English kitchen objects and utensils

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In this article we will see a vocabulary list of objects and kitchen utensils in Portuguese and English. English cooking utensils are called kitchenware or kitchen utensils.

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English cooking vocabulary

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Portuguese Inglês
can opener tin/can opener;
potato masher potato masher;
Kitchen cabinet) kitchen cabinet;
sugar bowl sugar bowl;
food mixer mixer;
stove top burner;
gas canister gas cylinder;
witch magic brush for cleaning;
teapot teapot (chá); coffeepot (café);
coffee machine coffee pot;
calendar calendar;
mug mug;
straw straw/ drinking straw;
casserole saucepan;
bread basket bread basket;
kettle kettle;
strainer strainer;
strainer colander;
teaspoon teaspoon;
soup spoon tablespoon;
Spoon spoon;
shell ladle;
cup glass;
Pizza cutter pizza cutter;
detergent detergent;
colander colander;
dish drainer dish rack;
drainer colander;
sponge sponge;
lemon squeezer lemon squeezer;
spatula spatula;
butter knife butter knife;
table knife table knife;
faca knife;
coffee filter (or coffee strainer) coffee filter;
water filter water filter;
filter strainer;
low, medium and high heat low heat, medium heat, high heat;
fogão stove;
ice mold ice mold;
forno oven;
Freezer freezer;
frying pan frying pan;
fruit bowl fruit bowl;
phosphor match;
fork fork;
fridge refrigerator/ fridge;
napkin napkin;
intercom interphone; intercom;
juice jar jug of juice; juice jar;
Water jar jug of water;
jar jug;
jogo xadrez/ jogo americano set of placemats;
blender blender;
trash can trash can; waste;
lixo garbage;
oven glove oven gloves;
butter butter dish;
microwave microwave;
garlic grinder garlic grinder;
Pepper Grinder pepper grinder;
Pepper Grinder pepper mill;
steel wool steel wool;
toothpick toothpick;
pressure cooker pressure cooker;
pan saucepan;
pan pot / pan;
dishcloth teatowel;
aluminum paper aluminium paper;
film paper (for food) plastic film;
parchment paper waxed paper;
paper towel paper towel;
sieve sieve;
sink sink;
saucer saucer;
Bowl jar;
dish plate;
grater grater;
watch clock;
sink squeegee squeegee/ sink squeegee;
roll rolling pin;
corkscrew crorkscrew;
corkscrew corkscrew;
garbage bag garbage bag;
salt shaker salt shaker (ou peper shaker para pimenta);
cutlery cutlery;
pot lid lid; pan lid; pot lid;
cup wine glass (vinho); flute (champagne);
seasoning seasoning;
kitchen scissors kitchen scissors;
bowl bowl;
tablecloth tablecloth;
toaster toaster;
cutting board chopping board;
canister canister;
magnet magnet;