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the books of self help they are commonly the best sellers of many bookstores. That's because these materials have a strong impact on a person's personal and professional development. These books are even usually written by experts.

Whether you are a businessman, advertiser or even a monk, self-help books are designed to help you identify difficult situations and other elements you need to deal well with your daily life, that is, they end up becoming essential.

It is a mistake to think that a good self-help book is a tangle of catchphrases and support messages without content.

It is important to have quality in the production of this type of material, especially for it to be commercially successful, serving so much for someone who works with digital tachograph as for a college student.

Among the books, some stand out for their incredible ability to explore the human consciousness and help deal with the difficult decisions of everyday life. This type of action is essential for you to be able to work better yourself.

Knowing the main works of the genre can be an excellent way to update yourself and get good results in your actions on this type of material.

So, in addition, it is very important to think of ways to use this material with quality and how it can help you work better in your area of expertise, including, whether with a alignment machine or with any other front.

Confira os melhores livros de autoajuda para mudar a sua vida

Book 1: Who Moved My Cheese?

This work, written by Dr. Spencer Johnson, is one of the most popular today. Their reflections on the fear of facing change are very relatable to most people and how they manage to act.

In this way, you can draw important lessons from this book, both for your personal life and in a corporate environment, where decision-making has a direct impact on your life and the lives of others.

The book starts from the premise of two mice, known as Sniff and Scuff, and two goblins, named Hem and Haw.

Throughout the text, you are introduced to different paradigms of how people deal with change throughout their lives. This is very important from a business point of view too, where you identify these actions in a company of, for example, rope guide.

With the reading time, you will be able to identify a series of behaviors very similar to the human one, usually with proximity and even self identification. The way the protagonists work the obstacles that are presented are a real lesson.

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Confira os melhores livros de autoajuda para mudar a sua vida

Book 2: The Secret

This book was released right after a documentary of the same name, which presents the idea of the existence of an ancient secret that would be revealed.

According to the author Rhonda Byrne, it would be a secret that was shared by great thinkers in the world from different areas, such as:

  • Philosophy;
  • Literature;
  • Exact Sciences;
  • Sociology.

The book then departs for a debate on the so-called “law of attraction”, a line of thought that asserts that positivity is one of the main keys to happiness, health and wealth.

It is a work very focused on faith, and how much you need to believe in what you want to achieve satisfactory results for your personal or professional goals, whether you are an employee of a large packer or a small business.

In fact, the law of attraction has a strong line of followers that follow this type of material.

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Book 3: The Power of Now

This one best seller by Eckhart Tolle is one of the most consumed books within the concept of self-help. This is a very important work, in which the idea is to explore the moment in which you live. The message is simple and clear: You must focus on the moment.

Tolle uses many references from spiritual traditions to get the understanding of his own consciousness through his thoughts and emotions. The book is composed as a kind of “manual”.

Through the teachings of the book, you can identify how the moments in your life matter, and can be used with much more joy and peace when you are focused on what is right for you and your company, for example, thermometer calibration.

Many people still cling to concepts from the past, while others don't allow themselves to live by thinking too much about the future. When you choose now, you can enjoy your life and possibilities much better.

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Book 4: The Power of Habit

In this book by Charles Duhigg, you can understand from reading how little habits that seem harmless at first glance can have a huge impact on your pace of life.

This type of addiction can become a much bigger problem than you thought, simply by not dealing with it right away. In this book, the author seeks to present a series of questions that show the source of these addictions.

Disorganization has a very important impact on creating unhealthy habits, and it is important that you know how to deal with them when working with this type of activity in your factory, for example, level sensor.

The key to a good routine, with health, emotional intelligence and an improvement in your personal and professional life depends a lot on how you make your habits better explored to achieve effective results.

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Book 5: How to Win Friends and Influence People

This work is the union of a series of personal experiences of its author, Dale Carnegie, who created this manual identifying many of the communication difficulties that permeate relationships, as well as solutions to these problems.

Furthermore, the author draws a series of parallels with great historical personalities, from Winston Churchill to Henry Ford. The book was first published in 1936, becoming an absolute classic in the self-help genre.

Since then, due to the current information and the didactic and easily absorbed form that Carnegie manages to use in his writing, the book has been reprinted and taught the art of relationship to a number of people.

These actions enable many professionals to better deal with relationships in the workplace, as well as personal issues that can also have a strong impact.

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Book 6: Why do we do what we do?

Philosopher Mário Sérgio Cortella deeply explores the impact of routine on your life, reflecting on the importance of your actions and what makes you who you are. This is an important work that tries to better understand human relationships.

This book is not only suitable for those who want to improve their relationship at work, although it is very important for that.

It's more about a journey of self-discovery and identifying how you can build a more suitable future, both in your personal life and in your company, for example, sinks.

Many times, you overlook how suffocating routine is and has a huge weight in your life, and through Cortella's questions, you can identify the roots of this type of problem, working deep in this type of rescue of who you are.

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Book 7: Emotional Intelligence

Another classic in self-help literature, psychologist Daniel Goleman's book studies the intrinsic variations of emotional intelligence through deep research in the field of neuroscience.

Thus, he is able to identify the responsibility of emotional intelligence in the professional and personal success of many people. With these techniques worked, a professional is able to achieve much more success in his area.

Within the field of emotional intelligence, it is possible to find a series of elements, from captivating people around you to empathy, understanding the feelings of others and empathizing with their needs.

In this way, you can achieve much fuller success when you are able to extrapolate your capabilities and reach others in a positive way, through an element that Goleman calls the emotional quotient.

This is an important study on the plurality of intelligence, which has a strong impact on anyone who follows this reading with quality, for example, for a professional flow counter.

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Book 8: Smart couples get rich together

This work by Brazilian author Gustavo Cerbasi is very important to the self-help genre, and even inspired the 2012 film Until luck do us Part.

In the work, the author dialogues directly with couples, identifying ways to overcome family crises and disputes over money.

With some basic elements, which are planning, discipline and organization, a couple can be financially strengthened and, consequently, recover the personal relationship between them.

The author also offers a series of suggestions that can help create new strategies for you and your spouse to better manage your family's finances and be able to live a fuller and more comfortable life, far from the stress of fights over money.

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Final considerations

These works are very important, but there are many others within the field of self-help literature. For you to get good results in your life by reading more, it's important to look for those elements that have the most impact on your life.

Look for titles you can relate to, patterns and problems you've been through to be able to identify the best solutions for you.

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