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Cumprimentos em Coreano #1

Korean Greetings # 1

Hello “Learn Words” Readers, are we going to learn how to greet in Korean? In this article we will see a little about the greetings

Idiomas Tonais #2

Tonal Languages ​​# 2

Hello Readers of “Aprender Palavras” in this article we will give Sequence of tonal languages, in case you didn't read our first article,

Alfabeto árabe

Arabic alphabet

Hello Friends of “Learning Words” are we going to learn a little about writing Arabic today? As we explained in the article

Idiomas Tonais - #1

Tonal Languages ​​- # 1

Hello Readers Learning Words !!! the languages ​​that use tonal sounds or other sounds that are not common with

Lugares da cidade em chinês

Chinese city places

Hello “Learn Words” Readers, in this article we are going to learn some words related to the city in Chinese (Mandarin), in case you are

Lugares da cidade em Francês

French city places

Hello Readers of “Learning Words”, in this article we will learn some words related to the city in French, in case you are

Diálogo em Francês #2

French Dialogue # 2

Hello “Learn Words” Readers! In this article we will continue the dialogues with a short video in French, shall we start? The dialogue we are going to

Vocabulário Alemão #1

German Vocabulary # 1

Hello Friends Learning words, today we will learn basic vocabulary in German for Breakfast tomorrow, or how

Esperanto - Um idioma Planejado!

Esperanto - A planned language!

Saluton, did Kiel see enough? Did I see Esperanton parolas? What's ??????? Hello Readers Learning words, imagine that you were anywhere

Cumprimentos em Francês - Parte 1

French Greetings - Part 1

Hello Readers of “Learning Words” today we are going to start greetings in this Très Joli language. Well, let's go? Basic Good

Cumprimentos em Russo - Parte 1

Greetings in Russian – Part 1

Hello Readers of “Learning Words” today we are going to start greetings in this language that frightens, but is soft. Well, let's go?

Introdução ao Espanhol

Introduction to Spanish

Hola! Reading Friends of “Learning Words”, How are you? Today we are going to get to know this “beautiful” language that is Spanish or Castilian,

Introdução ao Francês

Introduction to French

Parlez vous Français? The French language is a Romance language with about 274 million speakers. It is official language in 30 countries,

Árabe, Persa ou Urdu?

Arabic, Persian or Urdu?

صبح بخير, صبح بخير, صباح الخير ??????? And then I got to know the difference between them? Or does it seem to be the same thing?