Watch out for misinformation – Don't believe everything


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Unfortunately we live in a world full of lies, rumors, legends, theories, generalized information and sensational news. What's worse is that most people who read this information end up believing and sharing it with others.

This false information is passed on to many generations, even today people stop eating one thing with another because they think it is bad, even today people believe that Hello Kitty has a pact with devils, or who has never heard of the numerous accidents happening with Pokemon Go? These are all rumors and lies.

Why so many rumors?

There are many reasons, if you find shocking news on the internet, you will be attracted to share it with your friends. Before doing this, research other sources to see if it is really true.

People do this to gain access and share on their sites, and consequently earn subscribers and money. Others create fake news just for fun, like those thousands of fake news that appear to be shared on whatsapp.


“A fool is one who never reads a newspaper; even more foolish is one who believes in what he reads just because it is written in the newspaper. ” - August von Schlözer, German historian and publicist (1735-1809).

Do not share

Some are obsessed with forwarding news to all their Whastapp contacts and groups or Facebook friends, and they don't make sure the information is true or think about the consequences.

Whenever a message tells you to share it with your friends, send it to 10 or 15 people or groups, you can be sure that there is an 80% chance that this news is false, it is just viral spam. This is the most used tactic to spread false news, the act of asking to share.


The most common lies are non-existent internet viruses, cell phone viruses, government agents spying on applications and so on. I better leave a complete list of the biggest lies most shared on social media and messaging apps:

  • Whatsapp will be paid or canceled
  • Abusive values ​​of traffic fine
  • People spreading viruses
  • Send this message and earn credits
  • Send this message and enable a new function on whatsapp
  • Bulls are not angry at the red color, but at the movement of the cloth.
  • Theodore Roosevelt did not ride a moose.
  • Nobody distributes free Iphones.
  • Facebook will be charged.

It doesn't matter if the news is on famous sites, be careful not to spread generalizations. All journalism greatly increases things to generate repercussions and views. The consequence of this is hatred, bullshit, arguments, lies and others. There have been events where false information causes even death and disgrace in people's lives.

If you are a web designer who creates fake news to generate views, stop it or kill yourself! Know that this will bring a negative result to your business, what is the use of having views if you don't have credibility?

I hope this article will make people more alert about what they read and share on the internet! So stop contributing to the lies spreading!

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