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Now in this post we will share a complete list of suggestions and Project Ideas for Capstone and Thesiss on Architecture and Urbanism. The list also presents Project Ideas for other academic works such as scientific articles. I hope you make this list of topics and suggestions for academic training in Architecture and Urbanism an excellent one.

The choice of the subject of Architecture and Urbanism is the most important choice that the student needs to make for a better development of the Capstone or Thesis, which ends up creating a lot of schism and doubts.

Among the thousands of Project Ideas for Capstone or Thesis, a good choice will allow the student to create his Research Paper Topics Ideas more easily and less stress. See also our article Project Ideas for Capstone.

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Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, TCC e Monografia de Arquitetura e Urbanismo

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Arquitetura e Urbanismo - Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, TCC e Monografia

Tips for Academic Works of Architecture and Urbanism

See below for some tips for making your academic work on Architecture and Urbanism, perfect tips for your Thesis or Capstone:

  • If you work or know how you want to work, look for Project Ideas related to your area of ​​expertise. You need to have compatibility with the theme.
  • Also think about the research source, make sure that there is enough reference material for this topic (Research Paper | Capstone).
  • Ask your Tutor - It is important that the tutor advisor agrees with the topic.

Tips for a better Capstone:

  • Avoid using the 1st person in the text;
  • positive and write only what is necessary, avoiding adverbs;
  • Try not to repeat the same words too often, use synonyms;
  • Avoid complicated ideas: the text must be simple;
  • Don't hide important information: show it whenever necessary.

The Books and Courses Below can also help you learn more about the creation of Capstone, Research Paper and Academic Works of Architecture and Urbanism:

Academic Workbooks for Architecture and Urbanism

As a bonus I will also recommend some products related to Architecture and Urbanism that are available on Amazon Brazil:

Academic Works Courses for Architecture and Urbanism

Os melhores livros e cursos sobre Arquitetura e Urbanismo

List of Project Ideas for Thesis and Capstone of Architecture and Urbanism

See below some Project Ideas for the creation of academic works such as Capstone and Thesis of Architecture and Urbanism:

  • Fitness Center
  • Airport
  • Student hostel
  • Sports Arena
  • Architecture of VLT and Urban Train stations
  • Buried architecture
  • Architecture Manifesto
  • Association of recyclable waste collectors
  • Neighborhood Library
  • Recycled sorting center
  • The architecture of paulo mendes da rocha in goiania
  • Architecture in the development of the special child
  • The forbidden architecture of the caves
  • The history of environmental comfort in Alagoas - from the university to professional practice and vice versa.
  • The influence of architecture on productivity at work
  • The influence of architecture on children's learning
  • Sustainability in the hydrographic basin of the Guarapiranga Reservoir
  • The creative trajectory of an Urban Architect in Alagoas (the architect would need to be chosen)
  • Computer-mediated learning environments
  • Preliminary project for the coexistence of space, sports and leisure for the elderly of the city of limoeiro do norte ce
  • Urban analysis of a given neighborhood
  • 10 m² apartment: new housing concept
  • Rio de Janeiro Aquarium: an analysis of architecture
  • Urban afforestation
  • Scenographic architecture
  • Commercial architecture and visual merchandising
  • Airport architecture
  • Architecture of paulo mendes da rocha
  • Architecture of a penitentiary
  • Container architecture and construction
  • Architecture and waste management
  • Architecture and Real Estate Market
  • Architecture and urbanism
  • Ecological architecture
  • Hospital architecture
  • Sensory architecture for the disabled
  • Sustainable architecture - hospital waste: what to do?
  • Vintage architecture in modern days
  • Advances in ecological architecture
  • Library
  • Library with coffee
  • Public Library
  • Central Public Library
  • Bioarchitecture
  • Sidewalks in Maceió. A challenge !
  • Chapel and a community center
  • Chapel and a parish community
  • Municipal chapel
  • Automated house with sustainable technologies
  • Support house for drug addicts
  • Support House for the Elderly
  • Support home for homeless people
  • Support house for the homeless population
  • Detention house
  • Beach house integrated with nature
  • Ecological house
  • Home Module
  • Nightclub
  • Nightclub
  • House without internal walls
  • House - molds of the PAC “Minha Casa Minha Vida” program
  • Citizen Service Center
  • Community Center
  • Support center for screening abandoned animals
  • Biker support center - Municipal bike rack; Public bike rack with parking, square, showers, shops and cyclist support center
  • Support center for truck drivers and road travelers
  • Student support center
  • Center for spontaneous arts and immaterial culture
  • Self-performance sports center (olympic village)
  • Convention Center
  • Urban coexistence center
  • Dance Center
  • Entrepreneurship Center –SEBRAE
  • Integration Center for the Elderly and Condominiums
  • Integration center for the elderly, plus condominium of ground floor houses.
  • Integration Center for Seniors
  • Northeastern Demonstration Center
  • Research Center
  • Research Center
  • Environmental Research Center
  • Drug addiction rehabilitation center
  • Health Center
  • High performance athlete training center
  • Gastronomic Center,
  • Bike lanes and bike lanes
  • Movie theater
  • Street cinema
  • Physiotherapy's clinic
  • Rehabilitation-physiotherapy clinic
  • Municipal Club
  • Cobogós: the use of this hollow element in construction
  • Combogó in Alagoas. History, Typologies and applications (theoretical and comfort work)
  • Complex (crematorium + chapel + cemetery)
  • Housing and urban development
  • Municipal Conservatory of Music
  • Crematorium
  • Animal crematorium
  • City council for porto nacional
  • Room decoration
  • Maceió central police station
  • Buildings
  • Citizen and pedestrian support buildings (public restrooms, public restaurants, etc.)
  • Temporary buildings for the homeless
  • Garage building
  • Institutional Building for Citizen Support - Saves time
  • Vertical residential or corporate building
  • Building icon
  • Buildings Icons of environmental comfort in Alagoas. A case study.
  • Elaboration of architectural design of school building using pmbok methods and tools
  • Embassy
  • Software engineering and architecture - case tools: proprietary or free?
  • Software engineering and architecture - use case tools - free vs. proprietary
  • Multifunctional urban equipment in the center of Maceió - a proposal for urban requalification
  • School Class School Park
  • Dancing school
  • Full-time school
  • Sustainable School
  • Agricultural Technical School
  • Urban Technical School
  • School - Nursery
  • Space Science and park for children, youth and adolescents in Maceió
  • Child hope space
  • Cultural hours in london - pr
  • Living space, sport and leisure for the elderly
  • Railway transport station
  • Road transport station
  • Multi-modal Rodo-metro-railway transport station
  • Preliminary study of a female penitentiary for the city of caruaru-pe
  • Estudo teórico sobre a trajetória de professores docentes da FAU/UFAL e suas contribuição para a construção da FAU/UFAL e do curso de Design
  • Lighting studies in public school architecture
  • Municipal Stadium
  • Studio and gallery
  • Evolution of houses in the city of São Paulo
  • FAU/UFAL – Primeira Turma (revivendo o passado- a história da ª Turma de arquitetos urbanistas formados em Alagoas)
  • Food factory
  • Forum
  • Art Gallery
  • Multi-sport gym
  • Emergency housing for homeless people from disasters
  • Social housing, my home, my life.
  • Housing - HIS
  • Mobile hospital
  • Public hospital
  • Hotel
  • Farm hotel
  • Church
  • Importance of architecture in the teaching and learning process
  • Recycled industry
  • Influence of architecture in the real estate market
  • Inventory of sun protection elements in buildings in Maceió. History and applications
  • Josefa de Mello? How will the urbanization of this region be?
  • Hydraulic Tiles
  • Macro planning for Feitosa neighborhood (an urban, road, environmental and architectural proposal)
  • Macro Urban Planning of a University Campus
  • Ecological Marina at Lagoa Mundaú
  • MBA software architecture - software architecture of a heterogeneous platform integration system based on web services
  • MBA in Project Management in Engineering and Architecture
  • Memorial das Alagoas (urban and architectural project)
  • Memorial for access to municipality
  • Municipal Public Market
  • Mini-hospital (neighborhood clinics)
  • Gazebo and gastronomy center
  • National myths and classic transformations
  • Urban furniture
  • Street furniture
  • Small villas
  • Glass wall
  • Green walls in buildings
  • Museum of Alagoas
  • Museum of popular art
  • Museum of the Mundaú Lagoon Complex -Manguaba - CLMM
  • Museum - School
  • New Social Security Headquarters
  • New DMV of Maceió
  • New General Hospital of Alagoas
  • New public municipal market in the board (Feirinha do Tabuleiro)
  • New urban reorganization on Avenida Josefa de Mello
  • New SESC- Maceió
  • Maceio Oceanarium
  • Parklets around the world
  • High-performance (Olympic) water park
  • Maritime Park, in the former Alagoinhas
  • Urban park
  • Urban park as a factor of integration and socialization in the acoustic shell of niteroi
  • Urban Park in Maceió
  • Coastal urban park (From old Detran to Garça Torta)
  • Events Pavilion
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Small rural green buildings
  • Pier + Floating Restaurant
  • Rooftop pool
  • Glass Pools
  • Planetary
  • Health Center
  • Police station
  • Ecological Inn
  • Ecological Pousada in Rio Branco, Acre.
  • Central Public Square
  • Preservation of heritage
  • Architectural design for clothing store
  • Shelter for the elderly
  • Expansion project of the São Paulo subway
  • Architectural design of a physiotherapy center for children and adolescents
  • Ecovillage project for a specific city
  • Project for an integration center for people in social vulnerability
  • Hostel design
  • Design of a furniture
  • Design of a rural village
  • Architectural projects for commercial real estate
  • Fernandes Lima mobility proposal
  • Expressway Mobility Proposal
  • Urbanistic Proposal for traffic in the central region of Maceió
  • Irish Pub
  • Postgraduate in software engineering and architecture - case tools - free or proprietary
  • Graduate studies in retrofit and sustainability in hospital buildings
  • Quality of life: management and urban planning
  • Quality of life: urban planning
  • Recycling art
  • Recovery of the Portuguese Language Museum
  • Redesign of a library
  • Restoration of sidewalks and bus stop with walkway over road
  • Refurbishment of student accommodation
  • Renovation of a cultural center
  • Renovation of a sports gym
  • Urban Reorganization in Vale do Reginaldo (social, environmental and urban-architectural proposal)
  • Requalification of the Passarinho Fair
  • Requalification of Praia do Francês
  • Rehabilitation of Dique Estrada
  • Rehabilitation of the Horto Florestal de Maceió
  • Rehabilitation of the municipal park of Maceió
  • Requalification and Reuse of Moinho Motrisa at Commander Leão
  • Urban redevelopment in the favela
  • Popular restaurant in the center
  • Restoration of bus stops
  • Restoration of the Ipiranga Museum
  • Retrofit of abandoned building in the center
  • Reuse for the papodrome space (proposal for new urban equipment)
  • Revitalization of a municipal market
  • Ecumenical sanctuary on the banks of the Mundaú Lagoon
  • Municipal administrative headquarters
  • Headquarters to support indigenous culture
  • Neighborhood Community Association Headquarters
  • NGO Headquarters
  • IAB and CAU headquarters
  • PROCON Alagoas headquarters
  • Headquarters and CT - Football Club Training Center
  • mall
  • Popular shopping in metropolitan area
  • Shopping center
  • Spa for psychological treatments
  • Urban spa in campo grande - ms
  • Supermarket
  • Research Paper fitness center
  • Municipal Theater
  • Popular theater
  • Third Age
  • Entrepreneurship work
  • Work on urbanism in cities in the interior of Brazil
  • An investigative look at Parametric Architecture
  • Mobile Health Unit to support homeless people from floods
  • Rural housing unit for INCRA settlers
  • University
  • Urbanization of cities in the interior of Brazil
  • Urban void and land use
  • Ventilation and natural light in architectural projects
  • Natural ventilation in the house project
  • Zélia Maia Nobre (estudo teórico sobre a construção da FAU/UFAL)
Tudo sobre o curso Arquitetura e Urbanismo

Videos with Tips and Project Ideas of Architecture and Urbanism for your Thesis and Final Paper

Structure Rules for Architecture and Urbanism - Undergraduate degree

The structure of the Architecture and Urbanism Capstone must follow the following parameters:

  1. External part
    1. Cover (Required)
    2. Spine (Optional)
  2. Pre-Textual Elements
    1. Cover Page (Required)
    1. Errata (Optional)
    2. Approval Sheet (Required)
    3. Dedication (Optional)
    4. Agradecimentos  (Opcional)
    5. Epígrafe  (Opcional)
    6. Resumo na língua vernácula/nativa (Obrigatório)
    7. Foreign Language Summary (Required)
    8. Lista de Ilustrações  (Opcional)
    9. List of Tables (Optional)
    10. List of Abbreviations and Acronyms (Optional)
    11. Symbol List (Optional)
    12. Summary (Required)
  3. Textual Elements
    1. Introduction (Required)
    2. Desenvolvimento (Obrigatório)
    3. Completion (Required)
  4. Post-Textual Elements
    1. Referências (Obrigatório)
    2. Glossary (Optional)
    3. Appendix (s) (Optional)