Project Ideas for Academic Works, Capstone and Thesis of Art and Culture

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Today in this text we will leave a list full of Project Ideas and suggestions for Thesiss and Capstones of Art and Culture. The list also presents Project Ideas for other academic works such as bookings, scientific articles, abstracts and many others. I hope you make this list of Project Ideas for academic work in Art and Culture an excellent one.

The decision on the theme of Art and Culture is the most important thing that the student needs to make for an optimal development of the Thesis and Final Paper, which ends up causing a lot of schism and questions.

Among the hundreds of options for Thesis and Capstone Project Ideas, an assertive choice will allow you to write your Research Paper much more easily and with fewer problems.

First, before we start the list of theme Project Ideas for the Capstone of Art and Culture, I intend to share tools to improve your Capstone.

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Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, TCC e Monografia de Arte e Cultura

Monografis - Doing your Art and Culture Course faster

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Theses, dissertations and several other projects can be done quickly with the help of software that helps you with Project Ideas, simulates the Capstone project on your device, supports the creation of blocks, evaluates your writing, searches for books and sources for your work and exports everything configured in ABNT standards.

If you are afraid of the platform, we recommend you to know at least the Theme generator for Thesiss and Capstone totally free that the Monografis Orientador Platform allows for visitors.

Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, TCC e Monografia de Arte e Cultura

Tips for Academic Works of Art and Culture

See below for tips for preparing your academic work on Art and Culture, great tips for your Thesis or Capstone:

  • If you already work or know how you want to work, look for topics related to your area of ​​activity. You need to have sympathy with the theme;
  • See also in the bibliography, make sure that there is a sufficient reference source for this topic of Capstone;
  • Ask your Advisor - It is important that the Advisor Professor is also in agreement with the theme;

The Tips below will help you do a better job:

  • Be careful not to use the 1st person in the text;
  • aim and use only what is necessary, avoiding adverbs and adjectives;
  • Avoid reusing the same words many times, use synonyms;
  • Avoid complicated words: the writing must be clear;
  • Don't forget the meaningful data: show it whenever possible;

For more Tips on how to do a better Capstone, we highly recommend Capstone without Drama!

Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, TCC e Monografia de Arte e Cultura

The Books and Courses Below can also help you learn more about creating Academic Papers, Research Paper and Art and Culture Capstone. If it's of interest to you, pay a visit!

Books on Academic Works for Art and Culture

Some books can help you come up with ideas for Research Paper ideas or help you create them:

Academic Works for Art and Culture Courses

Some courses teach secrets for creating the Research Paper or the area in which you are interested:

Os melhores temas para TCC e Monografia de Arte e Cultura

List of Project Ideas for Capstone and Thesis of Art and Culture

See below some Project Ideas for the elaboration of academic works such as Capstone and Thesis of Art and Culture:

  • The art of Anita Malfatti
  • The art of Cândido Portinari
  • Banksy's street art
  • The art and life of artist Djanira Motta
  • Art on the São Paulo Metro
  • Vincent Bourilhon's photograph
  • Geometry in Pablo Picasso's painting
  • The importance of art curation
  • The woman in visual culture
  • The work of Vik Muniz
  • The work and Hélio Oiticica
  • Painting as Art
  • The Painting of the Portuguese Baroque
  • Educational Practice: How to Teach.
  • Aleijadinho and Baroque Sculpture in Brazil
  • Color analysis in the film Amelie Poulain
  • Analysis of Salvator Mundi
  • Analysis of the creative process of Frida Kahlo
  • African art
  • Art And Drawing Technique
  • Indigenous art
  • Art in Pará
  • Feather art
  • Visual arts in the final years of elementary school
  • Indigenous artists in Brazilian art
  • The influences of the Modern Art Week
  • The works of Mestre Ataíde
  • The Landscapes In Painting
  • Brazilian Clay
  • Baroque: Architecture, Painting And Sculpture
  • Karajá Dolls
  • Northeastern women's embroidery
  • Bruegel: Work And Painting
  • Ceramics and Art Education
  • comedy as a means of social criticism
  • Comedy as a means of social criticism
  • Cosplay
  • Cândido Portinari and the History of Art in Brazil
  • Portuguese Popular Dances
  • Freehand Drawing And Art
  • Human Dimension of Abstract Painting
  • Axis - Processes and practices in the teaching of visual arts
  • Northeastern clay sculpture
  • Sculpture Of Valdir Rocha
  • Stone Sculpture
  • Gothic Sculpture
  • Modern Sculpture
  • Sculptures with garbage
  • Hybrid exhibition spaces of art
  • Explaining Art: An Initiation to Understand and Appreciate Visual Arts
  • Abstract Expressionism
  • Artistic Expressions
  • Street graffiti in São Paulo
  • Inimá José de Paula
  • Interculturality and Aesthetics in Visual Arts
  • Artistic intervention on the street
  • Lanoir And The Living Painting
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • M. C Escher: Printmaking and Drawings
  • Conductor Jorge Antunes and contemporary Brazilian music
  • Manifestos And Paintings In The Light Of The 20th Century
  • Music, Theater and Dance in Basic Education
  • Music, Theater And Dance In Basic Education.
  • Music: Between the Audible and the Visible.
  • Still lifes in painting
  • I have no specific theme
  • Design in cognitive development
  • The Teaching of Ceramics in Visual Arts - A multidisciplinary language
  • Arts education for deaf students
  • The Spiritual in Art in Painting
  • Brazilian Folklore
  • The World Of Mehinaku And Its Visual Representations
  • The Role of the Museum in the Aesthetic Experience and Art Teacher Training
  • The Meaning In Visual Arts
  • Knitting and crochet in contemporary art
  • The Zem in Painting
  • Work by Eliseu Visconti
  • Origami
  • Alagoas Painting
  • Contemporary Painting
  • Artistic process of screen printing on paper
  • Tarsila do Amaral's creative process
  • Creative process of a picture book
  • Van Gogh's creative process
  • Representation of ugliness in the visual arts
  • Rodin: Sculptures and Drawings
  • Research Paper - Correct the references and make the final remarks
  • Theme related to Art in education ...
  • Text And Painting In Ancient Greece
  • Thomaz Perina: Work And Painting
  • Transition from analog to digital design
  • Stop motion video art
  • Cordel Woodcut
Os melhores temas para Monografia e TCC de Arte e Cultura

Videos with Suggestions and Project Ideas of Art and Culture for your Thesis and Capstone

Structure Rules for Art and Culture Undergraduate degree

The structure of the Art and Culture Capstone should follow the following parameters:

  1. External part
    1. Cover of the Research Paper of Art and Culture (Required)
    2. Spine of the Research Paper of Art and Culture (Optional)
  2. Pre-textual elements of the subject
    1. Cover page of the Research Paper (Required)
    1. Theme Errata (Optional)
    2. Approval Sheet (Required)
    3. Work dedication (Optional)
    4. Agradecimentos do assunto (Optativo)
    5. Epígrafe do assunto (Facultativo)
    6. Summary in the final language of the Research Paper (Required)
    7. Foreign Language Summary (Required)
    8. Lista de Ilustrações do trabalho (Optativo)
    9. List of Tables of the theme (Optional)
    10. List of Abbreviations and Acronyms (Optional)
    11. Research Paper Symbol List (Optional)
    12. Research Paper summary (Required)
  3. Textual Elements
    1. Introduction (Required)
    2. Theme development (required)
    3. Completion (Required)
  4. Post-Textual Elements
    1. Referências do TCC (Exigido)
    2. Glossary (Optional)
    3. Appendix (s) (Optional)