English plurals - Rules and example sentences

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Hello Readers of Aprender Palavras, in this article we will learn how to form plurals of English, as well as in Portuguese the general rule is to put the "s" in the words, in Portuguese and English too, but with some rules that go far beyond the letter "S" .

Plural in Portuguese and English

In general, “s” are placed in words to form plural in Portuguese and English, let's see some examples:

  • Cat = Plural: Cats
  • Dog = Plural: Dogs
  • Hand = Plural: Hands

however, some rules must be observed, as only the S in many will not be enough.

Terminations differ

When nouns in the singular end in S, SS, X and Z they will receive as plural Es. Examples:

  • Class = Classes
  • Bus = Buses
  • Lash = Lashes
  • Church = Churches
  • Box = Boxes

When a singular noun ends in Y, it is given a plural ES.

  • Lady = Ladies
  • Study: Studies
  • Body = Bodies
  • City: Cities

NOTE: When entering plural Y leaves the scene and the letter I.

When the singular noun is Y coming from VOGAL, put S as a plural:

  • Boy = Boys
  • Toy = Toys

When nouns in the singular end in F or Fe, Ves are plural.

  • Knife = Knives
  • Half = Halves
  • Scarf = Scarves

When the noun in the singular is F coming from VOGAL, put S as a plural:

  • Chief = Chiefs
  • Spoof = Spoofs

When nouns end in O, OES is plural.

  • Buffalo = Buffaloes
  • Hero = Heroes
  • Potato = Potatoes
  • Mosquito = Mosquitoes
  • Tomato = Tomatoes


  • Solo = Soils
  • Zero = Zeroes
  • Avocado = Avocados
  • Zoo = Zoos
  • Studio = Studios

Irregular plurals

Some English plurals deviate from the rule we saw above, they change their forms when they become plural. Let's see:

  • Mouse = Mice
  • Goose = Gessse
  • Man = Men
  • Woman = Women
  • Tooth = Teeth
  • Foot = Feet
  • Child = Children 

Singular intact

Yes, some words just don't change when they go from singular to plural, some of these are:

  • Deer = Deer
  • Sheep = Sheep
  • Series = Series
  • Offspring = Offspring
  • Species = Species