183 Biology Research Paper Topics Ideas

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Today in this article we will distribute a list with thousands of suggestions for Capstone and Biology Thesiss. The list also presents Project Ideas for other types of academic work such as abstracts, scientific articles and many others. I hope you make great use of this list of Project Ideas for academic work in Biology.

The decision on the subject of Biology is the most important thing that the student needs to take for a better development of the Capstone or Thesis, which ends up causing some anguish and uncertainty.

Among the many options of Project Ideas for Capstone or Thesis, an assertive choice will ensure that the trainee elaborates his Research Paper with better dexterity and less discouragement.

First, before we start the list of suggested topics for the Thesisy and Biology Undergraduate Course, I intend to recommend things to improve your project.

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Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, Monografia e TCC de Biologia

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Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, Monografia e TCC de Biologia

Tips for Academic Biology Papers

See below for tips for making your academic work in Biology, wonderful tips for your Thesis or Capstone:

  • If you already work or know how you want to work, look for ideas related to your area of ​​expertise. You need to have something to do with the topic;
  • See also in the bibliography, make sure that there is a sufficient reference source for this theme of Capstone;
  • Consult your Advisor - It is important that the Advisor Educator also agree with the theme;

Watch the following video to see some more tips on deciding the topic for your Capstone:

For other Suggestions on how to do the best Capstone, we suggest the Capstone without Drama!

The Tips below are to help you create a good Research Paper:

  • Don't even think about using the first person in the text;
  • clear and use only what is necessary, reducing adverbs and adjectives;
  • Try not to repeat the same words over and over, use synonyms;
  • Do not use confusing forms: the writing must be light;
  • Do not hide important information: present it whenever necessary;
Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, TCC e Monografia de Biologia

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Academic Work Courses for Biology

Os melhores temas para Monografia e TCC de Biologia

List of Biology Capstone and Theses Project Ideas

Below are some Project Ideas for doing academic work such as Thesis and Biology Capstone:

  • Urban Sustainability and Environmental Education
  • Agricultural Activity In Brazil And Its Effects On Global Warming.
  • The Importance of Forensic Biology in Crime Resolution
  • The Relationship Of Mosses And Biotechnology
  • The Life of Ants
  • Koala Life
  • Hydroponic Foods
  • Chromosomal Changes
  • Social and Technological Alternatives to Combat Aedes Aegypti;
  • Analysis of soil fertility from the perspective of plant nutrition;
  • Soil analysis from the perspective of agroforestry;
  • Running over animals on the highways
  • Migratory birds
  • Cerrado Biodiversity
  • Forensic Biology - The Influence of Temperature and Storage Time on the Detection of Coleopterans in Stocked Flours
  • Forensic Biology in Criminal Investigation;
  • Biology Bachelor's Degree - Some Theme in Hematology
  • Biologia/ Educacao – Sustentabilidade Urbana E O Meio Ambiente
  • Biologies - Projects
  • Biotechnology
  • Botany and Interdisciplinarity
  • Botany In Middle School An Interdisciplinary Approach
  • Cactuses in Human Food
  • Beef
  • Sea-horses
  • Stem Cells - Therapeutic Cloning
  • Tropical Climate And Fruits According To Mapping By Regions;
  • Flight behavior of birds
  • Student Food Awareness Through Biological Practices.
  • Student Food Awareness
  • Caatinga Conservation
  • Dolphin Conservation
  • Sustainable construction
  • Rodent Control
  • Control of Aedes Aegypti Through Sustainable Strategies;
  • Correlation Between Pesticide Exposure And The Development Of Acute Infantile Lymphocytic Leukemia
  • Creation Of Bijupirá Fish (Aquaculture)
  • Stem cell
  • Cancer Cells
  • Dynamics of Algae in Fish Farming Systems;
  • Teaching in the area of ​​experience and tactics to teach biology
  • Diseases Transmitted by Wild Animals
  • Environmental Education: Students Agents of Transformation
  • Environmental education
  • Environmental Education In The Botanical Garden
  • Environmental Education In Zoos
  • Environmental Education in Zoos;
  • Anti-inflammatory effect of the molecule
  • Anti-inflammatory Effect Of Molecules;
  • Effects of Small-Scale Fishing on Coastlines;
  • In Search Of Sustainable Strategies To Control Aedes Aegypti: Technological Perspectives And Social Alternatives
  • Teaching High Failure Rate In Public Education In The Last Three Years
  • Teaching the Human Body in Strategies and Techniques for Elementary Education;
  • Night teaching from the perspective of biology teachers in public schools;
  • Night Teaching: The Teaching-Learning Process in Biology from the Perspective of Public School Teachers and Students
  • City Municipal Schools
  • Specialization In Clinical Analysis And Quality Microcontrol In The Laboratory Of Clinical Analysis
  • Specialization in Cell Biology - Research of Eggs and Helminth Larvae at the Sewage Treatment Station in Feira de Santana-ba
  • Strategies for Teaching the Human Body to Elementary School Students
  • Compound Activity Study
  • Population Studies of Fauna in Regions of the Country;
  • Ethics and Awareness in Recycling
  • Biological Evolution of Bacteria
  • Biological Evolution Of Super Resistant Bacteria;
  • Biological Evolution: Adaptations of Aedes Aegypti
  • Biological Evolution: Adaptations of Aedes Aegypti in Brazil
  • Science Fair At School
  • Soil Fertility: Analysis of Plant Nutrition in the Region
  • Plant Physiology: Propagation of Xerophilic Plants in the Region
  • Plant Physiology: Resistance of Plants to Drought in the Region
  • Biology Teacher Education: A Look at the Construction of Research Knowledge
  • Biology Training For Elementary School Teachers
  • Tropical fruits
  • Tropical Fruits and the Climate: Mapping the Region
  • Forensic Genetics
  • Seed Germination
  • Trans fat
  • HIV
  • School Garden
  • School Garden;
  • HPV
  • Importance of Using Teaching Material in Biology Teaching
  • Incidence of Dengue, Malaria and Tuberculosis Under the Influence of Climate and Socioenvironmental Factors;
  • Garbage Ingestion by Turtles
  • Mining Mud and Damage to the Environment
  • Survey of Vegetable Species in a Certain Park
  • Biology Teacher Education Degree: Challenges Between Practice and Theory
  • Bachelor's Degree In The Importance Of Biology Teaching
  • Degree in the Importance of Biology Studies Today
  • Degree in Pedagogical Practice in Teaching Environmental Education to Combat Dengue at School
  • Degree in Biology (This Work Is A Bibliographic Review Article) - Environmental Education: Students Agents of Transformation
  • Degree in Esino de Garbage and Environmental Impact
  • Degree in Intestinal Microbiota
  • Degree in Biology Teaching in Public Schools in Eja Teaching
  • Degree in Environmental Sanitation
  • Degree in Urban Sustainability and Environmental Education
  • garbage
  • Sustainable Fish Management Through Peripheral Algae;
  • Concept Maps in Biology Teaching
  • Mediation in Biology: Teacher Practices in Elementary Education in the City
  • Genetic Improvement Of Food
  • Master's Degree Foot-and-Mouth Disease And Biosafety Actions
  • Biology Teaching Methodology: A Question of Competence?
  • Urinary Microinfection In Pregnancy With A Focus On Bacteriology
  • Intestinal Micromicrobiota
  • Modifying the School: Techniques for Preventing the Proliferation of the Aedes Aegypti Mosquito in School Environments
  • Needs and Use of the Internet in the Practice of Biology Teachers
  • School Nutrition: The Role of Biology Teaching in Students' Food Awareness at School
  • Undefined
  • The Biology Curriculum in Schools: Brief Analysis in Public Schools in the City
  • The Biology Curriculum In Schools: A Comparative Study Between Public And Private Schools
  • The School Curriculum of Biology and the Construction of Knowledge: A Look at the Pedagogical Practice of the Biology Teacher
  • The Teaching of Environmental Education in the Indigenous Community
  • Teaching Biology to Students With Visual Impairments: Conflicts and Development
  • Biology Teaching Allied With Animal Care Awareness For Public School Students
  • Biology Teaching in Quilombola Education: Experience at School
  • Biology Teaching in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools in the Municipality
  • Teaching the Reproductive System to Elementary School Students: Limits and Strategies
  • Teaching the Human Bone System and Reeducating the Posture of Students in the Classroom
  • Higher Education in Biology in the State
  • The Study of the Environment in the Teaching of Biology: A Path to Discuss Environmental Problems in the Municipality
  • The Impact of Educational Television Programs on Biology Learning for High School Students
  • The trash
  • Garbage and Environmental Impact
  • The place of biology in the question of versatility in elementary school
  • The Place of Biology in Pnaic
  • The Environment and the Teaching of Biology: A Methodological View from the Textbook
  • The Role of Biology in Schools: Incentives from the Management Centers of Public Schools in the City
  • The Biologist's Role in Society
  • The Role of Biology Education Applied to Environmental Ethics
  • The Role of Biology Education Applied to Environmental Ethics
  • The Profile of Biology Teachers from the Municipal Network of the City
  • The Universe Of Bees
  • The Use of Documentaries for Teaching Biology to High School Students
  • O Uso De Suplementos Alimentares E A Evolução Do Desempenho Fisico Do Cadete: Estudo Sobre Os Nutrientes Dos Suplementos Alimentares Necessarios Para A Melhora Do Desempenho Fisico Do Cadete No Tfm Cc/aman
  • Guiding Learning: An Experience in Teaching Human Anatomy at School
  • The Benefits of a Biology Lab for the Student Learning Process
  • The Challenges of Teaching Biology in Public Schools in the City
  • The Effects of Environmental Impact on the Sea's Advancement for the Coastal Region of the City
  • Bats and Their Ecological Niches
  • Oxygen
  • National Curriculum Parameters: Pedagogical Conceptions and Practices of Elementary School Teachers
  • Artisanal Fishing
  • Vegetable Pigments for Dyeing
  • Environmental Planning and Pollution: Impacts on the Environment from the Advancement of the Urban Zone in the Region
  • Plants That Interact With Hormone System
  • Oil Pollution in the Ocean
  • Oil Pollution In The Ocean.
  • Pigeons As Disease Transmitters
  • Propagation of Xerophilic Plants in Plant Physiology Study;
  • Prospecting for Sociobiodiversity Products and Sustainability in the Amazon Biome
  • Proteins And Enzymes
  • Ocean Protection
  • Proteins And Enzymes
  • Pedagogical Practices of Biology in Municipal Schools in Rural Areas;
  • Quality of Life from Students' Mouth Breathing;
  • Burning in the Amazon
  • Burns In Australia
  • Biology Issues In Enem
  • Coral reef
  • Bone Regeneration
  • Lactate Pyruvate Ratio
  • Review of Orchidaceae in Maranhão
  • Risk of Extinction: The Problem of Human Activity in the Region
  • No Theme Yet
  • Post Perfusion Syndrome
  • Plant Reproduction System: The Cultivation of Flowers in Dry Regions
  • Plant Reproduction Systems: A Study of Bulb Plants
  • Plant Reproduction Systems: A Study of Tubers
  • Overcoming dormancy of 10 tree species: removal of winged parts, mechanical scarification and water immersion
  • Supplements And Their Effects On The Human Body
  • Urban Sustainability and Environmental Education
  • Wild Animal Trafficking
  • A Historical Overview of Biology Teaching in Brazil
  • A Sensitive Look at the Training of Biology Professor at University
  • A School Committed To Reading In The Matter Of Science
  • A Methodological Proposal for the Preparation of High School Biology Teachers
  • Brazilian Conservation Units
  • Brazilian Conservation Units;
  • Use of Computer Lab by Professor of Biology
  • Use of Supplements and the Physical Evolution of the Human Body
  • Advantages of using biopump in extracorporeal circulation
  • Contaminated Water
Os melhores temas para Monografia e TCC de Biologia

Structure Rules for Biology - Undergraduate degree

The Biology Capstone structure must follow the following parameters:

  1. External part
    1. Biology Undergraduate Cover (Required)
    2. Biology Research Paper Spine (Optional)
  2. Pre-textual design elements
    1. Theme Cover Page (Required)
    1. Subject Errata (Optional)
    2. Approval Sheet (Required)
    3. Theme dedication (Optional)
    4. Agradecimentos do trabalho (Optativo)
    5. Epígrafe da monografia (Optativo)
    6. Summary in the native of the project (Required)
    7. Foreign Language Summary (Required)
    8. Lista de Ilustrações do tema (Facultativo)
    9. List of Theme Tables (Optional)
    10. List of Abbreviations and Acronyms (Optional)
    11. List of Theme Symbols (Optional)
    12. Subject summary (Required)
  3. Textual Elements
    1. Introduction (Required)
    2. Desenvolvimento do projeto (Exigido)
    3. Completion (Required)
  4. Post-Textual Elements
    1. Referências da monografia (Exigido)
    2. Glossary (Optional)
    3. Appendix (s) (Optional)