English bank terms and bank transactions

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In today's article we will learn terms and words related to banks and banking transactions in Portuguese and English. This vocabulary can be very useful on your trip, or if you want to open an account abroad.

In addition to the list of bank words below, we will leave some phrases that can be useful in your business and banking transactions.

English banking terms

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Portuguese Inglês
action share
Bank bank
cash machine cash machine / cash point
Cashier cashier
Cashier teller
cash machine atm
credit card credit card
debit card cash card
debit card debit card
currency exchange exchange office
penny cent
cross check crossed check
travel check traveler’s check
blank check blank check
check payable to… check made payable to…
check check / cheque
commission coincommission
Bank account bank account
joint account joint account
conta corrente checking account
conta corrente current account
credit credit
exchange currency exchange
bar code bar code
deposit / deposit deposit
money cash
money money
automatic debit direct debit
debit debit
dollar dollar
lend lend
loan loan
extract bank statement
bottom fund
Bank manager bank manager
mortgage mortgage
investment investment
invest invest
interest interest
pound (sterling) pound (sterling)
credit limit overdraft limit
foreign currency foreign currency
currency coin
false note counterfeit note
note banknote / note / bill
payment order bank draft
payment order money order
payment payment
passport passport
borrow borrow
savings savings account
installment instalment
receipt receipt
Shipping remittance
withdrawal / withdrawal withdrawal
withdraw / withdraw withdraw
balance balance
password pin number
checkbook checkbook
Bank rate bank charge
transfer / transfer transfer
exchanged change

English phrases about banks

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Portuguese Inglês
I want to exchange money. I want to change some money.
I want to make a withdrawal I’d like to make a withdrawal.
Your card, please? Can I have your bankcard, please?
Can I access my account over the internet? Can I access my account through the web?
I want to open a checking account. I’d like to open a current account.
What is the exchange rate? What’s the rate of exchange?
I want to deposit money. I want to deposit some money.
Please enter your password. Please key in your PIN number.
I want to make a transfer. I’d like to transfer some money.

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