English conjugated verbs

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In today's article we will share a short list of conjugated verbs in the past or future. Learning the sentences below will help you to conjugate in Portuguese and English as well as add new vocabularies for your learning.

English verb conjugation

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Portuguese Verbs English verbs
advised-him they advised him
we admit we admit it
we announce that we announce it
we calculate this we calculate it
we will sing we will sing it
I made spelling mistakes I misspell that
I found that I discovered that
I hate it I hate that
we disagree with that we disagree about it
they-told-us they told us
she added that she added it
she thanked him she thanked him
she claims that she attaches that
she appears today she appears today
she learned she learned it
she competes with me she competes with me
she buys food she buys food
she came down to me she described it to me
she writes this she writes that
she spends money she spends money
she will go there she goes there
she played it she threw it
she took it she took that
she doesn't like it she dislikes that
she chooses him she chooses him
she thinks that she imagine that
she lost this, that she lost that
it allows she allows it
she can ask him she can ask him
she prefers that she prefers that
she repeats that she repeats that
she forgot about me she forgot me
she looks like him she is like him
she feels that way too she feels that too
she will read it she will read it
he eats a lot he eats a lot
he escaped he escaped that
he shaved he shaved his beard
he shouted because of that he cried about that
he bought it yesterday he bought that yesterday
he comes here he comes here
him, she shrank quickly it shrunk quickly
they want that they want that
they refuse to speak they refuse to talk
they suggest that they suggest that
they have they have it
they will punish you they will punish her
them, they carry it they carry it
they did it they arranged that
them, they continued to read they continued reading
them, they disappeared quickly they disappeared quickly
they, they entered here they entered here
they, they lied about him they lied about him
they, they don't cheat they don’t cheat
they, they found him they met him
they, they breathe the air they breathe air
they, they dream about it they dream about it
they will take the plane tomorrow they will fly tomorrow
they, they sell it they sell it
we understand that we understand that
I sent this yesterday I sent that yesterday
I watched him I watched it
I know him I know him
I surprised him I surprised him
i can accept that I can accept that
i can start this I can begin that
i can compare it I can compare that
i can apologize I can apologize
i can follow you I can follow you
i will talk about it I will talk about it
avoided-it they avoid her
we talked about it we talk about it
We do we do it
we close this we close it
we did it yesterday we made it yesterday
we ran away from there we fled from there
won I earned
we liked that we enjoyed that
I remember that I remember that
I can't agree with that I can agree with that
we forgive you we forgive him
we did it we beat it
we teach it we teach it
we complain about it we complain about it
we invite you we invited them
we greet them we greeted them
we protect them we protected them
we attack them we attack them
we will leave now we leave now
we take, we borrow money we borrowed money
I can bake I can bake it
I can put it there, there I can put it there
can i build this I can build that
can i give you that I can give her that
I can decide now I can decide now
can i explain it I can explain that
can i say that I can speak it
can i hear you I can hear it
can i hear that I can listen to that
can i think about it I can think about it
can i bring it I can bring it
I can use it, la I can wear it
we received it we received that
I always pray, I pray I always pray
sat there they sat there
we suffer from it we suffered from that
maybe I will arrive tomorrow I can arrive tomorrow
we're done we finished it
they became happy, content they became happy
we see we see it