Courses and Books on Early Childhood Education

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Hunting for a full product to delve into Child education? Don't know where to look? Want a list of options? In this Guide, Aprender Palavras made a thorough investigation and chose the most sought after Books and Courses on child education for you.

Our blog generates an investigation on external sites of the best books and courses on child education from websites like udemy and amazon. Sites that bring credibility and confidence in order to raise your knowledge and learning up there.

If your intention is to educate your children or apply such knowledge in your work, or maybe you are looking for courses for children, we recommend mainly the options below, which are complete sites:

Our article is extensive, so we separate a summary so you can browse quickly:

Early Childhood Education Methods

The secrets about Early Childhood Education Methods from a critical perspective on the psychiatric and practical side of Positive, Montessori, Traditional, Constructivist, Active Methodology, Paulo Freire, Homeschooling and much more.

Discover the secrets of early childhood education methods in an easy and uncomplicated way according to the needs and reality of your family, obtaining technical and practical knowledge, knowing how to deal with the day-to-day situations with the child, teaching the place of each one for the structuring of a healthy and happy family.

Find out how the methods work, what are their strengths and what mistakes are made that compromise the effectiveness of their applications in a child's life. The course is administered by Dra. Paula Campozan Dória;

Cursos e Livros sobre Educação infantil

Working on Children's Emotions

Difficulties in dealing with your child's emotions? & Nbsp; This material has already led dozens of families to take the first steps out of this situation. & Nbsp; Parents and caregivers daily need to face the difficult task of dealing with their children's emotions. 

Currently, psychologists point to an alarming increase in cases of childhood depression, suicide and serious emotional problems; much of this due to poor emotional management towards these children. 

Faced with numerous complaints and frequent searches by parents looking for a solution, psychologists from the CUIDAR GROUP have developed a material that allows parents to have greater knowledge about their children's emotions, at the same time that children are allowed to work on their main emotions human. 

Cursos e Livros sobre Educação infantil

Escolinha em Casa - Activities for Early Childhood Education

ESCOLINHA EM CASA was created with the objective of helping children in their early childhood education, here besides learning, playing and spending time away from the internet, the child will still share learning moments with you. Excellent to perform with children during these quarantine times.

The Material consists of several activities for early childhood education, in it you will find more than 200 activities, such as: Playful activities for nursery, alphabet, vowels, forming words, numerals, mathematics, dotted, cut and paste, coloring pages, among several others. Not to mention the 2 exclusive bonuses that come with the product.

ESCOLINHA EM CASA brings benefits such as: Stimulates Growth and Development, Reduced Electronics Addiction, Increased Self-Esteem, Working on School Difficulty Points, Sharing Moments with Your Little One, School Strengthening.

Every month, Escolinha em Casa receives updates with new modules…

Cursos e Livros sobre Educação infantil

ABC Educativo - Literacy Activities

ABC Educativo is a product focused on Early Childhood Education, Literacy and Cognitive Activities. In the product you will find:

  • ALPHABET - Learning and becoming familiar with the alphabet.
  • VOWELS - Learning the Vowels.
  • Forming words - Activities with word formation
  • NUMBERS - Introduction to Numbers.
  • MATHEMATICS - Small Mathematical Operations.
  • DOTTED - Dotted activities that help in fine motor coordination
  • SIMPLE AND COMPLEX syllables - Activities of presentation and construction of words using the syllables
  • COGNITIVE ACTIVITIES - Activities focused on cognitive stimulation
  • COLORING BOOK - An entire notebook with several drawings to color.
  • BONUS - There are more than 300 activities + 4 exclusive bonuses.
Cursos e Livros sobre Educação infantil

Online Preaching Creation Training

Learn to deal with ANY type of relationship problem with your children using a simple, unprecedented and effective 7-step METHOD.

The Live Creation Without Piration Online Training will teach you a method for you to use in the most challenging moments of your day when it comes to raising children. And it will be a watershed in your life. 

Training will teach you:

 Establishing a connection with your child through dialogue and mutual respect.

Irá It will allow you to take charge of your children's upbringing with empathy and love, making them see the strong person in you.

Irá It will allow you to raise your children with authority (and not authoritarianism), establishing both healthy and balanced limits and autonomy for your children.

 Build healthy house rules for children to participate and comply with agreements.

 A method for you to use for the various problematic everyday situations that involve parenting.

Books on Early Childhood Education on Amazon Brazil

Amazon is a store popularly recognized for its great prices and product quality. With the books shown here, you can immerse yourself in learning about early childhood education in many different ways. Learning is something that is lacking in Brazil, so we need to closely encourage you to dedicate yourself to study.

The first book that we present is The hundred languages ​​of children, an excellent book that helps the reader to listen and understand his students. In this book, the author shows teaching proposals that involve projects created by the children themselves.

Perhaps the most famous book according to Amazon Brazil is: Descriptive Opinions of Early Childhood Education.

R $ 42.75
R $ 47.50
in stock
11 new from R$ 37.05
as of September 25, 2021 10:35 pm
R $ 45.64
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R $ 51.81
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Last updated on September 25, 2021 10:35 pm

Amazon do Brasil accepts payment slips, debit and credit cards from MasterCard, Visa, Elo and Diners Club which can be divided depending on the book. When you buy a book, you will be able to see the object right up to your home.

You can also think about signing up for Amazon Prime and have access to thousands of books for free, in addition to streaming videos, a music app, free shipping and other benefits. Click here to know the advantages of being an Amazon Prime.

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Access numerous free digital books on a Kindle device or on your smartphone:

You can download the app on your smartphone and use Kindle Unlimited, a Netflix version of ebooks - books. You can use it for free for a month. Just download and register when the option appears in some of the books you access in this article.

You can also think about buying a Kindle device to have access to countless free or low-cost digital books. We indicate click here to see more.

Also try to search for more books in the search box at the bottom of all articles!

Suggestions for enjoying the right book:

Decide wisely the book you are going to get.
Don't worry about spending on the product, knowledge costs too much.
Track all information before picking up.
Make the information you seek in a book. 
See how an E-Book works.
Be sure to read member comments on the amazon website. 
Surf for more books that appear on the amazon website.
Definitely don't buy a book by the blurb.
There are kindle ebooks that are free to access.

I hope you managed to find a good book on early childhood education.

Os melhores livros e cursos sobre Educação infantil

Early Childhood Education Courses at Udemy

Udemy's early childhood education courses are taken online, you can join those you like and learn at your own pace. Once enrolled, access is eternal. This means that courses never expire.

If you are not happy with a course, you can get a full refund within 30 days of payment.

On the Udemy website you will have the option of studying with courses on different subjects such as: internet, self-defense, web designer, piano, computer graphics, Spanish, losing weight, logistics, health, exercises, productivity, web programmer, software, watercolor , self-confidence, recipes, excel, maternity, dating, mechanics, finance, telemarketing, administration, java and much more. All this with little investment.

It’s good to remember that the website udemy it has all the support to Portuguese and the real, even the values ​​are cheaper than those shown in $ USD. Udemy lives on a discount, which greatly improves your choice. When you enter udemy you will see the value in reais.

Reasons to choose an online Early Childhood Education course

If you want to take a course on the internet, you've come to the right place! I have separated here some advantages of enrolling in a course on the Udemy website:

Udemy is a system where everyone can take their own courses. 
Smaller than the competition - Invest almost nothing in something of high value.
Elasticity - You learn whenever you want.
The client will not need to spend time leaving to take the course.
Grant to be watched from somewhere.
Several options to pay, only once.
Multiple payment options through Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, boleto, AMEX and Discover.
The Producer has all the time to allocate what the course can offer. 
Support email to assist and answer questions during the entire course.
Simpler to study the content.
Audio, text and video classes for you to study.
 Classes with quizzes, tests and additional exercises for the student to improve their knowledge of the subject.

Show list of udemy courses in Early Childhood Education;

Site notes

You can search for anything, use different variations of words to improve the results you are looking for in these stores. The system shows a ranking of the most relevant items.

Hi, this is Kevin, creator of the website Suki Desu and Learning Words. My focus is to direct learning to the world. Lately we have been planning multiple possibilities to reach you with the intention of encouraging learning to early childhood education.

The blog is attentive in learning certain subjects, take advantage of our articles. Our focus is to write a list of vocabularies to help you learn languages, but we are growing far beyond courses and books.

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Apart from the product recommendations available in this article, using the search field at the end of the article (footer), you can search for any course within Udemy, Amazon and other modules available in our program. Its accuracy is less, showing items in other languages.

Os melhores livros e cursos sobre Educação infantil

Memorization on a limited subject and the possible results will require your application. It makes no difference if you choose a course or book on Early Childhood Education, it all depends on your dedication! With that in mind, let's leave some points for you to meditate on your interests.

The only failure is to abandon without seeking.
No matter the book, the first step is to see the summary.
List things to record the point.
Select the most important topics you want to apply to children.
One step at a time for better results.
Teach what you should learn.
Suppress daydreams. 
Draw up a schedule for progress.
Be flexible for better results.
Search abstracts.
Create examples about the point in question.

I imagine you enjoyed the tips from courses and books on Early Childhood Education! If you want to share with friends, we will be very grateful. Take advantage of our website, and may it help you to Learn it!