List of words related to Business in Portuguese and English

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In this article we will share a complete list of business related words in Portuguese and English. I hope you like this short article related to business in Portuguese and English, we recommend using your browser search engine (CTRL + F) to find the business-related words you want to speak in Portuguese and English.

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Lista de palavras relacionadas a Negócios em Inglês

Business related words in Portuguese and English

Business in Portuguese Negócios em Inglês 
action stock
shareholder stockholder
wake up agreement
advogado lawyer
leverage leverage
environment environment
archive file
assistant assistant
active asset
audit auditing
swing balance sheet
investment bank investment bank
assets goods
stock Exchange stock exchange
bonus bonus
brainstorming brainstorming
bureaucracy bureaucracy
Business in Portuguese Negócios em Inglês
working capital working capital
boss boss
client customer
trade trade
company company
commitment commitment
computer computer (es)
computer computer (latam)
consultant consultant
to hire hire (to)
future contract future contract
corruption corruption
growth growth
demand demand
results report income statement
discount discount
development development
money money
director director
debt debt
dividend dividend
document document
dollar dollar
building building
interview interview
business school business school
office office
market research market research
export export
manufacturing manufacturing
bankruptcy bankruptcy
flat broke-bankrupt bankrupt
branch branch
finances finance
provider supplier
bottom fund
management management
manager manager
government government
strike strike
immobile real estate
import import
tax tax
printer printer
industry industry
inflation inflation
investment investment
invest invest (to)
newspaper newspaper
interest interest
free Comerce free trade
location location
profit profit
gross profit gross profit
net profit net profit
labor workforce
mba mba
merchandise commodity
mercosur mercosur
currency currency
multinational multinational
business business
offer supply
gold gold
passive liability
search research
search survey
spreadsheet spreadsheet
plant plant
power power
policy policy
policy politics
price price
building building
loss loss
president ceo
president president
privatization privatization
product product
promotion promotion
publicity advertising
human Resources human resources
report report
fixed income fixed-income
meeting meeting
magazine magazine
wealth wealth
risk risk
salary salary
salary wage
Secretary assistant
thirst headquarter
safe insurance
interest rate interest rate
technology technology
worker worker
sales sales