Be hyperglot with the help of videos and Youtube channels

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Hello readers of Aprender Palavras, in this article we will consider two channels on Youtube that teach languages ​​for free and classes in the comfort of your home and help you to continue to strive to study languages ​​and continue to like them to be hyperglot (passionate about languages) .

Autodidact Channel - a jewel on Youtube

If you are a hyperglot (the one who loves languages) you will certainly search a lot about channels on Youtube that teach languages ​​and of course find them in Portuguese and English, but in the self-taught channel you will not only find all content in Portuguese, but as classes taught more than 10 languages !!! and these classes go far beyond basic words but a VAST explanation of literacy in the languages ​​the channel teaches, grammatical explanations, vocabulary and etc.

Some languages ​​that the channel teaches:





Swiss German:


These are some of the videos that are taught on the channel, there are others like Russian, French, Spanish, English, Dutch, Ukrainian, Catalan, Latin, Sicilian, Serbian, Slovenian, Romanian, Polish and etc, this channel is unique, not only due to the number of languages ​​he teaches, but due to the quality that the channel has in its teaching, professor Gustavo (owner of the channel) teaches with the greatest humility in the world, and still takes the doubts of students and subscribers, in addition to classes on YouTube also offers classes via Skype for those who want to take private lessons with him, this article is not being written to praise the channel and we were not even paid for it, we believe that quality content should be widely disseminated, we invite you reader who loves languages ​​or who wants to learn some but do not know which to know this channel, because there will give you the steps and the first tools for that.

“Be a polyglot- Be a polyglot” channel

This channel does not yet have many languages, but among these are German, French, Spanish, Arabic and Bulgarian, and there are plans to bring English and Russian, but eventually videos will be posted teaching greetings in other languages ​​and alphabet classes to learn the writing of each language in addition to learning tips, the owner of this channel, Rodrigo, also provides private lessons via Skype and Hangout, also every month he launches 3 month language courses to teach the essentials of a language, with video lessons from your channel and PDF of the videos, below some videos from Rodrigo's channel:

Egyptian Arab:



Link to Self-taught channel

Channel page on Facebook:

Link to the channel Be a polyglot

Channel page on Facebook