Lebanese Arabic

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Hello Readers of “Aprender Words” we will continue our articles of expressions in Arabic dialects, and today we will see a little of the Lebanese dialect, spoken in cities like Beirut:

Let's leave some audio from the site omniglot, a great site full of free content.

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger <<
Portuguese Lebanese Arabic  ألعريّة 
You welcome Ahla w sahla
Hello Marhaba
How are you doing? Kifak (m)
Kifek (f)
I am fine Mnih (m)
Mniha (f)
How much time! Elna zamen ma chefnek (m)
Elna zamen ma chefneki (f)
What's your name? Chou esmak (m)
Chou esmek (f)
My name is … Esmi ...
Where you are from? Men wayn inta? (m)
Men wayn inti? (f)
I'm from … Ana men…
Nice to meet you Tcharrafna
Good Morning ! Sabah el khayr
good night Masa el khayr
Good night (Farewell) Tosbah ´Aa khayr
bye Ma´A el saleme
Bon Appetit / Bon Appetite Sahtayn
Bil hana
Good trip Rahle mwaff´a
I get it Befham
I dont understand Ma befham
I do not know ma baarf
Please speak more slowly Eza btrid, Hki ´Aa mehlak
Repeat please ´Aida men fadlak
Please write Kteba eza btrid
Do you speak English? Btehki Englizia chi?
Do you speak Lebanese Arabic? Btehki Lebneni chi?
Yes a little Hey, chway ...
How do you say ... in Lebanese Arabic? Kif bi´oulo… bil lebneni?
Excuse ´Aan eznak
How much? Adday se´Aro?
excuse me Esef (m)
Esfe (f)
Please ´izza btreed (m)
min fadlak (m)
´izza btreedi (f)
min fadlik (f)
Required to) Chokran
You're welcome Tekram
Where is the bathroom? Wayn el Hemmem?
Would you like to dance with me? Bthebb will we have them? (m)
Bthebbi ter´osi ma´Ai? (f)
Miss you Shta´tilak (m)
shta´tilik (f)
I love you Bhebbak (m)
Bhebbek (f)
Go away! ´ahet!
Leave me alone! Trekni wahdi
Help! Moose´Aade!
Fire! Hari´!
Stop! Khalas!
Call the police! Tlob el bolis
One language is never enough Logha weHde ma btekfi

To end Bonito, I will leave a song by the beautiful Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram:

That's it for today, but stay tuned, let's continue with the dialects !!!!!!