Française grammaire - Conjugation of the verb Avoir

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Hello readers of Learn words, in this article we will learn to conjugate one of the most important verbs in French o Avoir (TER) in the three main tenses: present, past and future, dismissing others for a simple reason: “They are more common in literature than in speech itself” for that reason we will focus on CONVERSATION.

 Avoir - Present

Conjugate this verb is very simple and just pay enough ATTENTION not to make mistakes in the spelling, the Pronouns will be in red and the verb in blue:


You at

Il/Elle/On The

Nous avons

Vous the turn

Ils/Elles ont

Example in Phrases:

J´ai un Chien = I have a dog.

Nous avons deux voitures = We have two cars.

Elle a les yeux blonds = She has brown eyes.

Avoir - Past

The conjugation of the verb avoir in the past is not difficult, in reality it is simpler than it may seem, because they do not take anything away, but add a little word, so it is: Pronoun + verb + me (this "me" indicates the past).

there I

You as me

Il/Elle/On to me

Nous avons me

Vous maybe I

Ils/Elles ont me

Example in sentence:

I'm there un Chien = I had a dog.

Nous avons eu deux voitures = We had two cars.

François to me a bonne note a son examen = François (He) had a good grade for your test.

Avoir - Future

This tense already changes what was used, it takes on a new form, let's analyze:


You auras

Il/Elle/On aura

Nous aurons

Vous aurez

Ils/Elles auront

Example in sentences:

Example in sentence:

J´aurai un Chien = I will have a dog.

Nous aurons deux voitures = We will have two cars.

Vous aurez fifteen years after the fourth = You will have fifteen on May 4th.

As we have seen, it is not difficult to conjugate verbs in French, they are simple as in Portuguese, we just need to give a lot of attention in writing, how about you try to assemble two sentences in each tense to fix what you learned here?