Book review - Really help?

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Hello Readers Learning words, have you ever confronted with the situation of buying a book but do not know if it's good for your learning? or did you ever happen to buy a book and be disappointed because the book was not what you expected?

Well, it has already happened to me, and I confess that if someone had talked to me about the subject, I think they would have avoided being frustrated, sometimes we want to learn a new language, learn grammar, learn vocabulary and we are looking for books that can fit in our circumstances and level of fluency, if it happens to you too, rest assured, you are with thousands of people who feel that way. Well what can help?

Beloved Youtube

Yes dear reader! YouTube is full of people who can help us buy a good language or grammar book, made by students, multilingual and teachers, but many of them focus on just one or two languages, so I found a channel called MarcioFrancisco123 What makes a book review of various publishing and multiple languages, either to grammar for either zero learning, whether for vocabulary, the videos is an excellent tool to reflect on buying a book or not, see for yourself that Playlist and try to find a good book:

A book that I really want when I saw him in the video is called "INSTANT ENGLISH" is a great English grammar book that fits your level, and has exercise:

Without a doubt we all need help choosing good materials and this channel will certainly help a lot in making good book choices, whether it is for grammar or something else that is linked to the field of language learning, pay attention to the tip of people already familiar who will not be disappointed.