English city places

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Hello Readers of “Aprender Words”, in this article we will learn some words related to the city, places and shops in Portuguese and English, if you are traveling to another country that speaks English, this article can help you not get lost.

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Portuguese Inglês
real estate agents estate agents
tailor tailors
used bookstore second-hand bookshop
antique dealer antique shop
generic warehouse general store
skyscrapers skyscraper
avenue avenue
newsstand newsagents
Bank bank
wine bar wine bar
Pub bar
barbers barbers
library library
apartment block apartment block
apartment block block of flats
office block office block
hairdressers hairdressers
phone booth telephone box ou telephone booth
coffee café
bookmaker betting shop oubookmakers
cathedral cathedral
cemetery cemetery
shopping center shopping centre
health Center health centre
sports center leisure centre ou sports centre
charcuterie delicatessen
internet cafe internet cafe
cinema cinema
town hall town hall
dentist dentists
school school
police station police station
multistory parking multi-storey car park
estacionamento car park
railway Station train station
Stadium stadium
tattoo studio tattoo parlour ou tattoo studio
farmácia chemists ou pharmacy
florist florists
fruit shop (fruits and vegetables) greengrocers
art Gallery art gallery
garage garage
wine cellar off licence (inglês americano: liquor store)
gymnasium gym (abreviatura degymnasium)
garden garden centre
hospital hospital
Hotel hotel
church church
financial institution building society
zoo zoo
automatic laundry launderette
laundry dry cleaners
book store bookshop
DIY store DIY store
toy store toy shop
charity shop charity shop
sports shop sports shop
appliance store electrical shop
computer shop hardware shop
fish and chips shop fish and chip shop
gift shop gift shop
used clothing store second-hand clothes shop
clothing store clothes shop
dress shop dress shop
big store, warehouse department store
Marketplace marketplace
mosque mosque
museum museum
doctors doctors
the bakery bakery
stationary store stationers
covered bus stop bus shelter
bus stop bus stop
skate park skate park
playground children’s playground
park park
parking meter parking meter
pedestrian crossing, crosswalk pedestrian crossing
pedestrian underpass pedestrian subway
tour pavement (inglês americano: sidewalk)
fishmonger fishmongers
pools swimming baths
bowling alley bowling alley
signpost signpost
lamp post lamppost
gas station petrol station
post office post office
central plaza town square
taxi rank taxi rank
square square
pub (public house) pub (abreviatura de public house)
fire station fire station
kiosk kiosk
restaurant restaurant
main Street high street
side street side street
Street street
concert hall concert hall
beauty salon beauty salon
shoe store shoe shop
cobbler shoe repair shop
synagogue synagogue
car stand car showroom
supermarket supermarket
butchery butchers
theater theatre
bus terminal bus station
apartment tower tower block
university university
veterinarians vets