Analysis of the English course on the Fluency Route

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Today in this article, we will do a complete analysis of the English course on the Fluency Route by Marcia Daniela. You will find out what the course is about, its content, author information and see if the course is really reliable.

With a low cost of total investment and a revolutionary methodology, this online course promises fluency in up to 6 months. It has high levels of satisfaction among students.

Post Summary
- Course objective
- Course content
- About the author
- Benefits
- It's trustable?
- Questions
Tudo sobre o curso de Inglês na Rota da Fluência

English Objective in the Fluency Route

In the course English on the Fluency Route you will have access in the first 6 months to the content that a student would take 3 years in a traditional course. If you are zero in the language, this English course is 100% for you!

This English course is 100% online and you will be able to watch the video lessons as many times as you think necessary because you will have access to the platform for rest of life!!! Learn English in an innovative way! Let's walk together in Fluency Route!

If you already have some knowledge, but still hangs up to speak or doesn't feel safe to develop a dialogue in Portuguese and English with other people, then this course also serves to you! The course adopts the lexical approach (Lexical Approach).

You will learn English once and for all and in a way that never imagined be possible and capable! From Basic to Intermediate in 6 months.*

Tudo sobre o curso de Inglês na Rota da Fluência

English content on the Fluency Route

The English course on the Fluency Route has several modules and an integrated content that will clarify your problems and teach you everything you need to know. Below is a list of some topics presented in the course:


CHUNKS Acquisition Phase - This module lasts approximately 4 months. It has extensive material to help beginners and people with intermediate level of English. Here, everyone will be leveled and will start to have a solid foundation to start their route to a new language.

  • Learning processes by the brain;
  • Memorization;
  • Practice and repetition of content;
  • Learning facilitators (enjoying learning);
  • Daily video lessons with very specific ideas;
  • You will learn about 2000 expressions to obtain fluency in everyday situations;
  • Incorporate the native way of speaking;
  • Stimulate the brain to have autonomy in communication;
  • You will advance your knowledge in a fun, effective and captivating way with excerpts from films, series and drawings;

OBS : Each Class accompanies: MP3, Handout, MP3 of expressions and Exercises. At the end of each week, you will have native dialogues.

In addition to the modules mentioned above, you also receive bonuses:

  1. Ebook Accelerate Your Fluency in Portuguese and English: 153 pages with guidelines for further accelerating your English learning. R $ 67.00 
  2. Ebook Useful expressions for you who send emails in Portuguese and English (with audio) R $ 37.00
  3. Ebook Useful expressions for you who usually make or receive calls in Portuguese and English  (with audio) R $ 37.00
  4. Ebook Useful Expressions for you who make Presentations and Meetings in Portuguese and English (with audio) R $ 37.00
  5. 9 Webinars: Live classes via web conference  R $ 720.00
  6. Special Module: English for travel R $ 297.00
  7. Special Module: English for interviews R $ 297.00
  8. Special Pronunciation Module: Understanding how the native speaks R $ 127.00
  9. Lifetime access to the courseIncalculable
  10. Direct teacher support with students via Whatsapp: Incalculable
  11. Course completion certificate: delivered after completion of 100% of the course classes and oral assessment with me.
  12. Access to the special self-coaching module with video lessons that will help you to:

* All information was taken from the OFFICIAL SITE.

Análise do curso de Inglês na Rota da Fluência

About the author of English on the Fluency Route

THE Marcia Daniela is passionate about learning and teaching. There are more than 25 years teaching the language English, already helped thousands students to transform their realities and carry out their Dreams.

With extensive training in the educational field, she will be your “Mentor” in the direction of the fluency you've always dreamed of. In addition to her vast experience as a teacher, Marcia still has 6 years as a pedagogical manager and is a Coach formed by the Brazilian Coaching Society.

The author is fully qualified and experienced in the field in which she currently works, her credibility is given by the results of the students and by her wide reach on the internet and social networks. On the official page where the English course on the Route of Fluency is presented, more information about the author and his proposal can be found.

For those who want to know a little more about the English course at Rota da Fluência before enrolling, I recommend that you watch the videos on the official page and on social networks and youtube channel. Links are on the buttons scattered throughout the article.

Benefits of English on the Fluency Route

The perks of doing English on the Fluency Route are endless. You can follow the product at your own pace of study, you have all the time in the world to finish classes and you can study anytime and as often as you like, anywhere.

Is the English course on the Fluency Route really worth it? The results of the English course on the Fluency Route are entirely up to you. There is no point in buying a course if you do not take advantage of it. Dedication is a must!

Luckily the English course on the Fluency Route is completely online. Thus bringing many benefits such as:

Facility - You study whenever you want.
You will not have to move around to make use of the product English on the Fluency Route.
The English course on the Fluency Route can be opened from anywhere.
Multiple options to pay, without recurring payments.
The Instructor has full time to devote to what the course can offer. 
Great online support to help and answer questions during the course.
Easier to understand the matter.
Audio, text and video classes.
 Classes with quizzes, tests and additional exercises for you to test your knowledge.
Tudo sobre o curso Inglês na Rota da Fluência

Is the English course on the Fluency Route safe?

Most are unsure when it comes to online courses. That's right! You should never trust any online course.

Luckily for you the English course on the Fluency Route is distributed by the online course platform called Hotmart. This platform is responsible for distributing 90% of online courses in Portuguese along with other trusted companies entitled Udemy, Eduzz and Monetizze.

Any setback, you are insured by Hotmart's consumer warranty. Just ask for a refund and you will get your investment back in your account. The guarantee for Hotmart courses can last for 7, 15 or 30 days.

You will be able to request a full refund of the purchase within the warranty period shown on the official English course pages on the Fluency Route. With the guarantee, your risk of losing your investment is ZERO.

If you are in doubt about the effectiveness of the course, on the home page you will see some testimonials from different students and their experience with the course.

Tudo sobre o curso Inglês na Rota da Fluência

Questions about the English course on the Fluency Route

Since you learned that the English course on the Fluency Route is worthwhile and reliable, you may still have some doubts about the EAD course. Possibly because online courses are completely uncertain for many people. Contemplate some questions answered below:

1 - Is the Distance course easier than the school course?

Generally, face-to-face courses tend to be inferior to Online courses, probably because the teacher needs to pay attention to several students at the same time, every day. In Online he makes a single content for several people.

This allows him to cover more questions, create more classes. Face-to-face classes are designed to earn for tuition, so the last thing they want is for you to learn quickly. It ends up being 10x more expensive than any online course.

2 - What guarantees me that I will learn from the Online Course?

As with a school course, if you don't pay attention to class and don't commit to the course, you will never learn. We have a structure and quality content, learning will depend on the student!

3 - What are the English payment options on the Fluency Route?

Several payment options through Cards, Boletos, Paypal and others. Single or split payment up to 12x!

4 - If I have questions?

Generally, the platform's online courses contain support via whatsapp, email, facebook and telegram, in addition to a closed group of students and a comment system during the course classes.

5 - Where can I find the best English course on the Fluency Route?

To gain access to the exclusive members area at the best price, just click on one of the buttons I highlighted in this review.

All buttons are Official, making the purchase procedure highly secure. After {validation | confirmation, which is usually immediate in the case of a credit card. Once validated, you will receive in your email the data to access the study platform.