Different greetings and ways to say hi in Portuguese and English

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In Portuguese we say hi, hello, what's up ?, blz? and many other things when greeting someone. But have you ever asked what other ways we can greet in Portuguese and English besides the traditional Hello, Hi and Good morning?

In this article we will learn the different ways to greet each other in Portuguese and English, including slang, abbreviations and variations. It is worth remembering that we are going to talk specifically about all the ways to greet each other, not just a hello but any word, phrase or question that is capable of starting an interaction.

Key words

Let's start by talking about ways to say hi in Portuguese and English, or greetings in Portuguese and English consisting of just 1 and 2 words and not an introductory sentence or question like Hi, how are you ?.

  • Hello - Hello
  • Hi - Hi
  • Hey - What's up
  • Hi there! - Hi
  • Hey you! - Hey, you there!
  • Yo! - Slang
  • Howdy! - Country cowboy accent
  • Hoy! - Hello
  • What's up? - What's up?
  • Greetings! - An extremely formal way of saying hello.
  • Well hello! - Hello with surprise and enthusiasm. (how long?)
  • "Sup?" - “What's up?” Slang
  • Alright! - Slang for hello, it means something like everything right?

There are some variations and abbreviations of the word What's up? that are Wassup ?,  Whazzup?, Wazzup ?, Zup?

General greetings

Now let's see a complete list of greetings in Portuguese and English, including greetings used at a specific time and situation. We will see several questions and phrases that can be used to start a dialogue.

Tabela Responsiva: Role a tabela para o lado com o dedo <<
Portuguese Inglês 
Good Morning Good morning
Good afternoon Good afternoon
good night Good evening
Hey bro (Hey) What’s up
How are you going? How are you?
How is it going? How is everything (going)?
Which is good? What’s good?
What is happening? What’s happening?
How long It has been a long time
You gone It’s been too long.
Always a pleasure to see you It’s always a pleasure to see you.
What's up? What’s new?
Where were you hiding? Where have you been hiding?
How have you been? How’ve you been?
Hey man Hello man

Now that you know the different ways to start a conversation in Portuguese and English, be discerning to know with whom and when to use them.