Digital community: Learn how to turn your readers into brand ambassadors

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we live in a community, and as obvious as this may seem, it is always good to reinforce points like these so that we are aware that we did not come alone and that we will have to live with the different every day. 

As with everything in life, there is a good side and a bad side of living in community, it is a great challenge to deal with people who are different from us in thoughts, feelings, attitudes, opinions and even lifestyles. 

On the other hand, it's amazing to have people who seem to be our soul mate, with opinions and worldviews identical to ours, it makes us more human and even encourages us to live with more peace and empathy in the world. 

Whether it's the team of a company or even a high school class, groups of people are the community in which we are inserted and that we have to learn to live with. 

And this community is no longer limited to a physical space, but has also embraced the digital universe, especially after the arrival of social networks and platforms that allow communication between people. 

It is not news to anyone that the internet has completely changed the way we see, communicate, work and do many things on a daily basis, including the way we live in community. 

Therefore, people who bet on the internet, social networks and the famous digital marketing to earn and make more money, created the concept of adaptable and perfect digital community for their business. 

Just as it is simple to find a company on the internet, finding and even building a community from scratch is no longer as difficult as imagined with the arrival of the digital universe. 

So today we will understand more about the digital community, what it is, what it is for, its importance these days and tips so you can build yours too, no matter where you are and what segment it is. . 

Discover the concept of digital community 

The digital community has a concept that is not so different from a real community, just as we live with different people on a daily basis, face to face, the digital community also brings this same premise, but with a different reality. 

While in real life we live in community on the platform eye to eye and face to face, the digital community is a space built and shared within an online 100% space, that is, it's all through a computer or mobile screen. 

This style of communication is far from being new to us, since before and still today it is very common to tell us that you provide us with great service only over the phone. 

And with the new coronavirus pandemic, which started in 2020, we saw several companies and groups of people get together through internet platforms to talk and have their meetings, as it was the only option at the moment. 

Thus, the digital community can be understood as the construction of a group of people who share the same purpose, vision, values, principles and life goals, willing to get to know each other and learn more from each other.

It serves precisely to help people communicate more with others and has become extremely important to develop each one's critical sense and make everyone get used to the idea that we do not live alone in the world. 

There is a kind of host, that is, the person who created or leads the community and who aligns the dates of meetings between all participants, and it is in these meetings that experiences, stories and news are shared among all. 

The digital community gained great prominence after digital marketing, as many professionals started selling this style of product instead of those courses in which the person spends hours and hours watching someone talk and has no space to expose what they think. 

It is no wonder that the digital community has become a business style adopted by many companies and increasingly sought after by people who want to learn more and share what they like and believe with others as well. 

Today, there are several types of segments of digital communities, from those for professionals in the field to even those of psychology for those who want to take better care of their mental health. 

This means that the concept has taken so much proportion in the market that the most diverse people can apply and absorb the benefits of a digital community, which is already completely changing the lives of thousands of people around the world. 

Tips for creating a digital community 

Many think that creating a digital community is a seven-headed beast, but on the contrary, the process is simpler than you can imagine, after all, most people have a cell phone, computer and internet access, right? ? 

And that's enough to start the process of creating a digital community, which will receive thousands of people from all over the world. But for that, it is important to follow some tips to help you, such as:

Having a common cause

For one to create a digital community, one of the main steps is to have a cause in common with the public that will make up that community, as this will be the point of recognition between you. 

This common cause can range from the goal of improving the world, helping the environment, succeeding in life, or even becoming a better professional to earn a promotion at work. 

The important thing is that you have a cause to defend and fight, so that people who have the same cause as yours will feel more comfortable and confident that they are entering the right space. 

Make the flags and values very clear

Another very important tip is to make your flags and values very clear to the members of your community, because in this way, you will attract only those who really share the same as you. 

In this way, you build a healthy community with respected debates, where everyone has the same vision and objective, making the space increasingly pleasant and satisfying for all members. 

an objective proposal 

A community also needs to have an objective, that is, a proposal to offer people with the intention that they see their community not only as a product, but as a space where they will find what they need or want. 

Whether to bring more health if your community is focused on physical exercise, or to generate more income if your business is about finance or even to qualify a lawyer if your community is about direct. 

Regardless of your segment or community, you need to have a clear and objective proposal that catches the attention of your target audience and convinces them to join your community, as they will know that only there they will find what they want. 

Open and free space 

Last but not least, build an open space for all members to feel free and comfortable to give their ideas and express their thoughts, feelings and opinions. 

Just like an account with professionals who can always give ideas for improvements and changes for the good of the service, your community needs to value these characteristics. 

In this way, you will have a space in which not only the creator speaks, but the members have space to also speak, which makes them feel more active and participating in the project as a whole. 

Find out how to get to know your audience better

A community is made up of people who know your work and have great chances of acquiring what you offer, that is, your target audience. Therefore, it is extremely important that you know them well before anything else.

And when we talk about knowing, it is precisely knowing everything, from their personality to even their desires, pains, needs, problems, dreams, goals and life goals. For this, you can work with questions such as:

  • Where do you want to go in your career?
  • What limits you today?
  • What makes you most frustrated?
  • What are your biggest dreams?
  • Is there something you can't stand to hear anymore?
  • What would “solve” your life today?
  • How much money would you like to earn?

Simple questions like these will help you get to know your audience in depth, understanding how your community can help them, which also helps you build a space that meets their answers. 

In this way, you will not only have a community, but a team with people who share the same values and principles as you, willing to change their lives and the world, bringing more happiness and fulfillment to everyone.