City
Arvin Battle
Arvis philanthropist
Arwin Friend of a friend of the boar or the army or Muse
Arwood The fir
Ascot Living in the house east
Ash Happy
Ashbey Ash Tree Farm
Ashby Ash tree house
Ashford Ford through the axle
Ashishishe Name for Raven Raven
Ashkii Dighin Navajo child meaning holy name, holy son
Ashkii Boy (Navajo)
Ashlen Essen around a \\ u200b \\ u200bvijver
Ashlin Lives in the ash pool
Ashly Axis
Ashton The city with ashes
Ashwin Star, friend of the Gods
Askook Snake (Algonquin)
Aspyn Aspen Tree
Aston east of the city
Astor Hawk
Astrin a star
Astyrian to remove
Aswin friend of the gods
Ata`halne` He interrupts (Navajo)
Atagulkalu Cherokee meaning name threw trees
Atahladte Feather on head
Atheistan the name of a king
Athelstan Noble stone
Athelston From the noble hill
Athemar Noble or famous
Atheron occupant during Fazenda Primavera
Athony Commendable
Atkinson Espada, Originário da Adria (em Veneza) ou preto fosco / escuro
Atkinsone Espada, Originário da Adria (em Veneza) ou preto fosco / escuro
Atley Whey
Atsidi Navajo blacksmith meaning name
Attakullakulla Cherokee meaning name threw trees
Atteworthe Lives on the farm
Atticus from Attica
Attmore marsh
Auden Old friend
Audie Noble strength
Audric Old or wise ruler
Auren Laurel heard or
Aurick Noble leader.
Austen Honored
Austin Honored
Austyn Majestic
Autolycus winters I count a rogue
Averel fighting swine
Averell Fierce fighter
Averil Boar
Averill opening the spring buds born in April
Avery Advisor, wise wise
Averyl fighting swine
Averyll fighting swine
Avia My father is the Lord
Avrel fighting swine
Avrell fighting swine
Awan Someone
Awstin August
Aydon Fiery
Aylmer renowned, famous
Aymer Noble
Aymon-Jae Combined name Aimone and Jae
Ayub The fir
Ayunli Dance Leader
Badan Boar
Baerhloew Ruler or life on Bald Mountain
Bagwunagijik Chippewa hole meaning name in the sky
Bahron Baron
Bailee Bailiff
Bailey Judiciary
Baily Butler
Bain Banbridge, honest bridge
Bainbridge He lives near the bridge over the white water.
Baker Baker.
Balamy Good looking fellow
Balder May
Baldwin friend bold
Balsam Balm
Bana killer
Banan White
Banbridge Lives with bridge over Whitewater
Banbrigge He lives near the bridge over the white water.
Bane support
Banjamino Judge son. Also a variant of Bento
Banjiman Judge son. Also a variant of Bento
Banyan the fig tree
Banys Harry's son
Bar Boar
Bardan Lives close to the bear's lair
Bardaric Ax ruler
Bardarik Ax ruler
Bardo tractor front
Bardoul Bright wolf, ax-wielding wolf
Barkley Birch valley; birch meadow
Barnaby son of consolation
Barnett Baronet; leader
Barrclay Birch valley; birch meadow
Barris Harry's son
Barron warrior
Barse freshwater perch
Bart bright or shiny
Bartel bright or shiny
Barth Superb noble or beautiful crow, Glorious
Barthel bright or shiny
Bartholomeo Son of a farmer. The name and surname
Bartholomew Son of Talmai
Barthélemy Son of a farmer
Bartle Saint Bartholomew was an apostle of Jesus Christ
Bartlet Saint Bartholomew was an apostle of Jesus Christ
Bartolomeo Son of a farmer
Barton From the fifth barley
Bashar Man (ness)
Basil Brave, brave
Basile Real, real
Basilio Real
Basilius King
Basset I enjoy
Bassett I enjoy
Bat Rugged, rough
Bax Baker.
Baxter one
Bayard color bay
Baylee Bailiff
Bayley Steward or officer, the man in charge
Bayly Steward, bailiff
Baynbridge bridge
Bayou With joy
Bazil Variant of Basilio: Real, real
Bazyl Variant of Basilio: Real, real
Beadwof fat in the war
Beale pretty
Beall pretty
Beamer Trumpeter
Bear Bear-like
Beardsley wood beard,
Bearn Son
Beaton Warrior property
Beck Occupant
Beckett Bee
Beckham An English surname, contemporary use coined the surname and given name
Beda shine, bright, beautiful
Bede shine, bright, beautiful
Bedford Ford Bede
Beecher Beech resident
Bek Stream.
Beldene Living in the beautiful valley
Bellamy Good looking fellow
Ben Fortune son
Benecroft Bean Field
Benet Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord
Beniamin Son of my right
Benjaman Judge son. Also a variant of Bento
Benji Son of the South, since childhood, certain luck
Benn short for Benjamin and Benedict
Bennet Blessed
Bennette the blessed
Bennie Fortune son
Benniton Little Blessed
Benny Fortune son
Benoic the prohibition of
Benon Superb noble or beautiful crow, Glorious
Bensen Ben's son. surname
Benson Son
Bentley Heath deserto /
Benton Settlement in place of a lawn
Beorhthramm Glorious Crow
Beowulf smart wolf
Beric Grain farm
Berk support
Berke beautiful, bright, radiant
Berkeley The Birchwood
Bernard strong and brave as a bear
Berry Superb by the nobility
Bert for splendid noble behavior
Bertie Beautiful crow
Bertold atmospheres (d)
Bertolde Bright force
Bertrand West-Brabant name
Berty Diminutive of Bert: Bright light
Beshiltheeni Name Navajo metallurgical meaning
Beverley Beaver Meadow woman
Beverly Beaver flow, Beaver Field
Bick By ford hewer
Biecaford By ford hewer
Bienne The initial BN
Bigot John Lord intolerable
Bilagaana White person (Navajo)
Bill with the will as strong as a helmet
Bille heroic protector
Billie Variant spelling of Billy
Billy O protetor volitiva / defensor
Bin Bingham, eroded
Binder Binder Book
Bing refined courteous
Bink Lives in the bank
Bird Bird.
Birde Bird.
Birkhed Lives on the birch headland
Birkit Area birch
Birley from the stable in the meadow
Birly Pasture
Bishop Superintendent
Blackburn Black Brook
Blade Rich
Blaecleah Dark serum
Blagden From the dark valley
Blaise Stutter
Blandford Gray man ford
Blanket Bed cloth covering
Blathaon legendary son Mwrheth
Blayke Bright dark
Blayr Flatland
Blayze Stutter
Blaze Stutter
Bliss Joy, happy
Blood blood
Blyde Dutch origin joy
Blythe joyful
Bobbie resplendent in glory
Bobby resplendent in glory
Boc male deer
Boda Herald
Bolton From Manor Farm
Bond Landman, Farmer
Bondig Free.
Bonner Soft
Bono Very good, absolutely good
Booker Book Maker
Boot House
Bordin Wild boar
Bordon Wild boar
Boston São Botolf Stone
Boy the brave friend
Boyce The Woods
Boyden Messenger
Brac Free.
Brack Bracca `s City
Brad Big meadow
Bradbourne Gamma flow
Braddock Name of someone who lives near an oak.
Bradford Wide
Bradlee From the broad meadow TBE
Bradley clearing in the forest
Bradlie Movie star Brad (Bradley) Pitt
Bradshaw clearing in the forest
Braidon Crown 's Bradan
Bram father of many nations
Brand (Flaming) sword
Brandenton With the city covered hill road
Brandis With covered hill road
Brandon hill
Brandyn Broom
Brannon Son
Brant espada
Brantley espada
Brawley Scion Brolach
Braxton Braccs
Bray Bricklayer
Brayan Variant of the name Brian or Bryan. Noble.
Braydan Crown 's Bradan
Brayden Wide
Braydon Wide
Braylon Wide
Brayton Bray City
Breneon Alps
Brent Raven, Prince, Flaming / temperamento, ele que mora no farol, fedendo a sua
Brentan The steep hill
Brenton Arrangement
Brentyn Alps
Bret one
Brewstere Brewer
Breyton Bradan `s City
Briant Strong, he goes down
Brick The bridge
Bridge Living near a bridge
Bridgeley From the meadow near the bridge
Brier Tree, bush
Brigg From the village near a bridge
Briggebam Live on the bridge
Briggs From the village near a bridge
Brigham bridge arrangement
Brighton Loved by the people
Brik prevalent over supernatural beings
Brilee Nobel, very simple
Brinley burned pastures
Brinly Burnt wood
Brion Admirable
Bristol bridge
Briton A variation on Britton spelling
Britto Mythological origin
Britton a Breton
Brock Flow lives
Brockman Harassment man
Brone Brown
Bronsen Son of a black man
Bronson Browns
Bronte descendant of Proinnteach
Bronx Bronck Land
Broox Name made
Brown Brown (color name)
Brownie Brown in color
Brucie Thick brush
Brun sparkling, dark
Bruns Dark skin
Bryden The name in Britain
Brylan Noble, strong, attractive
Bryon Admirable; Virtuous
Bryton a Brit
Buck Buck / reebok
Bucky Diminutive of Buck: Male deer
Bud bud germ
Buddie bud germ
Buddy bud germ
Buegoneguig Chippewa hole meaning name in the sky
Bundy Free.
Burch Berk.
Burckhardt Strong castle
Burford He lives in the castle ford
Burgard Strong castle
Burghard Strong as a castle.
Burket Area birch
Burkett Area birch
Burle Reinforced
Burley Lives in the castle meadow
Burney Lives in river island
Burris Borough,
Burt to clean
Burton From the fortress
Buster Tough Guy
Butch Diminutive of Butcher: Butcher
Butcher Butcher
Butler Butler
Byrd Like A Bird
Byron In
Bártolo Son of a farmer
Cabe derived from surname cable - ropemaker
Cable Shoemaker
Cadarrian Luxury good
Cadawg Sharp battle
Cadden Cadence`s heir
Cade little battle
Cadel Small spill
Caden Barrel
Cadwallon Organizes the fight
Caer-Llion from Caerleon
Caersewiella spring watercress lives
Cai A variant of Caio
Caine Spear Hunter
Caio Joy
Caius Happy
Cal Kale; Abbreviation for names beginning with Cal-
Calbert Cowboy, Cowboy
Caldre Cold current.
Cale shapely, clean
Caliban the storm a wild and deformed slave
Calvert Cowboy, Cowboy
Calvin Inhabitants of a barren land, naked
Calvyn Intrepid
Cameroon Scarred nose
Camille Knaap altar
Camillo Knaap altar
Candian White, pure glittering
Cane Sugar Trunk
Canowicakte Name Sioux meaning forest hunter
Captain He trusted
Caractacus Character, eccentric
Carl means the same as a guy
Carlatun From Carl's Field
Carless Masculinity
Carleton Peasant settlement
Carlis Masculinity
Carlisle Fortress
Carlose Masculinity
Carlson Carlton variant of free men of the city
Carlye Masculinity
Carlyle The protected tower
Carmel garden
Carmelo Garden;
Carmine Garden;
Caroll Masculinity
Carols Masculinity
Carolus a non-noble free man
Carrington Swamp City
Carroll Fencer
Carswell Cress spring lives
Carsyn Alternative Carson spelling
Carter Conveyor
Cartere Drive a cart
Cartwright Builder of cars
Cas light Lucanie,
Case Case;
Cash Diminutive of Caspar: rich man
Cason House
Casper treasurer
Caspian The Caspy People
Cassibellaunus Mythological origin
Caster From the Roman camp
Castle Castle.
Catahecassa Black Hoof
Cater Someone who serves
Caydon Cadence`s heir
Ceaster Camping life
Cecil debilitated
Cedric derived from Cerdic, the first Anglo-Saxon king of Wessex
Cedrych derived from Cerdic, the first Anglo-Saxon king of Wessex
Celtic People of Celtic
Cenehard Fat Guardian
Cenhelm Protection wise
Cha`akmongwi Chief Presenter (Hopi)
Cha`tima The caller (Hopi)
Chace Hunter
Chadwick Ceaddas
Chaise Hunter
Chakotay Name made
Chal boy son,
Chaleb dog
Champayne Champagne
Chance Fortune, a bet. Variant of Chauncey
Chandler Candle
Chankoowashtay Good roads (Sioux)
Chann young wolf
Channe young wolf
Channing wise
Chanter Sun
Chanteyukan Gracious, Benevolent
Chaon Especially
Chap Diminutive of Chapman: Peddler; merchant
Chapel Christian place of worship
Charles a non-noble free man
Charleston A man, variant of Carl
Charlie a non-noble free man
Charlsey Masculinity
Charlsy Masculinity
Charlton liquidation of free people
Charly A man. Carl variant
Chars Free man
Charsian Christian Free Man
Chas The ancient man meaning English ceorl
Chase hunting hunting,
Chasen Hunter
Chash-Chunk-A wave
Chaska Sioux name given to the first child
Chatham Country Soldier
Chato Flat nose
Chauncey Fortune, a bet. From a surname based on a French city. Famous bearers: Charles Chauncy, an early president at Harvard University.
Chavatangakwunua Short rainbow (Hopi)
Chayan Life
Chayton Falcon (Sioux)
Chaz Free
Chazz male farmer
Chebona-Bula brook meaning name smiling boy
Cherokee People of a different speech. Great American Indians
Chess Free
Chester Marmion
Cheston Legionary Camp
Chet Camp;
Chevelle bold and beautiful
Cheveyo Warrior Spirit (Hopi)
Chevy Rider, Knight
Chile narrow (Le Passage)
Chill CHILTON name
Chilli Cold
Chilton The city by the river
Chip Male (Old English ceorl)
Chistopher follower of Christ
Chitto Creek name means brave
Chochuschuvio White-tailed deer (Hopi)
Chogan Blackbird (Algonquin)
Choviohoya Young deer (Hopi)
Chris anointed
Chrisopher follower of Christ
Chriss follower of Christ
Christan anointed
Christian anointed
Christianos follower of Christ
Christion follower of Christ
Christmas Anointed, bearer of Christ, pointed
Christof Bearer of Christ
Christofer He who has Christ in his heart
Christoff Bearer of Christ
Christoforus he who serves Christ in his heart
Christoph He who has Christ in his heart
Christophe He who has Christ in his heart
Christopho follower of Christ
Christos He who has Christ in his heart
Christphor follower of Christ
Chrystian follower of Christ
Chuck Possessor
Chun natures extension
Churchyll Lives on the church hill
Chuslum Moxmox Nez Perce name means yellow bull
Cicero Chickpeas
Cingeswell Lives in Primavera do Rei
Cingeswiella Lives in Primavera do Rei
Cis Diminutive of a male or female name that begins with Christ
Cissie Diminutive of a male or female name that begins with Christ
Claegborne Clay Creek
Claegtun Mortal.
Clair Someone who lives near the Clare River
Clarance Someone who lives near the Clare River
Clarey Diminutive of Clarence: Clear
Clark Masculinity
Clarke the name Clark
Claudius lame, lame, lame lamb,
Clay Clay;
Claymore The large double-edged sword
Claytin the city by a clay bed
Clayton clay
Cleave Cleavon name
Clem Soft
Cleme Soft
Clemens gentle, tolerant, merciful
Clement Meek, merciful
Clemento Meek, merciful
Clemmie Soft
Cleomenes winters tale lord of sicily
Clerc Studious
Clerk Studious
Cleveland Slope
Clide River Clyde in Scotland
Cliff Cliff
Clifford Cliff
Cliffton From the farm near the cliff
Clifton Slope
Clint Arrangement
Clinton settlement on a hill
Clinttun Promontory property
Clintwood Slope
Cliry a good friend
Clive Cliff
Cloud Visible steam
Clyff Riverford near a cliff
Clyfford Riverford near a cliff
Clyford cliff-side ford
Clyfton From the city near a cliff
Clynt From the city near a hill
Cobb Much
Cochise Wood. Renowned Apache Chiricahua warlord
Cocoa Chocolate powder
Codi Useful
Codie Downward
Cody Downward
Colbie Coal City
Colby Coal worker;
Cole Diminutive of Colin: of a young, triumphant people.
Colin Conqueror of the people
Colla victory
Collby From the dark farm
Colley The surname meaning darkness, occasionally used as a first name. Famous bearer, 18th century actor and playwright Colley Cibber.
Collier Coal Miner
Collin Conqueror of the people
Collins Abbreviation of Nicholas People's Victory
Collis Son of the dark man.
Collyer Coal Trader
Colman Dove, dark skin
Colonel military rank
Colony Group of people
Colt Young
Colten Glue
Colton coal
Colver Dove.
Colvert Sailor.
Colwyn Name of a river in Wales
Colyn Of a triumphant people
Connie firm and persevering
Conrade Bravo Counselor
Constant firm and persevering
Constantine unshakable
Constantino adjusted
Constantinos Firm, stable
Cony Corey variant, hollowed out mound
Cook Cook
Cooke Cook
Cookie Sweet cookie
Cooper Barrel
Coowescoowe Cherokee name meaning heron
Corben black-haired
Cord Variant of Cordell, rope maker
Cordale Variant of Cordell, rope maker
Cordell Manufacturer
Cori virgin
Corky Corey variant, hollowed out mound
Corliss Fortunately, care-free
Cornal College, a city name
Cornell Horn;
Cornwallis Cornwall man
Cort Courageous, honest counselor
Cortland Courtier, court clerk
Cortney Lives in court
Corvin Black-haired
Costa Diminutive of Constantine: Steady, stable
Coti Ribeira
Cotton Cotton
Coty Banks of a river
Coulson Triumphant people
Coulter Colt variant of young, playful horse
Courtlandt agricultural lands
Courtney Curtius domain
Coy Calm
Craddock Love affection
Crawford Ford Crows
Cree Tribe Name
Crespin Living in the city creek
Cresswell watercress river
Crist Christian
Cristobal Christ
Crofton town with a small enclosed field
Crosby Someone who lives under the cross or at the crossroads
Croslea Meadow with a cross
Crosley Cross meadow
Crosly Cross meadow
Cross Pass through
Crossley Meadow with a cross
Crowther Violinist
Cubert Legendary son of Daere
Cully Beautiful or resides in the forest
Culver Dove.
Cupid Timon's life in Athens
Cusick Someone who teases
Cuthbert famous
Cwentun The queen property
Cy Master, master
Cyan blue-green
Cyd From St
Cydne old
Cydney Wide
Cydorn the name of a character from the role-playing game Eva
Cymbeline Cymbeline King of Great Britain
Cynbal Head Warrior
Cynbel Head Warrior
Cynric Real.
Cyprus Cypress trees
Cyrus Sun;
Cédrik Gift of splendor
Dace Southern
Dack Reference to the French city of Dax
Dadgayadoh Seneca name means game men
Dael Small valley
Dafydd West-Brabant name
Dain Variant of Dane of Denmark
Daine Variant of Dane of Denmark
Dakota Friend, ally. Tribal name
Dakotah , Ally. Tribal name
Dalbert Bright one; proud
Dale He lives in the valley. Surname
Daley Get together
Dallan Blind
Dallin Occupant
Dallton Dale City, City Valley
Dalton City
Dalwin colleague, good friend
Daly Mora em um vale / vale
Dalys Resting place
Damarcus Masculinity
Damein Calm, domestic
Danail God is my judge
Dandre Brave, the heroic man
Danior are born with teeth
Danton invaluable
Danty Support
Dany God is my judge
Danyale God is my judge
Dar adornment
Daran Big
Darek Gifted ruler. Theodoric
Darel From Airelle
Dariell Variant open Darrel
Darik Governor of the land
Daril De Airelle, France
Darin Burnt
Darious Luxury good
Dariël Variant open Darrel
Darnal shelter area, hidden
Darnel Shelter; hidden area
Darnell hidden
Darold mix of Daryl and Harold or gerald
Daron Oak, divine end
Darrell From Airelle
Darron Burnt
Darryn Big
Darton From the deer
Darvin mix of Daryl and Marvin
Darwin expensive
Darwyn Dear friend
Dasan Boss
Dasean God reconciled
Daveth Loved by the people
Davian Variant of David
Daviel Variant of beloved David
Davies Surname. Variant of David 'loved'.
Davion Variant of beloved David
Davonta River
Davyn Variant of David 'loved'.
Dawson Davids
Dax Water
Daxton Reference to the French city of Dax
Dayle Small valley
Dayne Ribeiro
Dayner Variant of Dane of Denmark
Dayshaun Gods gift of hope
Dayson Surname. Variant of David 'loved'.
De-Burgh D. João Hubert de Burgh
Deacon Deacon
Dealbeorht Pride.
Dean from or near the valley
Deane from the valley
Decembre December
Dedrick Ruler
Dee See the
Deganawidah Iroquois name means two rivers running
Deion Noble
Dejuan God reconciled
Dekel Police Schoonmaker,
Dekle Police Schoonmaker,
Delavan colleague, good friend
Delbert Clear day, sunny day, in; noble
Delevan colleague, good friend
Delman Valley Man
Delmon From the mountain
Delmont From the mountain
Delroy Of
Delsin He is so
Delsy He is so
Delton City in the valley
Delvin Friend, a good friend
Delwin Divine Friend
Delwyn colleague, good friend
Deman Tame
Demarius Masculinity
Demetrious Earth Goddess
Demitris Earth Goddess
Dene from the valley
Dennis fertility
Denu Valley
Denver Danish
Denzil A place name in Cornwall
Deontae Support
Dereck Ruler
Derek Ruler
Dereke ruler of the people
Derian Luxury good
Derick Ruler
Derik Gifted ruler. Theodoric
Derius Luxury good
Derrell Variant open Darrel
Derren Big
Derrian big
Derrick Ruler
Derrik Gifted ruler. Theodoric
Derrill Variant open Darrel
Dervin Talented friend
Derwin wildlife friend
Derwynn Friend
Deryck Gifted ruler. Theodoric
Deryk Gifted ruler. Theodoric
Des Diminutive of Desmond: From a surname derived from the Irish Deas Mumhain 'meaning' South Munster. " In addition, a diminutive of a name that begins with Des.
Desean God reconciled
Deshawn God's grace
Devean Crown 's Dubhain
Deven Downward
Deveon West-Brabant name
Devereau Surnames derived from the name Deverel
Devereaux Surnames derived from the name Deverel
Devie God
Devin The Black River
Devon A county in England known for beautiful land
Dewayne dark
Dewey the beloved, dear friend,
Diamond Expensive
Diandre the protector, the afweerder of men
Dicie Powerful, courageous ruler
Dick powerful among people
Dickens Surname
Dickey powerful among people
Dickinson Mighty among the people, sovereign, mighty brave
Dickson powerful among people
Didacus he takes heel
Digby Settlement near a ditch
Diggory wander
Digon legendary son Alar
Dillard faith
Dillus legendary son Eurei
Dimen Diamond
Dimiterios Earth Goddess
Dimitrius Earth Goddess
Dives Rich man
Diwali bowl
Dix powerful among people
Dixon Dick's son
Doane Rugged
Dob people
Dock Seventh child of seventh child
Doctor The
Dolabella Antony and Cleopatra friend of Caesar
Dome Diminutive of Dominick: Sir
Domenic Sir
Domicio Sir
Domingo Sir
Domingos Sir
Dominion Domination, power
Dominy belongs to God
Dominyk Belongs to God
Domo Sir
Domokos Sir
Donald Big boss, powerful world. Gaelic Domhnall. The name of Donald was supported by some of the early Scottish kings. Famous bearers: billionaire Donald Trump, actor Donald Sutherland.
Donathan God has given
Donn Brown. In the mythology of the Irish Donn he was known as the king of the underworld.
Donta Support
Dontae Persevere
Donte Persevere
Doogie Dark Water
Dorian Doria «r, resident of Doria«
Dorien Sun
Dorion God's gift
Dorman Concierge
Doron Weird'. Variant Dorran.
Doroteio gift of the Lord
Doug Dark Water
Dover Water. A British port on the English Channel.
Dragon creature
Drake Snake
Dream contemporary
Drefan difficulty
Dreogan suffer
Dridan From the dry valley
Driden From the dry valley
Driskoll Interpreter
Dru Andrew variant 'manly' ..
Dryden Dry
Drygedene From the dry valley
Dud Dudda compensation
Duke The royalty title used as a surname or first name. Also an abbreviation for Marmaduke. Famous bearer: jazz American musician Duke Ellington.
Dull loves lost job a policeman
Dunstan hill
Duran Resist, persevere, persist
Durrell Son
Dust dusty place
Dustan dusty place
Dustin Thors
Duston dusty place
Dusty dusty, gray
Dwan Dark, small
Dwayne dark
Dweight Wine, joy
Dwight Mountain
Dwyane Dark, small
Dyami Eagle.
Dyer Dye cloth
Dylan to influence
Dyllan loyal
Dyllon loyalty
Dymond Diamond
Dyson Dennis's son
Dywel Legendary son Erbin
Eadburt Rich.
Eadlyn rich friend
Ealahweemah Nez Perce name means sleep
Ealaot Wadass Nez Perce land meaning name
Ealaot-Wadass Nez Perce land meaning name
Ealdwode From the old forest
Ealhdun From elves'valley
Eallard Admirable
Eallison Elder's son
Eapalekthiloom Nez Perce hill meaning name of clouds
Eardly The city's name and surname English
Earle Noble leader
Early Noble leader
Earnest Seriously
Earvin Fresh water
Earwine Friend of the Sea.
Easter a star
Easton River
Ed guardian of wealth, property
Eda Rich Guardian
Edbert abundant
Eddie guardian of wealth, property
Eddis Edward's son
Eddrick Strength and happiness
Eddy guardian of wealth, property
Ede Rich Guardian
Edelmar Noble
Edelmarr Noble
Edgar guardian of the property with a spear
Edgard Guardian or guardian of the heritage (the spear)
Edgardo protector
Edison Edwards
Edlin Noble waterfall
Edmon Rich Guard
Edmond prosperous
Edmund prosperous
Edouard guardian of wealth, property
Edred the name of a king
Edric Rich and powerful
Edrick Powerful pledge creditor
Edrik Rich
Edris Rich
Edsel man and at home
Edson The son of the happy warrior
Eduard guardian of wealth, property
Edvard Guardian or guardian of the heritage (the spear)
Edwald Rich
Edwaldo Rich
Edward guardian of wealth, property
Edwardson Edward's son
Edwin rich friend
Edwond Blessed friend
Edwy war
Eean God reconciled
Egbert sword, beautiful and bright
Eiddoel Legendary son of Ner
Eifion Welsh surname
Elam Highland
Elan Tree
Eland Presumably, a derivation from the Adel Country
Elbert for splendid noble behavior
Eldan From elves'valley
Elden Hill Ella
Elder One of the oldest (oldest person); elderberry
Eldon Hill Ella
Eldred From the Old English Ealdraed
Eldrian Velho / governante sábio
Eldrick Velho / governante sábio
Eldrid Wise Advisor
Eldridge Velho / governante sábio
Eldwin Velho / governante sábio
Eledon Hill Leader
Elgin Proud
Elidure Mythological origin
Eliot Elliot variant: God in the highest, God Jehovah. From a surname derived from a medieval Greek Elias abbreviation. Elias variant.
Eliott Elliot variant: God in the highest, God Jehovah. From a surname derived from a medieval Greek Elias abbreviation. Elias variant.
Elison Ellis Son
Elki Drape over
Ellery Alder tree
Elliott Elliot variant: God in the highest, God Jehovah. From a surname derived from a medieval Greek Elias abbreviation. Elias variant.
Ellison Elder son
Elliston Variant of Elijah or Elijah, my God is Jehovah
Ellmer Noble
Ellsworth Big man house
Ellyson Ellis Son
Elmer Noble
Elmir Noble
Elmo beloved
Elmoor Lives at Moor elm
Elne courage
Elphin Legendary son Gwyddno
Elric by powerful nobles
Elrick King
Elson The old town. Surname
Elston “My God is Jehovah”
Elsu Flying hawk
Elton Ellas
Elvet Swan flow
Elvey Warrior Elf
Elvy Warrior Elf
Elvyn wise elf variant alvin's friend
Elwin noble friend
Elwood Old wood from the forest
Elwyn Friend method
Ember Burnt
Embry Line of work
Emerson Son of Emery. Bold, powerful.
Emhyr Ruler.
Emil Rival;
Emlyn Anxiously
Emmerson Emery's son
Emmet Powerful
Emmett All containing;
Emory Head of household
Emsley By Elm Madeira
Enapay Courageous appearance
Enderby English surname
Enli I saw a dog
Eoforwic Bear property
Eri Abbreviation for Erin - a poetic name for Ireland
Erian plow
Erix Always Ruler
Erl tell
Erland From noblemsns countries
Erle Noble
Erling Edelman son
Ermid Legendary son Erbin
Ern The variant spelling of the German Earnest
Ernest Seriously
Ernestino Seriously
Ernst resolute action
Erryl Noble leader
Ervine Friend
Erwin army friend
Erwyn Friend of the Sea Erwin variant:. Boar friend.
Eryl guardian
Esarosa White wolf
Esmond Ease of use of protection
Espn Television Sports Network
Eston From the city of East. Surname
Ethanael firmly, consistently
Ethelbert Noble and bright
Ethen Endurance, strength
Etlelooaat Screaming (Algonquin)
Eton River city
Eus Legendary son of ERIM
Ev Diminutive of Evan: God is good
Evald Strong in law
Evann God is good
Evans West-Brabant name
Evea Customer Captain
Evelyn Life, hazel, large bird.
Ever ever
Everard Strong as a bear
Everett Strong
Everhard ever
Everild in the usual battle
Everleigh From the meadow never
Everley Wild boar meadow
Everly Wild boar meadow
Evers Boar
Evert Strong or brave like a boar
Everton Tempered, brave. Everard variant
Evin Atonement of the Lord
Ewald Powerful in law
Exavier Clean the new house
Eyota big
Ezekiel God is with us
Ezell Noble
Fabian bonenverbouwer
Faer Traveler.
Faerrleah From bull pasture
Fain joyful
Faine Benign
Fairleigh Bull Meadow
Fairlie From bull pasture
Falcon Last name relating to falconry
Fane joyful
Faran English surname
Farewell A greeting, very good
Farin English surname
Faris Knight rider
Farlow From bull pasture. Surname
Farly From bull pasture
Farman traveler
Farnam Prado Fern
Farnum Prado Fern
Farold Powerful traveler
Faron An old German name
Farren An old German name
Farrin English surname
Farris Cast iron
Farron English surname
Farson traveler
Faulkner Falconer, one that trains hawks
Favian bonenverbouwer
Felabeorbt Brilliant.
Felding Lives in the area.
Felimy always a good
Felton From the city through the countryside
Fenton swamp city
Fenwick Swamp farm
Feran progress
Fergie Rock
Ferguson Son of choice
Fflewdwr Legendary son of Naw
Field At the
Filbert very bright
Filbuk Brilliant.
Finan Blond child
Finn Finnish
Fisher fisherman
Fisk a fish
Fiske Fish.
Fitch Ermine (ferret-like mammal).
Fitche Ermine.
Fitz Gerald Son of Gerald
Fitz-Patrick Patrick's son
Fitz the son of
Fitzgerald Son of Gerald
Fitzhugh Intelligent Mans son
Fleming From the valley
Flemming from the valley
Fletch Diminutive of Fletcher: Author Arrows
Flint Flintrock
Florian flourish
Floyd Gray
Flynt one
Fone Snow Child
Ford The crossing of the river
Fordon The Ridge Way
Forrest Forest;
Forrester Forests
Forster Forests
Foster Host, Gascony, France
Fox The crafty mammal with reddish brown fur
Fraine Foreign.
Francys From France
Franki Modern variants of France, France or free
Frankie a french or free
Franklin Free man
Franklyn man, landowner
Franklynn Free landowner
Franky The french
Frayn Foreign
Frayne By residents of an ash
Fraze Diminutive of Fraser: French city
Fredderick Quiet, powerful ruler
Free Free
Freed Wood, Woodland
Freedom Freedom, freedom.
Freeman Free man, a man freed from bondage linked to an overlord. Surname.
Freemon free man
Frewin Free friend, noble friend
Friend Friend
Frika Fat
Frisa tangled - hair
Frost Freezing water
Fulbert very bright
Fuller Bleacher cloth
Fulton city ​​bird-catcher
Gaagi Crow
Gabe Give hospitality
Gad Energetic, wealth, happiness
Gael Name
Gaige Measure
Gail Diminutive of Abigail: Father rejoiced, or father joy. Gives joy. The intelligent, handsome Abigail was the third Old Testament wife, King David, described as “good discretion and beautiful in form.
Gaius Happy
Galahad summer
Galan sings
Galen to calm down
Gallus Gaul «r
Gar Triangular field
Garaden The hill three cornered
Garanhon legendary son of giythvyr
Gard Guardian of the garden. Surname
Gardner Gardiner
Garet Brave with a spear
Gareth strongly with the spear
Garett Force
Garey strongly with the spear
Garfield triangular field
Garison Forces in the fight
Garland Garland maker
Garman Speannan
Garmann Speannan
Garner Gardener
Garnet Armed with a spear
Garnett Armed with a spear
Garnock The name of the old town Walesche, `river alders. `Variant.
Garren strongly with the spear
Garrett Force
Garrick spear
Garrison Strong
Garry Strong or courageous o
Garvin Spear-friend
Gates Occupant by the doors
Gattaca Name made, DNA components
Gayle Diminutive of Abigail: Father rejoiced, or father joy. Gives joy. The intelligent, handsome Abigail was the third Old Testament wife, King David, described as “good discretion and beautiful in form.
Gaylen Festive party
Geary Flexible
Gene good
Gent gentleman
Geoff God's peace
Geoffrey God's peace
Geordie Earth
George Earth editor
Georgie soil tiller
Gerard strongly with the spear
Geremy God will glorify
Gerrald ruler with an iron spear
Gerrett Speer, brave
Gerrick Sword decision
Gibson Gilbert's son
Giffard Dom Dapper
Gifford Plump-faced
Gifre greedy
Gift Current offers
Gijs Radiant Arrow
Gilburt Trusted
Gildas Serving God
Giles Kid
Gill The forgetting, dedicated to Jupiter
Gilmar Famous hostage
Giordani Downward flow
Gizmo Device
Gladwin Happy friend
Gleis Legendary son Merin
Glendel Valley
Glyn He who lives in a valley, Vale
Glynn Fair, good. Da Glenn
Godric rules with god
Godwin Friend of God
Gomer Complete, whole, disappearing
Gore ground
Govan Legendary Caw's son
Gradin high-ranking
Graent Big
Graf Coppice
Graison Son of the governor
Gram Contraction Graham
Grand Grand Superior
Grantley From the great meadow
Granville City
Gray The gray color
Grayer The gray color
Grayson Son
Greenberry Green mansion
Gregg watchful alert
Gregory watchful alert
Gregson Greg's son. Surname
Greid Legendary son Eri
Grendel legendary name
Grenville An English surname based on a French place name
Grey Gray
Greyson Son
Griffith Warrior strong, Lord
Grigor on the clock
Grimm Fierce
Grimme mask
Grover Forest
Gulliver Gulliver
Gustaf Officials of the gods
Guyapi Franco
Guyon cheered up
Gwendelyn Fair, blessed
Gwendol White, fair, blessed
Gwevyl Legendary son of Gwastad
Gwilym Helmet will
Gwrddywal Legendary son Evrei
Gwydion God of magic
Gwyn White White
Hache-Hi Wolf
Hadden; Haddon; Haden; Hadon; More From the moor
Hadley From the meadow covered health
Hadrian A variant of Adrian. The son of Adrian
Hahkethomemah Small tunic (Cheyenne)
Haines Hawthorn
Hal Leader at home
Halbert beautiful krijsman
Haldane Half
Hale Nook;
Halee meadow hay
Halen Nook;
Halian Julius
Hall Warrior;
Halley Hall
Halliwell Lives in the sacred fountain
Halsey Channel
Halstead Place
Halyn Unique and particular, in contrast to others
Hamelatun Since the grassy stay
Hamlet Trick
Hamnet the son of William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway
Hamo House
Hampton House
Hania Yahweh is gracious
Hanley From the high meadow
Hanly From the high meadow
Happy Happy happy
Harden Hare
Hardin The valley fillet
Harding Strong
Hardwin strong friend
Hardyn The valley fillet
Hare Bunny.
Hareleah From the fillet of the meadow
Harford From the Ford Hare
Harlan parents
Harland Meadow of the hares. Harley variant. Surname
Harlen Gray Country
Harley Old English wood hare (or pasture). From hare meadow
Harlon Meadow of the hares. Harley variant. Surname
Harlowe The hare hill
Harper Harp player or manufacturer
Harriman Surname
Harris Harry's son
Harrison Son
Harry King ruler
Hart Deer
Hartford Ford deer
Hartley deer meadow
Hartman strong hero
Harvey value
Harvie value
Haslet The country hazel
Hastings Haests
Haven Port;
Hawk Hawk
Hawley From the covered meadow
Hayden Pagan
Haydin strong, independent, loving
Hayes Fence
Haywood Hay
He-Lush-Ka warrior
Headley netting leather
Healhtun From the hillside property
Healum Lives on slopes of the hall
Healy From the slope of the land
Heanford From high-ford
Heanleah From the high meadow
Heardwine Brave friend
Heath Person
Heathcliff Cliff
Hedley netting leather
Hekli Touch (Miwok)
Helton From the hillside property
Helushka fighter
Hen-Beddestyr Legendary son of ERIM
Hendrix Son of Hendrick
Hengist stallion
Henley Highfield
Henrick House rules
Heolstor darkness
Heortwiella Lives close to spring, the deer
Herald One who proclaims. Also variant of Harold, commander of the Army
Heraldo Leader
Herby Military ruler delivered
Hern Heron;
Heron Heron
Hervé Battle
Heskovizenako Porcupine Bear (Cheyenne)
Hesutu Yellowjacket nest rises from the ground (Miwok)
Hewitt Son
Heywood From the covered forest
Hiamovi High Chief (Cheyenne)
Hid Of the skin
Hilton Arrangement
Hinto Blue (Dakota)
Hline From the bank.
Hob thinking mind, intellect
Hok`ee Abandoned (Navajo)
Holden Depth
Holdon cavity in the valley
Holen Holly tree with red berries
Holland peak
Hollis Holly Lives
Holman Valley Man
Holmes safe
Holofernes love labor lost a teacher
Holt Through the forest
Honovi Strong
Hoowanneka Little elk
Hortensius garden
Horton Mud
Howard Sheep
Howell Eminent
Howie Nich Name Howard noble guard
Howland the country's leaders
Huck Sweet berry
Huckleberry Sweet berry
Hud Hooded
Hudson Son of man hooded
Huey spirit
Hugh thinking mind, wise
Hugo thinking mind, wise
Hummer High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles
Hunter Seeker, in particular for the game
Husain Little beauty
Huxley Man Outside
Huyana The rain that falls Hindu
Hwitloc From the white fortress
Hy Diminutive of Hyman: Life
Hyatt High
Hyde Of the skin
Hyram My brother is exalted
Iachimo He who takes the heel, He will protect
Iahn God reconciled
Iann God's grace
Iau God is with us
Idal From the yew valley
Iden Rich.
Ignatius Fiery
Ilio Sun
Inali Black Fox
Innocent innocent, disinterested
Insula Red Feather
Inteus There is no shame
Ipo Origin of the Frisian names
Irl Noble
Irven Green
Irvyn Green
Irwin Boar
Irwyn Friend of the Sea
Isham Village on the Ise River, England
Istaqa Coyote Man (Hopi)
Istu Sugar
Ithel Generous Lord
Iuma Internet Archive Underground Music
Ivar yew and warrior
Ives the Archer
Ivey The climbing ornamental perennial plant
Ivo archer
Ivon Taxus arco / de teixo
Ivor Sir
Jace Curator
Jack he takes heel
Jacoby the occupant
Jacolbie the occupant
Jacolby the occupant
Jacy beautiful
Jadrien Mixture of Jade and Jay and Adrien
Jae Variant names like Jason and Jacob
Jaeden thankful
Jaelen m version of jerlean
Jaeson he will heal
Jager Sump
Jagger Peddler
Jago He who takes the heel, He will protect
Jaguar big spotted feline
Jaheim Beauty, beautiful
Jai Cheater
Jainna Name combination
Jaique God reconciled
Jake he takes heel
Jalen Jay
Jamareon Name made
Jamari Name created
James he takes heel
Jameson Occupant
Janaya God`s gracious gift
Jander protector of the people
Janison Jane's son
Jannis derived from Jane
Jaquan Increased the Lord
Jar Abbreviation for Jarel, Jarek, or Jared, Jareh
Jared Someone who reigns
Jaret Down to earth
Jareth Bled from Jar or Jr and Gareth
Jarin Modern Israeli Jaron variant 'cry of joy.'.
Jarrel Abbreviation for Jarel, Jarek, or Jared, Jareh
Jarrell Abbreviation for Jarel, Jarek, or Jared, Jareh
Jarret Force
Jarrett Force
Jarron Modern Israeli Jaron variant 'cry of joy.'.
Jase Jason, healer
Jasper treasurer
Javes Name made
Javion Name of fantasy
Javon Name made
Jawn God reconciled
Jaxon God has been gracious, has shown favor. Based on João or Jacques.
Jayar Initial Name based phonetic
Jaycee Curator
Jaycob the occupant
Jaydee Initial Name based phonetic
Jayden Heard by God
Jaylend aid loans, useful for others
Jayme Occupant
Jaymes Occupant
Jayna Carrier
Jayron Variant names like Jason and Jacob
Jayvee Initial Name based phonetic
Jazmina A member of the Germanic tribe, the Gauts
Jeanelle Yahweh is gracious
Jef God's peace
Jefferson God's peace
Jeffery God's peace
Jefford Name and location
Jeffrey Truce of God
Jeffry God's peace
Jenilynn fertile
Jennalyn Modern variant of Jenny and Jennifer
Jennelle God, who is merciful
Jennis Yahweh is gracious
Jepson he takes heel
Jerael Spear Warrior
Jeral Spear Warrior
Jerald spear
Jeramie God is with us
Jeramy God is with us
Jeran Modern Israeli Jaron variant 'cry of joy.'.
Jerande Variant of Garrett Rules by Spear
Jerel Strong, open-minded. Mixture of Jeroen and Darell
Jeremy with a sacred name
Jeren Modern Israeli Jaron variant 'cry of joy.'.
Jeric Ruler, strong talented. Jr mixture and Derrick
Jerick Ruler, strong talented. Jr mixture and Derrick
Jeriel Strong, open to Project Ideas. Jerold mixture and Darrell
Jermain Masculinity
Jermaine Masculinity
Jerrad Variant of Garrett Rules by Spear
Jerred Variant of Garrett Rules by Spear
Jerrel Strong, open to Project Ideas. Jerold mixture and Darrell
Jerrell Strong, open to Project Ideas. Jerold mixture and Darrell
Jerren Modern Israeli Jaron variant 'cry of joy.'.
Jerron Modern Israeli Jaron variant 'cry of joy.'.
Jerry ruler with an iron spear
Jersey Grassy Island
Jeryl Strong, open to Project Ideas. Jerold mixture and Darrell
Jesiah Variant of Joshua. variant of Jesse Jehovah exists
Jessa God contemplates
Jesse God's gift)
Jessia God contemplates
Jett black
Jevin Name made
Jhosafat God judged
Jiles Squire
Jim it will protect
Jimi Someone who understands the heel or supplanter
Jimmi The deceiver
Jimmie Someone who grabs the heel or supplant
Jimmy son of Demeter
Jinny Virgin
Joanie God is with us
Joby the persecuted, the hated
Joe May the Lord add
Joey Lord grant spread
Johathan God has given
John Yahweh is gracious
Johnnie God is merciful
Johnny Yahweh is gracious
Johnton God has given
Jolon Valley of the dead oaks
Jon Yahweh is gracious
Jondalar Name made
Jones Pigeon
Jonithan God has given
Jonn Jehovah is Merciful
Jonni Atonement of the Lord
Jonnie God is merciful
Jono God is merciful
Jonthan God has given
Jonty gift of the Lord
Joran farmer
Jordi Earth editor
Jori Earth editor
Jory farmer
Jourdain earth, earth
Joyanna Joy
Jozy Expensive
Judge Right
Judson Valleys;
Justice Fair
Justin Fair
Justis New variant
Kacey West-Brabant name
Kaden Companion
Kajika Hiking without sound
Kalan Irlanda / Keltse nome, guerreiro
Kalani heaven
Kalen Irlanda / Keltse nome, guerreiro
Kalin Faithful, fearless
Kallita Modern variant of Callie
Kalvin Inhabitants of a barren land, naked
Kamber From Cambria (Wales)
Kamina love child
Kapono Fair
Karan Companion Helper,
Karik Carrick, Scotland
Karol a non-noble free man
Karr Marsh, swamp
Karsen Son, who lives in the swamp, Carr son
Karston Karl City
Kasey Attentive, alert, powerful
Kasia Alert, powerful. modern variant Casey
Kassi Those tangled men
Katlyne pure
Katlynne West-Brabant name
Kay keyholder
Kaylah What
Kaylan beautiful
Kaylene keyholder
Kaylor Name made
Kayo keyholder
Kayson Rejoice
Keanan Old
Keanu Nice
Keaton Kite
Kedric Example of kindness
Keen Wise, proud
Keinan Possession
Kele Sparrow (Hopi)
Kelii boss
Kelli War;
Kelson Son of Kelsey
Kelven Man Rio
Keme Secret Pajackok - Thunder (Algonquin)
Kemp warrior, champion, athlete
Kempe camp battle,
Kendahl Kent River
Kendal Valley
Kendall Valley River Kent
Kendrick Son
Kendrik Harry's son
Kenith Beautiful, burning
Kenley King's Meadow
Kenn Born fire
Kennard Brave Guard
Kenric fearless leader
Kenriek Royal ruler
Kensey King's Victory
Kensington The center of Cynsige Popular
Kensley Name made
Kent shapely, clean
Kenton Real
Kenway Fat Warrior
Kenyon From the hill of Einion
Keon the Archer
Keona God's free gift
Keoni God, who is merciful
Kerrie black
Kers Anointed, bearer of Christ
Kert Simple Pleasures
Keshawn God is with us
Kesler independent and energetic
Kester From the Roman camp
Keyshawn The horned
Kibbe the night bird
Kimball war chief
Kimble War Chief
Kimi Those without equal
Kimo Someone who replaces
King Kings
Kingsley madeira / prado
Kingston Kings
Kinsey Real
Kip Pet
Kipling People Cuppels
Kippie From the pointed hill
Kirkley Meadow Church
Kirkwood Forest church
Kitchi Brave (Algonquin)
Kitt He who has Christ in his heart
Knight Noble or soldier
Knox From the small hill
Koa brave, courageous, fearless
Kodie kiss useful
Kohana Swift (Sioux)
Kolby Dark, dark-haired.
Kole Victory of the people
Konner alternative spelling: Conner
Kono squirril a tree bite through the pine
Korrigan Spearman. Surname
Kory God
Kotori Spirit Owl (Hopi)
Kraig Rock
Kriss follower of Christ
Krystine anointed
Kuckunniwi Little Wolf (Cheyenne)
Kurt polite
Kyden Little narrow fire
Kynan dog
Kyson Ky's son
Lach Live near water
Lache Live near water
Laidley The creek meadow
Laik From near the lake
Lajohn God reconciled
Lalo Rich
Lamari the embittered
Lancaster Fort on the River Lune
Lancelot Follower
Lander From the grassy plain.
Landers Descendant of the Rural Dweller
Landis From the grassy plain.
Landon Long
Lane Track
Lange High
Lannie Abbreviation of names like Roland
Lanny Abbreviation of names like Roland
Lanu refer to the tribal custom
Lar learn
Lathan Hebrew Nathan Rhyme Form
Latimer Interpreter
Latrell Name of fantasy
Launder From the grassy plain.
Laurean Lauren form. From the place of laurels.
Laureano the place of laurel trees
Laurence the acclaimed
Laurian the place of laurel trees
Lauriano the place of laurel trees
Law From the hill
Lawford Ford on the hill
Lawley From the meadow hill
Lawson Masculinity
Lawton settlement on a hill
Lay From the meadow farm
Layne Track
Laythan Name made
Layton Water course
Laz the acclaimed
Leander people's man
Lear Shakespeare's King
Lee lion difficult
Leeland Someone who lives on land unseeded
Lefty left-handed
Leigh Clearance
Leighton Herb. Farm meadow. A name, surname and place
Leland parents
Lele loyal
Leman from the valley
Len Hardy lion or fat lion
Lenno Man
Lensar with your parents
Leo Lion
Leonato much noise governor nothing Messina
Leopold people
Leverton Farm hustle
Levon Connected
Levy Jew
Lew English variant of the Franco-Germanic name Louis
Lex the protector, the afweerder of men
Lexis Defender
Leyman from the valley
Leyti Shaped like an abalone shell (Miwok)
Leyton Water course
Lezane Happiness
Libby Dedicated to the Lord
Liko germ
Lilybeth lily
Linc Cologne Lake
Lindel The linden tree dell
Lindell lives of the linden valley
Lindisfarne From Lindisfarne.
Lindley Lime Wood
Lindly The linden meadow
Linford The linden ford
Link Hose
Linley From the flax field
Linly From the flax field
Linton Linen settlement
Lintun From the linen wrapper
Linwood Dell linden
Lion Strong and brave as a lion
Lionel lionet
Lionell Little lion
List Sly
Livingston Leofwine settlement
Llara Tame
Llewellyn If a lion
Lloyd (With) gray (hair)
Llundein From London.
Loc button
Lockie warrior
Lockwood From the closed timber
Lomar Son of Omar
Lonan a cloud
London Londoner
Lonnie Noble
Lonny Prepared for battle
Lootah Red (Sioux)
Lorah blond laurels
Loran the acclaimed
Lorance De Laurentum, Italy
Loren conductor Lorin Maazel (born 193)
Lorence Modern use
Lorens the acclaimed
Lorimar Saddler
Lorin From Loureiros place
Loryn Lawrence variant of Laurentium
Lovel King Richard III Lord Lovel
Lowell Wolf
Loyal loyalty
Lucan One of Lucania
Lucky happy
Lucullus Timon's life in Athens
Ludlow The High Riverhill
Lug Lucani, from Lucania
Luken lighting
Lyle Islander
Lyman Valley Man
Lynd Lives of linden
Lyndon Lime
Lynessa Idol
Lytton City by Torrent
Lyza Abbreviation for Elizabeth and Eliza
Maddockson Son of Maddock
Maddocson Beneficent
Maddog Merciful
Maddox Son of Maddock
Madison Son of Maud
Madog Beneficent
Maed From the whey
Mael Pearl
Maiele proficient in speaking
Maik Hebrew for “Who is like God”
Makai Who is like God
Makan Wind
Mallory Mallory from the TV Family Ties series
Malo winner
Malvyn Leader
Malyn Little warrior.
Manco King
Mander Mine
Manly Divided country
Mansfield Rugged
Maralyn shapely, clean
Marcell the militant
Mardel Surname used as a given name
Marden Border
Mardon Valley with the pool
Marilynn shapely, clean
Marji West-Brabant name
Markes Masculinity
Marlan blackbird
Marlayne Magdala woman, the one who is high, a high tower
Marleigh Peaty Plain
Marley shapely clean
Marlo Drained
Marlon A Little Warrior
Marlow Drained
Marlowe Drained
Marlyssa Variant of Marlene Magdala woman
Mars-Leucetius god worshiped in bath
Marsden Border
Marsh Horse goalkeeper
Marshal horse
Marshall horse
Marshell Horse Trimmer
Martyn War
Marullus The Julius Caesar tragedy a position
Marven shapely, clean
Marvyn sea
Marwin Friend of the Sea
Maryann shapely, clean
Maryland Land of Mary
Maska Strong
Mason Mason;
Masou fire deity
Maston Marsh Agreement
Mather Powerful army.
Mathers Mower
Matherson Mower
Mathew Sun
Mathias God's gift
Mato-Nazin standing bear
Mato Wear
Matt Gift of the Lord
Matthias God's gift
Matvey fights (Algonquin)
Mauli Crown
Maurice Moor, inhabitant of Mauritania
Maverick Dissident
Maximillian Little
Maxton Maccus' city
Mayer Boss. mayor. Surname.
Maynard powerful
Mclovin Name made
Medyr legendary son of medyredydd
Megen Pearl Sea Daughter, Child of Light, Pearl
Meilyg Legendary Caw's son
Meka Eyes
Mekal Like God
Mekhi Who is like the Lord
Meldon Hill
Meldrick From the powerful mill
Melton Mill City
Melvin Friend
Mercher a speaker of an interpreter
Meredith Lord, God
Meredydd Sea Guardian
Merle Portrait of a Lady
Merrick Moorish
Merrill Pleasant Hill
Merritt The border gate
Merton Arrangement
Merv sea
Mervin shapely, clean
Metella a love of origin America
Micca Like God
Mick Hebrew for “Who is like God”
Mickeel Like God
Mickell Like God
Mickey Who is like God
Mika Who is like God
Mike Hebrew for “Who is like God”
Mikel What
Mikey Who is like the Lord
Mikhael Like God
Mikko What
Mil legendary son Dugum
Milburn Mill
Miles shapely, clean
Milford Mill
Millard guardian
Millen who grinds grain occupational surname
Miller Sharpener
Millman factory worker
Milman factory worker
Milne The mill
Milt Mill City
Milton Arrangement
Milward Wait Mill
Mingan Wolf
Minor Junior, the youngest
Miraculum Miracle, divine act
Misu Whispering brook (Miwok)
Mitt Arrangement
Modig Admirable
Moe Moorish
Mohawk Tribal Native American name
Moki Deer (Hopi)
Molimo Have walking in the shade (Miwok)
Monchonsia White feather
Monte Gomerics
Monty Gomerics
Morcan Living near the sea
Morcar Living near the sea
Mordred Admirable
Moren legendary son Iaen
Morgan to clean
Morly From the meadow on the moor
Morrie A, Mauritania Dweller, dark in color
Morse Marsh, Mauritania resident, dark in color
Morton Arrangement
Morty Dead
Moseph Kid
Moss Son, bring
Motavato Black kettle (Cheyenne)
Mowgli Name made
Moxie Spirit, energy, courage
Muata Yellow vests in a nest (Miwok)
Mull Sharpener
Murgatroyd Margaret Clearing
Mychael Like God
Mykelti Who is like God
Mylan shapely, clean
Myles shapely, clean
Mylo Merciful
Myrick Moor, inhabitant of Mauritania
Naalyehe-Ya-Sidahi merchant
Nahcomence Oldbark Antelope (Cheyenne)
Nan venture, brave
Nancie God's grace
Narvel Unknown meaning
Nash In
Nashoba Wolf
Nashua Land between two rivers
Nastas Vulpine curve, grass (Navajo)
Navid Good news
Nayati Who fights
Nechten the name of a king
Ned Rich Guardian
Neddy rich or happy
Neka Wild Geese
Nels people victorious
Nelson Neil's son, champion`s son
Nelton Neil's Town Of Nell Of Town
Neo New.
Neued Legendary father Tringad
Neville Nevil variant: From the village. Originally a surname, from the late 19th century is now used as a first name. Famous bearers: novelist Nevil Shute.
Newat Lefthanded
Newell From the new room
Newman The New Man
Newton New city, new farm
Nic Diminutive of Dominick: Sir
Nichola victory
Nick;Nickson winner for people, loved by all
Nicky victory
Nico Conqueror of the people
Nicolaza the winner
Niel Champion
Nigan Forward
Nigel / Captain
Night night
Nijel Champion
Niles Champion
Nimbus Nimbus
Nissyen Son of the legendary Eurosswydd
Nivek Beautiful, nice, sweet
Nixon Nicholas's son
Nodens a british god
Nodin Windy day
Nodons a british god
Norbert splendor
Norberto to clean
Norman Northern Man
Normand North man. Surname
North From north
Northwode From the forest to the north
Norton North City
Norville from the north is
Norvin Northern Friend
Norwel From spring north
Norwin Northern Friend
Nosh Pai (Algonquin)
Noshi Pai (Algonquin)
Novaleon New Lion
Nowell Christmas
Nyckolas the winner
Nyle Champion.
Oakden Oak Valley
Oakley Oak clearning
Oberon Real wear
Octavian Eighth
Odale From the valley.
Odam Law.
Odel abundant
Odell From the valley.
Odwulf Rico Lobo
Ofydd (With the appearance or properties) of a sheep
Ogden Oak Valley
Ogima boss
Ohanko Reckless
Ohanzee Shadow (Sioux)
Ohitekah Brave (Sioux)
Okena Head of Water
Ol son of the legendary Olwydd
Ollaneg Olney.
Olney Olney.
Omarion Life
Ordway warrior armed with a spear
Orell Ore Hill. Both a name and a location
Orenthal Pine
Orik From the old oak
Orlan brave, brave
Orman Lancer
Ormerod Complementary
Ormond Red
Orrin The name of a river English
Orton Coastal exploration.
Orval Gold City
Orvil Power spear
Orville Gold
Orvin Speer friend
Os Divine.
Osbert Divine bright
Osman God protection
Osmar glorious divine
Osmin Divine protection
Osmond Divine protector.
Osmund divine Protector
Osrick divine ruler
Osrik divine ruler
Ossie Divine spear
Ossy Divine spear spear of God
Oswald shapely, clean
Oswell divinely powerful
Oswin Divine Friend, friend of God
Oswine the name of a king
Otoahhastis Tall bull (Cheyenne)
Otoo collecting shells in a basket
Ouray "Arrow".
Owein Young warrior
Oxford The Oak Valley
Oxide Oxygen compound
Oxley From the housing ox
Oz Strength, courage
Ozzie shapely, clean
Ozzy Divine
Pachu`a Feathered snake water (Hopi)
Paco A Frenchman
Padrig Patrician, noble, and
Paegastun The farm fighter
Page Nurse
Paiton village warrior
Pander Pericles Prince of Tire, one Pander
Pany Harry's son
Park Of the forest.
Parker Guardian of the forest ranger. Famous bearer: actor Parker Stevenson
Parkin Little Rock
Parkinson Little Rock
Parle Little Rock
Parnel 19th century Irish nationalist Charles Parnell.
Parrish Noble Or Paris
Parsifal It piercer
Pasco Easter, Born on Easter
Pasi King
Pat Patricia, noble. Abbreviation for Patrick
Patamon Storm
Patch Rock / Inabalável, confiável
Patton Warrior city
Pax From the quiet farm
Paxtun From the quiet farm
Pay He comes
Payne rustic villager
Paytah Fire (Sioux)
Peanut Ground Nut Pod
Peck Peck
Pegalesharro Human head
Pelton The city of Barrow Peola
Peni weaver
Penn Outside housing
Percival Invade the valley
Percy To drill
Perkin Little Rock
Perkins Little Rock
Pernell Rustic
Perri Bum
Perry Pedra / rock inabalável, confiável
Perth The hawthorn or scrub
Peso Cardiac pacemaker
Pete Stone
Peter rock
Peterson rock
Peyton The fighter his farm
Pharell Descendant of the brave man
Phelps Friend horses
Phil Horse Lover
Philemon Loving
Philip Friend horses
Philips Friend horses
Phillip Fond of horses. One of the 12 Biblical apostles.
Phillips Friend horses
Pierce Stone
Pierrel Little Rock
Piers Rock / Inabalável, confiável
Pinch a comedy of errors of a teacher
Pit From the Well
Plys Son of Rhys
Pompey Pompeii
Pooh A little
Popo Rye Tallgrass
Posh Elegant
Powa abundant
Prasutagus the name of a king
Prentice ,. Surname
Prescott Priest house
Presley Priest
Pressley The priest Plain
Prestin Priest farm
Preston Priest
Primitivo Primitive
Princeton Principal, first. The street musician Prince
Providence of the Italian name Providenza
Provost Measure for Measure
Putnam The commander of the property
Pyt From the Well
Quent the fifth variant Quentin. " "Surname
Quenton Quentin variant. Surname
Quincey Quintus' estate
Quincy the fifth
Quint the fifth
Quinton the fifth
Qwincy , Belonging to Quintus
Rad Advisor
Radbert Councilor Redhead
Radburt Councilor Redhead
Radbyrne Lives in the red flow
Radcliff Red Cliff
Radford Red ford
Radley From the red meadow
Radmund defender Redhead
Radolf Red Wolf.
Raed Red
Raedanoran Red Sea
Raedleah From the red meadow
Raff Red Wolf.
Ragnar Strong counselor. personal name Old
Raini a God who created the world
Raleah The deer meadow
Raleigh The deer meadow
Raley The deer meadow
Ralf Wolf
Rally The deer meadow
Ralph Wolf
Ralston City of Ralph
Ram to calm down
Ramm Aries.
Rance Shield
Rand Randolph Wolf variants shield. Surname
Randal Wolf
Randall Shield
Randel Randolph Wolf variants shield. Surname
Randell Shield
Randkin Few shield
Randolph Wolf
Randson Randolph Wolf variants shield. Surname
Randy Wolf
Rang advice
Rangford crow ford
Rangley Meadow Crow
Rankin Few shield
Ransford ford crows
Ransley crow meadow
Ransom Rescue, Rescue
Raoul glorious wolf
Rapere rope maker.
Rashawn Yahweh is gracious
Raven Crow
Rawling son of Rawley
Rawlins son of Rolfe
Rawls The deer meadow
Rawson Son of Rawley or Raleigh
Raybourne The deer`s strength
Rayce Advisor
Rayder Counselor. Raymond variant
Raydon Advisor
Rayne Army Guides
Raynell Counselor. Raymond variant
Rayner Army Guides
Raynor decide warrior
Rayshaun Ray mixture and Shawn
Rayvon Council Decision
Reading Dweller in the clearing
Red a redhead
Redding Red;
Redley From the red meadow
Redman Councilor Redhead
Redmond Guides, Guardian
Reece Enthusiasm
Reese Enthusiasm
Reeve Bailiff or butler
Reg ruler advisor
Reggie Ruler
Reign Rule, Sovereign
Remi Short for Remington
Remington Arrangement
Remo Short for Remington
Remy Helper / salvador
Ren Ruler.
Rendall shell variants Wolf Randolph ''s. "Surname
Rendell shell variants Wolf Randolph ''s. "Surname
Renfield The crow field
Renton Crow Farm
Reve Assistant
Rexton Conselheiro poderoso / régua
Reyburn The deer`s strength
Reyn Rule
Reynold Conselheiro poderoso / régua
Rheged Gwres' legendary father
Rhett advice
Rhioganedd Legendary prince of Ireland
Rhobert Superb for fame, fame bright, illuminated
Rhodes Lives near the crucifix
Rhody pink
Rhory Red King
Rhys Enthusiasm
Rice Enthusiasm
Rich powerful ruler
Richad Powerful, courageous ruler
Richard powerful army, strong
Richman Powerful
Rick King ruler
Rickard Richard variant powerful strong ruler
Rickardo Powerful, courageous ruler
Ricker Strong army.
Rickey Strong
Rickie Strong
Rickman Powerful
Ricky Strong
Rider Sale off
Ridere Knight.
Ridge peak
Ridley reed compensation
Rigby Ridge Farm
Rigel Lives on the ruler
Riley Scion Roghallach
Ringo Finger ornament
Rip substantial, powerful
Ripley Meadow shouters
Risley From the meadow weeds
Ritchy spelling variant Ritchie
River The waterway
Ro Shining with fame
Roan Com um nome de santo / Corvo
Rob resplendent in glory
Robbie resplendent in glory
Robbiey Bright, enlightened reputation
Robbin resplendent in glory
Robby resplendent in glory
Roberts Bright, enlightened reputation
Robie Bright, enlightened reputation
Robin resplendent in glory
Robinson Shining with fame
Rochester rock fortress
Rock Rock
Rockefeller From Rockenfeld, Germany
Rocket jet tube
Rockford rock
Rockne a rock
Rockwell Well smoke
Rocky Stone;
Rod island of reeds
Roddy island of reeds
Roden The river SWIFT
Roderick Famous ruler.
Roderik Fame
Rodes Lives near the crucifix
Rodman live the way wisely
Rodney Fame
Rodwell lives in the spring along the way
Rody Fame
Rogue Unfair, Savage or Unpredictable
Rohon horse country
Rolfe Famous wolf
Rolla Famous country
Rolland famous at home
Rollie Recognized country
Rollo Famous
Rolo glorious wolf
Romilly The French city
Romney Lives in the vicinity of the winding river
Ronal Guides, Ruler, Mighty Mighty
Rondell good ruler
Ronn Conselheiro poderoso / régua
Ronni Brings Victory
Ronny good ruler
Ronson Ruler Guides,
Rook roar, scream (ie the battle cry)
Rosco Deer heath
Rosevelt Garden of Roses
Roswell Powerful horse
Rover Bum
Rovere Bum
Rowdy rough, rough, rowdy guy
Rowe redhead
Rowland famous at home
Rowley Recognized country
Royce pink
Royston Royse City
Roé Fame
Ruadson Son Rowes
Ruck Raven.
Ruddy Ruddy colorful
Rudyard glorious wolf
Rugby Corvo property
Ruhdugeard The crude housing
Rumour King Henry IV, Part 2 plays the presenter
Rune Lore secret
Rush Red;
Russ Red
Russel Little
Russell Little
Rusty Rusty
Rutherford Ford Cattle
Ryder one
Rye Prado Island
Ryker powerful army, strong
Rylan parents
Ryland parents
Ryleigh rye
Ryley Prado Island
Ryman Rye trader
Ryn Advice, counsel
Ryne Rule, Advice
Ryo Great
Ryton Rygetun - Rye farm.
Saer Carpenter.
Sagar Wise. Surname
Sage Medicinal herb
Saint Holy person
Sakima King
Sal Diminutive of Sally (Sarah: princess)
Saloso Wild Goose Cry
Sandee protector of the people
Sanders Guardian Warrior
Sandon Hill sand
Sanford sand
Sani The old man (Navajo)
Sar Prince
Saunders Defend
Saunderson Defend
Savion a plant
Sawyer one
Saxon Strong
Sayers Carpenter.
Sayre Someone who saw wood
Scales Henry VI, Part 2 Lord scales
Scand Shame
Sceapleigh Sheep's meadow
Scooter Scotland Person
Scotti Of Scottish descent
Scout Observer
Scroop King Richard the second Sir Stephen crisis
Seal Resident by small wood
Seaver ferocious bastion
Sebert Glory at Sea
Sedgewick Sword grass place
Seeley Very Happy
Seely Happy;
Seger Sailor.
Sel son of the legendary Selgi
Selby Willow mansion farm
Selden Willow Valley
Selwin prosperous friend
Selwyn Forest Ruler
Semaj James Backwards
Sener ferocious bastion
Sequence Succession
Sequoia Giant Sequoia Tree
Sequoya Cherokee alphabet Inventor
Seven Seven
Sever ferocious bastion
Severin Wise
Severn See Sabrina
Severne Strict. Demure. Surname
Sexton church custodian
Seymour Moorish
Shad Request
Shadrach Request
Shae Occupant
Shaman holy man
Shandley From the high meadow
Shandy John Shaun variant
Shawn Yahweh is gracious
Shecayah Five crows
Shelby Farm with willow
Sheldon Protected
Shelly Clearance
Shelton one
Shem famous
Shepherd one
Shepley Sheep's meadow
Sheree expensive
Sheridan Long
Sherlock With
Sherman one
Shermon Variant of Sherman, the man of the shire
Sherwood to clean
Shilah Brother (Navajo)
Shiloah Your gift
Shiloh heard the prayer,
Shipton The sheep farm
Shoemowetochawcawe High backed wolf (Cheyenne)
Siarl Free
Sid Wide
Siddel From the wide valley
Sidney Prados expansivas / molhado
Sign Yahweh is gracious
Sike He stays at home (Navajo)
Sikyatavo Yellow rabbit (Hopi)
Silver To precious metals
Silvius As You Like It a Pastor
Simon God heard
Sincere Earnest;
Sinley Friendly
Sior Earth
Sissie Diminutive of a male or female name that begins with Christ
Sissy mannequin
Sixsipita Black Eagle
Skate Smooth Glide
Skelly Storyteller
Skelton Property on the edge
Skip Schipper, Da Skipper, Ship Captain
Skipper Master
Skipton The sheep farm
Sky The firmament
Slade Valley
Smith one
Smyth Shopkeeper
Smythe Shopkeeper
Snape The name in Britain
Snare King Henry IV, Part 2, a sheriff's officer
Snell Nold
Snowden snowy hill
Sol Peace
Solomon Pacific
Sonnet Poem 14-line or verse
Sonny boy
Sowi`ngwa Laced (Hopi) - Black
Spark Brave
Spence Spencer, provider
Spencer distributor, commission editor in court
Spenser Someone
Spicer One who works with herbs
Spike A, heavy pointed screw
Springer cheered up
Sproule active
Square Square
Stacy Variants: Stacie
Stafford ford airstrip
Stamford Stony
Stan firm and persevering
Stanbeny From the stone fortress
Stanford Stone
Stanly Meadow
Stanwyk The stone village
Starla Hard
Starling Starling
Starr Hard
Step form the stem crown
Stepan;Stephen;Stevan;Steven;Stevenson;Stevon "Crown" or "tails"
Stephenson crown
Stephon Crown
Sterling Little
Sterlyn High quality, pure
Sterne Strict
Stetson Son
Steve (Win) garland
Stevie crown
Steward Gaurdian
Stiles Steep
Stockley Meadow tree stump
Stod Horse.
Stok From the stump.
Stokley the meadow stump
Stone Stone
Stoner Stone.
Stoney Username based on word
Storm impetuous movement, storms, violent attack
Story big
Stoyan Stand up and
Strang Powerful
Strong Powerful
Styles Steep
Sully Sharp
Sulyen legendary son Iaen
Sumernor Summoner
Sumner Summoner
Sunny Joyful.
Sunukkuhkau It crushes (Algonquin)
Sutcliff From the south cliff
Sutton City
Swain Boy
Swift fast
Swintun From the pig farm
Sydney Vast landscape along the river
Syler Name combination
Sylvester one
Symon Variant of Simon, hear, listen
Tab beloved
Tad Poet
Taima Thunder
Tait protector of the people
Takoda Friend of all (Sioux)
Tal Dew
Talbot Discreet Messenger
Talbott Height. Variant of Tal. Surname
Taldon More information about the hill
Taliesin Dew
Tallon Height. Variant of Tal. Surname
Talmadge Height. Variant of Tal. Surname
Talon Bird Claw
Tamay one
Tamerlane Lame iron
Tameron palm or grass
Tamtun From the farm quiet river
Tanton From the farm quiet river
Taran The sky;
Tarleton Thunder Property
Taron Burnt
Tarrant Traveler;
Tarrence Roman clan name
Tascalusa Black Warrior
Tasman of great faith
Tassa Abbreviation of Natasha
Tasunke Horse (Dakota)
Tay tailor
Tayden one
Taylan Tailor. Surname
Tayler Tailor. Surname
Taylon Tailor. Surname
Taylor one
Tayson Tailor. Surname
Tayt Joyful.
Tearle Stem
Ted Guardian / guardião do património
Tedd Sun
Teddie Sun
Teddington Tedda of the City People
Tedman rich defender
Tedric Theodore abbreviation
Tekle God's glory
Tenauri Name made
Tennyson God is with us
Teon Harms
Terrance Uncertain;
Terrian Uncertain;
Terrill Thunder Ruler
Terry Poderoso entre as pessoas, Calor / verão, a caçadora
Tex N / A
Texas Friend
Teyemthohisa Two closed doors
Thayne Follower
Thelonius Name made
Theseus I place, orders, marshall, couple (laws) corrected
Thom twin
Thomdic The prickly dike
Thomkins Little Tom
Thorn Thorn
Thorndyke The prickly dike
Thorne Thorn
Thornton Thorn
Thorpe Village
Thunder stormy tempered
Thurman Protected
Tiger tiger
Tihkoosue Short (Algonquin)
Tilian aims
Tillman farmer
Tilman farmer
Tim “God-fearing” or “In honor of Timmehh '
Timber Wood, Strong
Timmy To honor God
Timon Pride, honor
Timotheus In
Timothy To honor God
Timthy God is proud to be
Tipper Username and the variant of the Irish Tabar name, a good
Tobey God is good
Tobiah God is good
Tobie Abbreviation of the Hebrew name Tobias, Jah is good
Tobin God is good
Toby God is my good
Toddy Fox
Toft Estate
Tokala Fox (Dakota)
Tolan responsible country
Toland Own taxed land
Tolucan destroy
Tom twin
Tomlin Twin
Tommie The twins (brother)
Tommy twin
Tomos Twin
Toni transcendent
Tony invaluable
Topher Christ bearer
Torn The thom tree
Torrey Conquer;
Townsend The outskirts of the city
Toy Toy
Tracey Tracy, France
Tracy woman working on the harvest
Tramaine From the big city
Tray Three
Tremain Rock
Trent Traveler;
Trentin Refers to the English Trent River. Surname
Trenton Trents
Trevan Mill
Trever Prudent, wise
Trevin Name of fantasy
Trevion Fair city. Abbreviation for Trevelyan
Trevor sea
Treyvon Three
Tripper Traveler.
Tristan sad sad
Triston Rel, sorry
True Real, Genuine
Truman loyalty
Tsiishch`ili Curly Hair (Navajo)
Tucker Someone
Tudor Ruler
Tuketu Have to make dust (Miwok)
Tupi Draw (Miwok) in
Turner one
Twilight Twilight
Twins the Twins
Ty Eoghans country (a county in Ireland)
Tybalt Admirable
Tylee (Tyler), which is one of the tiles.
Tyler one
Tyrelle God is with us
Tyrese Eoghans country (a county in Ireland)
Ulger Wolf throws.
Upwode From the top of the forest
Usher Escort People
Vail Valley
Vaiveahtoish Earth in the cloud (Cheyenne)
Val Strength, courage
Valdeze a fierce
Vale Valley
Valen Strength, courage
Valentine Healthy
Valiant Facing.
Vallen Strength, courage
Vance Occupant
Vannes Grain fans
Vareck Of the fort
Varik Of the fort
Varyk The strong
Vaughn Variant of Vaughan: Little.
Vayle Valley
Verge owns four hectares of land
Vern Place
Victorian Champion
Vidal Inspirational
Videl Life
Vin Prevailing
Vinal Wine Room
Vince Winner
Vinnie Win
Vinny Winner
Viscay vision child
Vitaly Inspirational
Vonn Little.
Vyacheslav Of the fort
Wachintonka Patient
Wada Advancer
Wade Ford;
Wadley From Wade's Meadow
Waeringawicum Fortress
Wahchinksapa Wise (Sioux)
Wahchintonka Has many Practice (Sioux)
Wait Guard
Walberto Nobel, of course
Walbrydge From Welshman the bridge
Walcott lives in the home of Welsh man
Waldo Variant of Walter rules; Win
Walker Worker in cloth
Walsh Welsh
Walton Variant of Walter rules; Win
Walwyn Friend Welsh
Ward guardian of wealth, property
Warde Watcher
Wardell Hill Guardian
Warden Or guardian of inheritance (the spear), Blessed Protector
Wardley Guardian of the meadow
Warley From the weir meadow
Warren Animal shelter
Warrick From the city, next to the river
Warton From the weir farm
Warwick Both a nickname and a place name
Wasabe Black Bear
Watchemonne Great speaker
Watson Army Commander
Watt Army Governor, Alien, Army Ruler
Wattekinson watt son
Wattkins Army Governor, Alien, Army Ruler
Watts Walter's son
Wattson army ruler
Waverly The Aspen Tree Shaking Meadow
Wayde Medieval given the name of Scandinavian mythology. Also English surname referring to a water passage.
Waylen Track
Waymon Road man
Wayne car manufacturer
Weald Leader, ruler
Weard Guard
Weatherly Sheep grazing time
Webbe fight
Webley Weaver pasture
Webster Weaver: 'Monster' ending in Portuguese and English occupational surnames gives the job it was originally a female occupation.
Weddell Hill Advancer
Welborne Spring stream
Welby From the spring farm
Welch From Wales
Weldon From The Hill, with a good
Welles Lives of spring
Wellington From the rich estate
Wells Lives of spring
Welsh From Wales
Welton From the spring farm
Wentworth White is good
Weolingtun From the rich estate
Weorth From the farm.
Wessley Western meadow. English variant of the surname Westley
West Western city. Surname
Westbrook flow on the west side
Westen Western city. Surname
Westin Western city. Surname
Westley From the west meadow
Weston Western city. Surname
Weyland From country by road
Weylin The son of the wolf
Wheatley From the wheat field
Wheeler Send manufacturer
Whistler flute player
Whitaker White Plains
Whitfield From the white field
Whitley From the white meadow
Whitman White hair
Wichado Prepared
Wichell From the curve of the road
Wickley From the village meadow
Wiellaburne Spring stream
Wilber Intentional; clear
Wilbert army ruler
Wilbur From the fortress \\ u0026quot; intentional; bright
Wilder Wild Animal
Wildon The wooded hill
Wiley The Tricky River
Wilford Since the willow ford wishes peace
Wilfred protection, peace
Wilfrid Resolute or peaceful
Wilkinson young son will
Will It should
Willaim heroic protector
Willes heroic protector
William with the will as strong as a helmet
Williamson William's son
Wilmer Resolute or known
Wilny Eagle singing in flight
Wilton From the farm in spring or willow
Wilu hawk chicken called wi
Win Diminutive of Winifred: Blessed reconciliation
Winfield Stone friendship marker. Surname
Winn Friend
Winslow hill belonging to wine
Winslowe Wine Hills
Winsor Landing place with a winch
Winston Stone
Winter The winter
Winthrop Diminutive of Winifred: Blessed reconciliation
Winton From the Wijns farm
Winward Forest wine
Witt Wise.
Witta Wise.
Wittatun The wise man of property
Witter Sage wamor
Wohehiv Blunt knife (Cheyenne)
Wokaihwokomas White antelope (Cheyenne)
Wolf Wolf.
Wolfe Advancing wolf
Woodley From the wooded meadow
Woodrow forest, row of houses by a wood
Woodruff Bailiff
Woods Dos Bosques
Woody Terraced houses in a forest
Woolcott Lives in a Wolfes house
Woolsey Victorious wolf
Worthington name, address
Worton The vegetable farm.
Wren Wren
Wright Carpenter, Worker
Wudoweard Forest-ranger
Wulf Wolf.
Wulfric Prosperity
Wulfweardsweorth World guardian
Wuliton to do good
Wyatt Admirável / strong / hardy
Wyclyf From the white cliff
Wyman Battle Protector
Wyndell Friend. Surname
Wyndham Wyman settlement
Wyne Friend.
Wynfield A field friend
Wynfrith Friend of Peace
Wynn Friend
Wynne Friend
Wynter The winter
Wythe The willow.
Yale Fertile;
Yancy English
Yardley included in
Yardly From the paddock
Yas Snow (Navajo)
Yiska Last night (Navajo)
Yoda Warrior, who knows
Yoman Commission
Yorath Worthy leader
Ysgawyn Son of the legendary Panon
Yul Born at Christmas
Yule Born at Christmas
Yvian the Archer
Zach Remember the Lord
Zachary Lord remembers, remembers himself
Zack The Lord remembered
Zackery derived from Zachariah and Zachary
Zain Beauty
Zaine derived from Zane or John
Zak The Lord remembered
Zakari derived from Zachariah and Zachary
Zakary Celebrated by God
Zander the protector, the afweerder of men
Zane Variant of John. Western American writer Zane Gray
Zay Cut
Zayne Variant of Zane and John
Zef May the Lord add
Zeke Diminutive of Ezekiel, God strengthens, or strengthens God
Zeppelin Airship, airship
Zinia beautiful flower
Zulekha Market